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At Higher Awareness we offer you 6 in-depth growth and awareness development programs and many resources to help you with developing mind power and higher awareness.

"There is only one journey. Going inside yourself."
-- Rainer Maria Rilke

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GROW Yourself Workbooks with Exercises and Techniques

Grow Yourself Online Workbook - What is personality? What is soul? How do they interact? Experience the power of living soulfully in the present moment. Learn higher perspectives to heal the past and create the future. Also learn a process for conscious co-creation. Comes with 30 days of inspirational support emails.

  • 2 main growth paths
  • 8 A's of Awareness
  • 4 E's of healing your past
  • 9 I's of creating your future
  • 3 common playing fields of life
  • 7 principles to live by
  • 13 factors affecting how we attract and manifest
  • 23 exercises to grow yourself

Journal Writing Topics Online Workbook - You'll access your own inner wisdom by tapping into the unconscious and intuition. Effective for releasing stress, blocks and negative emotions, and for sparking imagination and greater vision. Go deeper... Reach higher... Journaling for Self-Empowerment.

  • 5 Journaling Tools for managing and tracking your journaling process:
  • 13 Journaling Tools that focus intention and create awareness:
  • 14 Journaling Tools for making inner connections:
  • 8 Journaling Tools for developing the imagination and consciousness:
  • Each tool has exercises for getting started, going deeper and reaching higher.

Creative Thinking Online Workbook - Find more ways to get what you want. Tap the incredible creative capacity of your mind. One tip alone will triple your creativity. You'll solve problems and create more options quickly. Learn 10 easy lateral thinking and creativity exercises and techniques. Comes with 30 days of support emails.

  • Test your level of creativity
  • Distinguish between creativity and intuition?
  • Synthesis of 5 creativity processes
  • 7 idea incubation timings
  • 3 key requirements for creativity
  • 9 creativity tools

Write Your Own Life Story Online Workbook - Draw on 10 easy-to-use self-understanding tools. Put meaning, confidence and ownership into your life. Be supported by one month of inspirational emails.

  • Create a detailed and meaningful history log
  • 75 important questions to own your life
  • 9 approaches to writing your life story
  • 22 tips for creating your writing strategy
  • 5 writing tools to add more depth and interest

Relationship Development will improve situations in all areas of your life.

We find our greatest fulfilment and rewards in connecting with others. At the same time, relationships also bring us our greatest frustration, anger, disappointment and grief. Ailing and broken relationships cast a heavy shadow over our enjoyment of life.

Build healthier relationships. Explore your role in the dynamics of connecting with the important people in your life. Discover how you can find more satisfaction and fulfillment with others.

Overcome conflict, boredom and disrespect. Discover how you can find more satisfaction and fulfillment with others. Receive 20 emails over 40 days.

Is it time to do something to build respectful and caring connections with others?

Daily Spiritual Awareness and Spiritual Living Emails

This email program explores both personality and soul and how to bring them together in full, genuine expression. It will support you in grounding spirituality and Higher Awareness in your everyday living and help awaken you to your authentic self. Receive a thought-provoking and inspirational email every 2 days over 2 months. This email program will:

  • help you understand and bridge the dualities of life - the positives and negatives, the higher and lower roads.
  • describe both personality and soul and how to bring them together in full, genuine expression.
  • support you in grounding spirituality in your everyday living.
  • awaken you to your authentic self.
  • open the door to new levels of freedom, power and contentment.
  • provide thought-provoking and inspirational emails every 2 days over 2 months.

GROW Yourself Worksheet and Processes

  • Creativity and Imagination - Spark lots of new ideas! Develop your mind.

  • Decision Making - Make clearer, more creative and more fun choices.

  • Balance - Maintain balance in all areas of your life.

GROW Yourself Smart Question Emails Series

Develop the Mind - Become more aware of how your mind creates your reality. Expand your creativity. Be inspired to be all you can be. Experience Creative Mind Development techniques.

GROW Yourself Journaling Tools and Exercises

  • Lateral Thinking - The fastest way to develop creativity.
  • Mind Mapping - Watch your brain work graphically.
  • Allow Alliteration - Identify infinite important informative ideas.
  • Rhyme Time - Find and unwind your kind mind.
  • Alpha Poems - 26 quick creativity stimulators.
  • Metaphors - Explore different ways to say the same thing.
  • Modelling - Often the indirect route is the best route.
  • Artwork - Allow your inner artist to share its wisdom.
  • Hot List - Keep handy your list of most important topics for journaling.
  • Dialogue - Converse with whoever and whatever you want.
  • Intuitive Resonating - Give a voice to your unconscious

GROW Yourself Prompts and Smart Questions

Personal Performance Questions - Questions for clarity and balance

GROW Yourself List of Choices

  • Creativity Tools - Solving the idea problem
  • Think Different - Do different things and do things differently
  • Mind Tools - Find your fun and meaningful ways to think
  • Intuition Blocks - What filters, distorts and stops your intuition?
  • Intuition and Trust - Open to intuition and higher guidance
  • Intuition - How to Develop it - Access your own intuitive guidance.
  • Perspectives for Higher Awareness - Ways to see with new eyes
  • Spiritual and Material Distinctions - Understand the differences
  • Journaling Benefits - Attain more clarity, health, ideas
  • Journaling Tools - Which of 40 tools work best for you? 
  • Journal Types - What types of journaling would benefit you the most?

GROW Yourself Quotes and Tips

  • Imagination - Imagine what you can do!

  • Trust - The power of trust

  • Shifting from Inner to Outer Focus - Questions and tools for increasing action and outer results.
  • Shifting from Outer to Inner Focus - Questions and tools for being more reflective and relaxed.

GROW Yourself Articles and Tips

  • Why do Questions Work? - Prove it to yourself with this short exercise.
  • Journaling for Self Discovery - Unleash the power of your heart and mind.
  • Why Journaling Works - Understand how your mind works
  • Setting Up A Journal - Find the ways that work best for you.
  • A Journaling Process - A simple 4 step process give you better results.
  • Choice - Choose what you want in life! - How to choose differently.