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The top 2 programs we recommend are KNOW Yourself, especially how you block your forward movement and then HEAL Yourself so you clear life's challenges and become more authentic and real

Experience more freedom and confidence as yo become your true self. Learn how to take control of your life and achieve your goals more quickly, more easily and with greater results!

It's time to live life your way!

self control

It is so easy to get caught up in the busyness of life. To be out of balance. To not give priority to what truly matters to you.

If we don't consciously choose how we spend the precious time of our life, we lose it - to mundane tasks or to meeting other people's expectations. Our own dreams - the dreams that bring meaning to our lives - never see the light of day.

And it starts with some basic commitment and discipline to create a plan and goals, and track and achieve them! The first plan being KNOW thyself.

We want to support you in making your life your own. We want to see you living your highest potential.

Here, at, we've been helping people regain and harness self control and self wisdom since 1999.

We've seen how poor or no self control can send you spinning in many different directions with no purpose, or guidance. But we've also seen and developed ways to re-align your life with what matters most: Feeling confident of who you are.

The past 20 years has allowed us to help individuals draw out their own inner wisdom, heal themselves, and create personal goal setting and time management programs designed to guide you towards setting goals and using time to your best advantage.

We've also learned that a big part of regaining control of your life is being able to have the support when you need it. So to help with the ongoing challenge of self discipline, we offer you daily inspirational email support with each program!

You will discover how to:

  •  Identify life challenges, limitations, defences,  and lots more that stop you dead in your tracks
  •  Know your gifts, talents, purpose and potentials so you build a strong natural character
  •  Learn multiple healing processes so you become more whole and rid life's road blocks.
  •  find out what you really want from life.
  •  create meaningful goals and persist with them.
  •  overcome procrastination.
  •  manage your time and stay organized.
  •  achieve more balance in life.
  •  maintain the intention and attention you need for success.
  •  track your goals and celebrate your achievements.

Bring more meaning into your life!

"Goals are dreams with deadlines." -- Diana Scharf Hunt

Define and achieve your success plan with our 'Revealing and Healing' programs and our personal goal setting tools and workbooks and daily reminders! Accomplish what's really important. Maintain your motivation and inspiration. Establish a strong unbreakable foundation. Develop self control and self discipline and self wisdom on your journey to wholeness..

Begin to create the life of your dreams and have more self wisdom, awareness and control.

As a member, you'll have free access to all of these self knowledge and healing resources:

Know and Heal Workbooks

Know Yourself Know Yourself (Who Am I?) Online Workbook - To the degree that you KNOW yourself you will HEAL and GROW yourself. It is the foundation of any journey - knowing where you are starting from. It is the base for a life plan towards wholeness, authenticity and being the real you.

  • How we Uncover our own Truth
  • Gather Your Strengths and Uniqueness
  • Be Aware of limiting beliefs, self sabotaging programs and unconscious defences
  • 15 more areas we block ourselves - compromises, pet peeves, tensions, etc
  • What is your life lesson that continually challenges you?
  • Appendix - 27 forms and 11 resource lists to guide and record your personal exploration

Self HealingSelf Healing (Block Busting) Online Workbook - Master a 7 step spiritual approach to healing life's deepest problems and building self esteem. Become conscious of and release the unconscious programs and fears that bring pain. Attain new levels of self-acceptance, emotional responsibility and personal responsibility. And receive 4 weeks of daily inspirational support emails.

  • 9 keys to spiritual healing
  • 4 steps in the journey of fear to love
  • 7 steps of spiritual healing
  • 6 tools to make sure you are healing the right issue.
  • 5 ways to anchor your new learning and healing
  • 30 days of inspirational email support to anchor new habits

self awareness email series A Journey of Self Awareness Email Series - Awaken to new dimensions of who you are! This inspirational email series will help you go beyond your self-imposed limits to access more choice and freedom. Some of the topics covered include breathing, senses, fear, motives, projections, intuition, trust and communication. A total of 30 emails, 5/week.

  • Awaken senses
  • Listen to body guidance
  • Sense energies
  • Detach from your dramas
  • Experience trust and discernment
  • Explore feelings versus emotions

Effective Time Management Skills E-book


Time Management Skills Online Workbook - STOP and be aware of how you are using the time of your life. Discover the power of awareness to see what is behind your procrastination, busyness and perfection.

  • 14 STOP and change perspectives and awareness keys
  • A one page time manager worksheet
  • A life tracker worksheet
  • A dream calendar on one page to idealize your day, week, month and year
  • Ideas for overcoming time's 9 main challenges
  • 15 insightful support tools, lists and resources
  • 30 days of inspirational email support to develop new habits

Personal Goal Setting E-book

Personal Goal Setting Online Workbook - Set meaningful goals, make better use of your time, stay on track and get more done more easily. Accomplish what's most important. Stay organized and focused.

  • Tips to identify important, urgent, balanced goals
  • A 'Be SMART' formula to make goals alive and real
  • 8 ways to anchor goals so they naturally attract to you
  • 14 perspectives that support the unfoldment of your goals
  • 30 days of inspirational email support to anchor new habits

Achieving Goals E-bookTracking your Success and Growth Online Workbook- Stay on top of what is important in your life. Attain ongoing clarity, focus, meaning and results with 11 tracking tools and 30 days of inspirational support emails.

  • 11 short term and long term tracking processes. Pick the ones that fit your style
  • 4 yardsticks for measuring your progress
  • 9 Powerful Personal Performance P's for new perspectives
  • 4 different 'one page' tracking tools
  • 30 days of inspirational email support to develop new habits


Know and Heal Worksheets

  • Revealing Subconscious Programs - Identify blocks, self-sabotage and limiting patterns on one page.

  • Healing - Focus on healing the past and feeling better about yourself.

  • Awareness - Gain a deeper sense of challenges and opportunities on one page.

  • Setting Goals - Clarify what you want in life on one page.
  • Be SMART Goals - Create Specific, Measurable, Active, Rewarding, Timely, Beneficial goals.
  • Time Management - Get a bird's eye view of how you manage time. Identify chaos, procrastination, time wasters and what it important on one page.
  • Balance - Maintain balance in all areas of your life.
  • Tracking Insights - Capture insights and what is important to you daily.

Know and Heal  Smart Question Emails Series

  • Get Self Control - Experience the power of awareness with one smart question and inspirational tip per day. Clarify your goals and manage your minutes. Stay on top of what is important to you. Become more effective and efficient. Spark your motivation. Overcome procrastination.

  • Tame Emotions - Break through what holds you back. Become more conscious of the unconscious programs that cause pain. Reduce resistance, anxiety, stress and worry. Attain new levels of self-acceptance and personal responsibility as you connect with your authentic self. Explore your healing over 90 days with daily smart questions and tips.

Know and Heal  Journaling Tools and Exercises

  • Duality Tension - Let your mind stretch and integrate two extremes.
  • Unsent Release Letter - A very healing way to let go of the past.
  • Feeling Finder - Add more dimensions to your feeling nature.
  • Stream of Awareness - What am I experiencing, feeling, and thinking?
  • Stream of Consciousness - Awaken your awareness at new levels.
  • 5 Wise Whys - How to go deeper to find the truth and cause.
  • Stepping Stones - Life History Log - Create a meaningful life history log.
  • Captured Moments - Re-experience the depths of peak events.
  • Time Capsule - Capture the past, present and future.
  • Dream Calendar - Put your ideal day, week and year on one page.
  • Radar Trap - Catch yourself in the act. Enhance your awareness and self control.
  • Any time micro Re-Treat Yourself Process - Reap the benefits of awareness pauses.
  • Daily mini Re-Treat Yourself Process - Make the most starting and reviewing every day.
  • Weekly Re-Treat Yourself Process - Focus on goals, balance and peace of mind.
  • Monthly Re-Treat Yourself Process - Focus on rejuvenation and staying on purpose.
  • Quarterly/Yearly Re-Treat Yourself Process - Precious solitude to relax and reconnect with your big picture.

Know and Heal  List of Choices

  • Smart Goals Samples - Create more results in your life.
  • 150 Time Tips and Time Savers - Time is money and happiness
  • 100 Time Wasters - Find the culprits that steal your valuable time
  • Human Life Cycles - Work with your cycles, not against them
  • Visible Change - Ways to know you are moving forward
  • Personal Performance Questions - Questions for clarity, balance and self control
  • Body Mind Healing - Your ailments relate directly to your thoughts
  • Body Type Reading Methods - How your body reveals who you are
  • Defense Mechanisms - How do you protect yourself?
  • Depression Symptoms - Early warning signals for the blues or sadness
  • Depression Causes And Triggers - What triggers your states of sadness?
  • Ego is - How does your ego control you?
  • Emotions and Feelings - Expand your ways of feeling
  • Excuses and Justifiers - How do you justify your own limitations?
  • Fear Types - Be clear about your exact underlying fears
  • Increase Energy - Have more energy, quality time, results and fun
  • Isolation Methods - Ways we separate from wholeness
  • Life Challenges - What specifically is holding you back?
  • Limiting Beliefs - What thoughts hold you back?
  • Losing Energy - What zaps your energy?
  • Space Making - Ways to create more space in your life
  • Stress Reducers - Attain peace of mind, clarity, control and more
  • Stress Sources - What brings you the most stress?
  • Stress Test - How stressed are you?
  • Victim Statements - How do you sabotage yourself?
  • Awareness Exercises - Push your awareness limits
  • Early Warning Signals - Become more aware before it happens
  • Emotional Distinctions - Identify your emotional character
  • Human Life Cycles - Work with your cycles, not against them
  • Intentions - When you stop and think, what is your intention?
  • Physical Body Distinctions - Identify your physical character
  • Self Acceptance - Embrace yourself and life more fully
  • Self Awareness - Open to deeper and higher aspects of yourself
  • Sensory Stimulus - How many sensory inputs do you use?
  • Social Influences - Do you think or are you being thought?
  • Life Themes - Areas of focus on your life journey


Know and Heal  Smart Questions

  • Goals - Explore new perspectives to set meaningful goals.
  • Time -Get the most from your time
  • Daily Review - Be efficient with daily review questions
  • Weekly Review - Be effective with weekly review questions
  • Monthly Review - Maintain balance and growth with monthly review questions
  • Quarterly Review - Focus on holidays, aspirations, life lessons and purpose
  • Stress - Stressed out? Create space!

  • Fears - Fearful? That's okay - You can handle it!
  • Forgiveness - The first step to forgiveness
  • Guilt - Freedom from guilt. Lighten your load.
  • Healing - A learning and integration process
  • Being Present - Be here now
  • Self Awareness - Stop and pay attention
  • Surrender - Let go and let in and experience life touching you!

Know and Heal Articles

  • BE SMART With Setting Goals - To really nail down your goals, here's a great way to format them.
  • Re-Treat Yourself - Commit to some R&R - Relaxation and Review.
  • Turn Problems into Power and Potential! - Stuff comes up for a reason.
  • Making Guilt Work for Me - How I learned from guilt
  • Experiencing challenges? - Learn why you're attracting them!
  • How Are You Sabotaging Yourself? - How do you undermine your integrity and commitments?
  • Healing the Past with the 4 E's - Heal the past by working with your imagination in the present.
  • Are You Conscious or Unconscious? - Learn how to Stop and Pay Attention.
  • The Void: Where The Change Process Stops Us - Mind fog is part of the growth.

Know and Heal Quotes and Tips

  • Action - Do you act on inspiration?
  • Commitment - Close the door to self-sabotage
  • Planning - Make today count!
  • Exploring Guilt - Questions to help overcome guilt


 Explore this full spectrum of self-development programs/courses that includes...


Knowing yourself workbook package

  • 13 workbooks - Know Yourself, Time Management, Goal Setting, Tracking Goals, Self-Healing, Write Your Life Story, Journal Writing, Creativity, Intuition Development, Grow Yourself, Life Purpose and Manifesting Abundance.
  • 17 Email Programs - on Awareness, 7 Smart Questions Series, Meditation, 16 Joy Activators, Developing Consciousness, Spiritual Awareness and Relationships.

  • 250 valuable personal development resources - 100 Intuitive Answer Lists, 18 one page, one hour worksheets, 50 journaling tools and more for more clarity, focus, understanding and deeper experiences.

  • Intuition Distinctions and Find Your Niche and Passion in Life and 'intuit and DO ITí Awareness Program - recently added programs.

All to help you know and grow yourself. At your own pace.

PLUS  - Now Available!  The best of the above materials in one 3 month program called 'intuit and DO ITí Awareness  Program.  All answers are inside of you. We will show you how to draw them out. See the Higher Awareness home page for more details.

Becoming a member of Higher Awareness allows you pick and choose from 30 online workbooks and email programs. Address your top need now. Then when you're ready, explore something new. Or take the fast track, focused 'intuit and DO IT' Awareness Program.

Personal and spiritual growth is a life-long journey. Grow with us, at home or work, at your own pace.

Are you ready: To find the gifts in your pains and life challenges? To open to perspectives that will change your life? To experience your empowered, authentic self? To bring greater meaning and purpose to your life? Then join us at Higher Awareness now and receive access to ALL of our materials. PLUS John is available through email and our private members forum to answer your growth questions.

start your Know Yourself journey now

"Problems cannot be solved at the same level of
awareness that created them."
-- Albert Einstein

open-sign I am amazed at the depth of your commitment to this work, and moved, touched & inspired by your understanding of our human experience. Thank you so much for assisting me in having and experiencing my Life on a new and more powerful level, and enabling me to be a reflection of Freedom and full expression to others that I meet.

~ MJ ~

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