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development of intuition

Have you had hunches or experiences of knowing something even though there was not any rational basis for it? Have you detected a warning not to travel a certain route? Have you ever felt resistance to an insight and regretted not following through? Or maybe you have sensed a friend or relative in need.

These experiences are often described by people as gut feelings, hunches, "ah-ha's" and flashes of insight. It's knowing something without knowing how you know it. These comprise Intuition - perceptions that are received apart from the five senses.

Develop Courage, Trust, Faith and...

Development of intuition puts us on the path to healing, wholeness and personal evolution. Each of us has access to inner guidance that knows the best way forward for all concerned. Answers to the questions of our lives are available to us every moment. We simply need training on how to ask for and receive this inner guidance.

As you develop intuition you will:

  • Experience less confusion and have greater clarity
  • Make fewer mistakes and solve problems more easily
  • Develop self trust, self confidence and self reliance
  • Align with your essence
  • Find more meaning and purpose in your life and
  • Enhance your quality of your life, health, wealth and dreams.

John Robson
Welcome to Higher Awareness. I'm John Robson.
For over 25 years I was a coursaholic. I strived to learn about technology, team building, creativity, intuition and how to lead a successful life. It took me that long to realize the most significant thing I was missing. Although my career went well, inside I was struggling. I would work on weekends to catch up. I struggled with keeping harmony on my design teams and in my life. I doubted myself when making major decisions. I searched outside of myself to the 'experts' for solutions. Then I took a program called 'Master Key' that changed everything.
I finally found the enemy that stopped me from achieving the balance, inner guidance, happiness and peace of mind that I was after. The enemy that kept me stuck, victimized by events out of my control. The enemy that kept blocking my success.
And that enemy was me. I found out that 95% of what I do think and say is controlled by my subconscious. I found out I was a robot to my limiting beliefs, controlling ego and self sabotaging programs. And I found one of the most powerful ways to direct my life. I learned new ways to tap into my own inner guidance that knew the right way for me. My personal, professional and new found spiritual life went to a new level of performance and still keeps on surprising me!

Spark your self-awareness and experience a new life when you take our "Development of Intuition" online training course!

We'll guide you in the all-important process of paying attention. Begin to tune in to your intuition. Explore how to discern the higher from the lower, and the inner from the outer. Our 'Developing Intuition' online training course offers you support with:

  • Our Five Senses, "Extra" Senses and Intuition
  • What Blocks Intuition?
  • Awareness and Intuition Exercises
  • Intuition Tools
  • The 6 A's to Enhance Awareness and Intuition

This online 'Developing Intuition' training course focuses mostly on inner awareness - the cornerstone to intuition. As we listen more closely and turn up the volume of inner guidance, we open doors to creativity and the 'all knowing' guidance.

Discover how to unlock this wise inner guide. Learn how to discriminate and discern. Learn how to TRUST yourself.

When you order our 'Developing Intuition' course, you will receive an online workbook and extra support emails over 30 days. With tips and inspiration, these emails will assist you to pay regular attention to your intuitive voice. AND if you have any questions about the materials, we answer all of your emails.

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