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What's NEW and What's NEXT?

Updated Feb. 15, 2019

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1. MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT - For the first time in 15 years we are increasing our prices. We have new staffing, services, programming and much more. We will also have new offerings every month. So on March 1 our low rates will increase from $19 to $29 per month, $149 to $249 per year and $269 to $369 per life time membership.  Click here KNOW, GROW and FLOW and save. We look forward to being your ongoing growth partner.

2. Feb 14 - We upgraded of our 'intuit and DO IT’ Awareness and Manifesting Program (IAMP) flagship program (see below) so it is simpler, clearer and more easily navigated. The first 6 lessons are free to everyone so you can start creating a solid foundation for your growth. The last 30 lessons through 3 levels of awareness and consciousness are for members. Start your Awareness and Manifesting Journey now.

3. Consciousness Shifters - in 3 to 7 short emails, receive refreshers/reminders of key progressive concepts of our IAMP flagship program.

  • Feb. 11 Human Needs Tree - Quickly find the right tools, inspiration, questions and worksheets for your most common challenges, aspirations and needs. Available to everyone for free but only members get all links activated.
  • Feb. 14 COFFEE Questions - Progressive questions to maximize results daily, weekly, monthly for everyone for free and quarterly, yearly and NOW Questions available only to members.
  • Feb. 20 Models of Life - 3 one-page check lists/info-graphics available to everyone for free. Simplify your understanding of your life's journey.
  • Feb. 26 Life Planning Binder - Part 1 available to everyone for free, other parts to members only.

4. New Blogs this last week
     a. Your Answers are in our NEEDS TREE - Whatever your challenge or aspiration, we have the right answers, tools and inspiration for you.
     b. A Fun Game to Unlock Your Money Consciousness - Expand your inner circulation and worthiness of money so it outwardly radiates.
     c. Delicious Coffee IN  - Amazing ideas OUT- 9 hand selected COFFEE Questions to progressively draw out your best answers each day, week, month and quarter.

5. Inner Journey Inspirational Messages - We have been proud of our Inner Journey subscriptions that have touched over 200,000 lives, It provide us with inspiring testimonials daily. Our Inner Journey is being upgraded and will offer a Reminder System for some of our new products such as COFFEE questions and weekly/monthly practices. It will also phase in more universal truths and new ways of thinking so we can more easily handle these more complicated, fast changing times. And the price of the popular Inner Journey inspirational messages will remain the same – free.

NEW IAMP Flagship Upgrades

  • Clear goals and simple homework per lesson
  • Rewritten, shorter and more concise
  • Test drive it as the first week is FREE
  • Icons added for easy referencing
  • 2 Smart Questions per lesson
  • Summaries per lesson
  • Reminders for monthly and weekly check ins
  • New Life Planning MAP on one page
  • New Awakening Awareness CARDS

Start your 'intuit and DO IT' Awareness and Manifesting Journey now.

This Week's THEME

Creatively create your future. Break out of old ruts.

List, Tool or Smart Question Set of the Week - Think Different List - Do different things and do things differently.



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  1. ***Feb. 28 - Higher Awareness GRAND LAUNCH - And with our new services and overheads on Feb. 28 we are having our first price increase in 15 years, but still very reasonably priced compared to competitors - if we have one? Join now for our best prices.
  2. A Reminder Service - To do your weekly and monthly check ins and COFFEE Questions - available to members and subscribers.
  3. Another Consciousness Shifter - .Models of Life - 3 one-page check lists/info-graphics available to everyone for free. Simplify your understanding of your life's journey.
  4. Another Consciousness Shifter - Awakening Awareness CARDS - Experience deep awareness in real time. Get major insights in hours. Only one available for free and the rest to members.
  5. Another Consciousness Shifter - Life Planning Binder - Part 1 of 3 available to everyone for free, other parts to members only.
  6. Another Consciousness Shifter - Universal Laws - The top 4 universal laws and how thy impact you every day and how you can align with them - available to members only.
  7. A new web site as we modernize its look, navigation and new programming.
  8. E-Group Coaching - A cost effective unique new coach approach by John. Ask your questions weekly, get your detailed answer and answers of other's questions.
  9.   Let John know if you are interested.

For ongoing new ways of healing, growing and creating your dreams, join us at Higher Awareness

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