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What's NEW and What's NEXT?

Updated June 15, 2024

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  • June 15 - Align all 5 Ways of Manifesting. (FREE to VISITORS)- 1+1+1+1+1 = 11111. Get your subconscious, ego, character, soul, and spirit working together.
  • May 27 - Journal Writing Tools. - Ways to journal and a description and examples of 50 progressive journal writing tools. Draw out your own answers. Awaken new levels of Awareness.
  • May 3 - Basic Awareness Distinctions (PDF) - What is your awareness style? At what level do you experience it? The most in-depth details of Basic Awareness on the Internet.
  • Apr. 15 - Will Power and Self-discipline - The most fundamental step for ongoing personal growth is WILLPOWER. Little happens in life till you really want it, commit, and create self-discipline.
  • Feb. 14 - Feeling Finder - Break out of negative, reactive emotions. Expand your positive, empowering, and loving feelings. More accurately define your awareness and how you feel.
  • Jan. 30, 2024 - KNOW All of Yourself - Level #1 of 3 - KNOW Your Ego, Blocks, Defences, Limiting Beliefs, Self-sabotaging Behaviors, Projections, and more. Fix your Foundation for Growth
  • Nov. 29 - FREE Transformational Tool #6 of 20 - The CREED, TOT, and Intentions - Call it what you want. It works. Activate your RAS and RAP processes. We will show you why and how. Anchor your dreams deeply into your subconscious mind that works 24/7.
  • Nov. 14 - FREE Transformational Tool #7 of 20 -  Synthesizing SCOPER - Let your mind naturally do the heavy lifting.  Many of us are at least 30 to 50% intuitive. This tool will help you separate the wheat from the chaff and bring your best intuitive ideas to the surface.

This Month's MEMBER Features!



  1. Today's Turbulent Times Worksheet - What causes you the most anxiety? What do you want LESS of and MORE of in your life?
  2. Finger-tip Awareness MAP and Tracker on your Cell phone. Instead of playing games or chatting, track your insights and growth. Upload this Microsoft Word file to your cell phone cloud.
  3. Soul Separators - May ways you distance yourself from your Higher Self
  4. Healing Back to Wholeness - Stop self-sabotaging behaviors, that stop you in your tracks.
  5. Basic Awareness to Soul Awareness Distinctions -
  6. The Magic Point of Accountability is a turn-around point, that makes life more meaningful and joyful.
  7. Circle of Life - This 'O' Model of Life takes you form birth, through the unconscious to ego to personality through the MAGIC POINT of Life into intuition, meaning, purpose, and manifesting dreams. Till awareness manifests itself.
  8. FREE Transformational Tool #4 of 20 - Create your Simple Personal Development Plan through 3 levels of awareness. Where have you been? Where are you at now? Where are you going? Have a Plan.
  9. How to be Committed - Tools to open new doors, awaken awareness, reach goals, know your WHY, and more.
  10. KNOW My Soul Type with its Strengths, Motivations, and Passions - You are a soul having a spiritual experience, not the other way around.

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