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What's NEW and What's NEXT?

Updated February 3, 2024

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  • Jan. 30, 2024 - KNOW All of Yourself - Level #1 of 3 - KNOW Your Ego, Blocks, Defences, Limiting Beliefs, Self-sabotaging Behaviors, Projections, and more. Fix your Foundation for Growth
  • Nov. 29 - FREE Transformational Tool #6 of 20 - The CREED, TOT, and Intentions - Call it what you want. It works. Activate your RAS and RAP processes. We will show you why and how. Anchor your dreams deeply into your subconscious mind that works 24/7.
  • Nov. 14 - FREE Transformational Tool #7 of 20 -  Synthesizing SCOPER - Let your mind naturally do the heavy lifting.  Many of us are at least 30 to 50% intuitive. This tool will help you separate the wheat from the chaff and bring your best intuitive ideas to the surface.
  • Oct. 27 - Transformational Tool #5 of 20 - Turn Magical Minutes into your POWER HOUR. Choose the best tools that work for you as your outer world changes to match your magical inner world.
  • Oct. 20 - Transformational Tool #3 of 20 - Life's 2 Step Formula. STOP and 1- Elevate your Awareness and then 2 - Respond. Experience multiple ways to Elevate and Create.
  • Oct.  2 - Transformational Tool #2 of 20 - Eradicate deep-seated, limiting, unconscious beliefs. Engage your WARP drive.
  • Aug. 30 - Today's Turbulent Times Worksheet - What causes you the most anxiety? What do you want LESS of and MORE of in your life?
  • Jun. 14 - A Higher Awareness List of Features and Benefits - Enhance your commitment to life, confidence, clarity, creativity, connection, and consciousness using Higher Awareness programs.
  • Apr. 20 - Transformational Tools NEEDS Tree - You have a self growth problem or challenge, we have a directory of your needs and the best transformational tools/solutions/resources.
  • Mar. 19 - A Reminder - Unheard Of - Higher Awareness Membership prices are reduced so we can reach more truth seekers that want to evolve. Now, become a member for $12/month (based on a yearly subscription) or $19/month. (cancel at any time). Join us while our special lasts.

This Month's MEMBER Features!



  1. KNOW All of Yourself - Level #3 of 3 - KNOW Your Purpose, Intuition, Soul, Life Lesson, Manifesting Steps, and more.
  2. KNOW All of Yourself - Level #2 of 3 - KNOW Your Assets, Values, Character, Essence, and more.
  3. FREE Transformational Tool #4 of 20 - Create your Simple Personal Development Plan through 3 levels of awareness. Where have you been? Where are you at now? Where are you going? Have a Plan.
  4. Take your Life Journey Level #1 using Smart Coaching QUESTIONS - You may be just one question away from drawing out your life changing answers.
  5. How to be Committed - Tools to open new doors, awaken awareness, reach goals, know your WHY, and more.
  6. Raising Consciousness (Awakening Awareness) - How to become more loving, inclusive, authentic, expansive and whole
  7. Consciousness Metaphors - Be able to easily understand consciousness and explain it to a friend.
  8. How to DOWNSHIFT and MANIFEST Consciousness - You are manifesting 100% perfectly. See how! Enhance your ultimate 'Power Hour' so you are more guided to amazing miracles, synchronicities, and results.
  9. Truths will set you free. Integrate universal truths so they smooth distortions, harmonize limitations, enlighten our dark spots, and open doors to wholeness.
  10. KNOW My Soul Type with its Strengths, Motivations, and Passions - You are a soul having a spiritual experience, not the other way around.

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