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What's NEW and What's NEXT?

Updated Jume 23, 2019

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'New Ways for New Times'

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This Month's THEME = Create a Sense of Order and Commitment!
2019 can still be a banner year and we can help you.

  • List of the Month - Goal Setting Triggers - 100 triggers so you set your best meaningful, balanced, intelligent and loving goals
  • Resources/Tool of the Month - Gratitude Journal - Daily write down at least 3 things you are grateful for and appreciate. This confirms deeply to yourself that life is full of miracles.
  • Smart Questions of the Month - Commitment Questions - Find and plug the holes in your commitment and integrity.


  • MEMBER Facebook Group - For the latest announcements and discussion of the new offerings and  'intuit and DO IT' Awareness and Manifesting Program. Get your questions answered.
  • PUBLIC Facebook Group- For the latest announcements and discussion of the new site offerings, Blogs and freebies.
  • Weekly COFFEE Questions - Put your week in perspective and balance.
  • Monthly COFFEE Questions - Focus on healing, learning and goals in this monthly 9 question check-in.


  1. Another Consciousness Shifter - Universal Laws - The top 4 universal laws and how thy impact you every day and how you can align with them - available to members only.
  2. Life Planning Binder - Part 1 available to everyone for free, other parts to members only.
  3. Another Consciousness Shifter - New WAYS for New TIMES - Consistently receive new WAYS of thinking and doing life, and breaking through life's newer and bigger challenges.
  4. Ultimate Manifesting cheat sheet, work sheet and Coaching Questions
  5. A new web site as we modernize its look, navigation and new programming.
  6. E-Group Coaching - A cost effective unique new coach approach by John. Ask your questions weekly, get your detailed answer and answers of other's questions.
  7.   Let John know if you are interested.

For ongoing new ways of healing, growing and creating your dreams, join us at Higher Awareness


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