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Human Life Cycles - A List of Choices

Human cycles

bio-electric waves
heartbeat complex
blood flow circuit
blood flow oscillations
metabolic oscillations
vasometer oscillations
endocrine oscillations
gas exchange oscillations
metabolic fuel oscillations
rapid eye movement
heart balance oscillations
circadian rhythms
water cycles
longer-range endocrine
biorhythm - physical
biorhythm - emotional
biorhythm - intuitional
Annual soul, personality
Soul (consciousness)
Personality Cycle
A Major Soul Cycle
A Major Personality Cycle

0.1 sec. per cycle
1 sec. per cycle
4 sec. per cycle
10 sec. per cycle
30 sec. per cycle
100 sec. per cycle
6.7 minutes per cycle
5 to 17 minutes per cycle
33 minutes per cycle
83 minutes per cycle
90 minutes per cycle (approx.)
3 hours per cycle
24 hours per cycle (approx.)
3.5 days per cycle
20 to 40 days per cycle
23 days
28 days
33 days
1 year per cycle
7 years per cycle
9 years per cycle
49 years per cycle
81 years per cycle

Astronomical Cycles

Cycle time for each sign

The full astrological cycle

88 days
224.7 days
365.25 days
687 days
11.9 years
29.5 years
84 years
165 years
247.7 years
2166 years (moving from Pisces into Aquarius)
26,000 year

Astronomical Cycles

Weekly cycles
Lunar cycles
Planet temperament cycles
30 different nature cycles
Sunspot cycle
Magnetic field of sun's core
Kondratieff Economic Wave
12 miscellaneous cycles
Stock Market cycle
Cotton cycle
Corn Prices

7 days per cycle
28 days per cycle
3 months per cycle (approx.)
36.25 days
9.6 years (e.g. fox, salmon)
11.11 years (peaking in 2000)
22 years
50 to 56 years
18.2 years (e.g. divorces)
40.68 months
17.75 years
3.5 years

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