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Personal Development - Higher Awareness Home Page

Inner Journey Inspirational Messages - FREE short, daily, inspirational messages. Open to new possibilities.

Free Personality Quiz - Are you more physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually oriented?

  • Social Style quiz – Understand how you handle life and more importantly appreciate how others are different from you and handle their lives differently.

  • Life Purpose test – Why are you here? What is your destiny? Take this quiz and get a sense of your life purpose - your soul's purpose.

  • Level of Awareness test – Why are you here? What is your destiny? Take this quiz and get a sense of your life purpose - your soul's purpose.

  • Free Online Quizzes and Tests - Understand yourself more deeply. Take our personality, social style and soul purpose quizzes. Coming soon - awareness, spiritual gifts, love and fun quizzes.


New - 2019 February

Growth Tools Newsletter Archives -  tips, tools and ideas for your personal and spiritual growth. These articles are sorted so you can build on your present journey through the 3 main levels of consciousness.

Know Yourself - Find out "Who Am I?"

  • Quarterly/Yearly Retreat Topics – Precious solitude to relax and reconnect with your big picture.
  • Values, Qualities and Virtues List - What do you stand for?
  • Human Needs Lists - Are your fundamental needs being met?
  • Life Challenges List - What specifically is holding you back?
  • Thinking Methods Lists - Maximize your strengths, work on weaknesses
  • Emotional Distinctions Lists - Identify your emotional character
  • Physical Body Distinctions Lists - Identify your physical character
  • Subconscious Influences Lists - What influences who we are? 
  • Know Yourself Quotes and Tips - Know yourself through awareness

  • Planning Quotes and Tips - Make today count!
  • BE SMART With Setting Goals Article - To really nail down your goals, here’s a great way to format them.

Grow Yourself - Spiritual healing of the past. Create your future. Be in the now

  • Top down, bottom up connections – Ground the abstract and find purpose and meaning in the details. 
  • Paradigm Shifting Tools - Become a master of change
  • Paradigms to Shift - What are your growth obstacles?
  • Personal Growth Benefits - What is in it for you?
  • Self Improvement Tools - Top tools for your success

Self Control

Effective Time Management Skills - Making the most of your life

  • Daily mini Retreat Guide – Make the most starting and reviewing every day.
  • Weekly Retreat Topics – Focus on goals, balance and peace of mind.
  • Dream Calendar Tool - Put your ideal day, week and year on one page.
  • Time Capsule Tool  - Capture the past, present and future.
  • 150 Time Tips and Time Savers List - Time is money and happiness
  • 100 Time Wasters List - Find the culprits that steal your valuable time
  • Time Questions -Get the most from your time

Goal Setting Worksheets - Achieving your true potential

  • Monthly Retreat Ideas – Focus on rejuvenation and staying on purpose.
  • Smart Goals Samples List - Create more results in  your life.
  • Goals Questions - Explore new perspectives to set meaningful personal goals.
  • BE SMART With Setting Goals Article - To really nail down your goals, here’s a great way to format them.

Achieving Goals and Tracking Your Growth - Attain clarity, focus, meaning and results

  • Visible Change List - Ways to know you are moving forward
  • Personal Performance Questions List - Questions for clarity, balance and achieving goals
  • Action Quotes and Tips - Do you act on inspiration?
  • Daily Review Questions - Be efficient with daily review questions
  • Weekly Review Questions - Be effective with weekly review questions
  • Monthly Review Questions - Maintain balance and growth with monthly review questions
  • Quarterly Review Questions - Focus on holidays, aspirations, life lessons and purpose
  • Re-Treat Yourself Article – Commit to some R&R - Relaxation and Review.
  • Action Quotes and Tips - Do you act on inspiration?

Emotional Development

Self Healing and Block Busting - Build self esteem and break through challenges

  • Duality Tension Tool - Let your mind stretch and integrate two extremes.
  • Unsent Release Letter Tool - A very healing way to let go of the past.
  • Feeling Finder Tool - Add more dimensions to your feeling nature.
  • Body Mind Healing List - Your ailments relate directly to your thoughts
  • Defense Mechanisms List - How do you protect yourself?
  • Depression Symptoms List - Early warning signals for the blues or sadness
  • Depression Causes And Triggers List - What triggers your states of sadness?
  • Ego is ... List - How does your ego control you?
  • Emotions and Feelings List - Expand your ways of feeling
  • Excuses and Justifiers List - How do you justify your own limitations?
  • Fear Types List - Be clear about your exact underlying fears
  • Increase Energy List - Have more energy, quality time, results and fun
  • Isolation Methods List - Ways we separate from wholeness
  • Limiting Beliefs List - What thoughts hold you back?
  • Losing Energy List - What zaps your energy?
  • Stress Reducers List - Attain peace of mind, clarity, control and more
  • Stress Sources List - What brings you the most stress?
  • Stress Test List - How stressed are you?
  • Victim Statements List - How do you sabotage yourself?
  • Stress Quotes and Tips - Stressed out? Create space

  • Fear Quotes and Tips - Fearful? That's okay - You can handle it!
  • Forgiveness Quotes and Tips - The first step to forgiveness
  • Guilt Quotes and Tips - Freedom from guilt. Lighten your load.
  • Healing Quotes and Tips– A learning and integration process of healing
  • Exploring Guilt Questions - Questions to help overcome guilt
  • Turn Problems into Power and Potential! Article- Stuff comes up for a reason.
  • Making Guilt Work for Me Article - How I learned from guilt
  • Experiencing Challenges? Article - Learn why you’re attracting them!
  • How Are You Sabotaging Yourself? Article - How do you undermine your integrity and commitments?
  • Healing the Past with the 4 E’s Article - Heal the past by working with your imagination in the present.

Self Awareness Journey - Awaken to new dimensions of who you are!

  • Stream of Awareness Tool - What am I experiencing, feeling, and thinking?
  • The Pause Tool - Step back and allow integration to work for you.
  • 5 Wise Whys Tool - How to go deeper to find the truth and cause.
  • Radar Trap Tool - Catch yourself in the act. Enhance your awareness.
  • Any time micro Re-Treat Yourself Process – Reap the benefits of awareness pauses.
  • Human Life Cycles List - Work with your cycles, not against them

  • Awareness Exercises List - Push your awareness limits
  • Perspectives for Higher Awareness List - Ways to see with new eyes
  • Early Warning Signals List - Become more aware before it happens
  • Human Life Cycles List - Work with your cycles, not against them
  • Body Type Reading Methods List - How your body reveals who you are
  • Intentions List - When you stop and think, what is your intention?
  • Self Acceptance List - Embrace yourself and life more fully
  • Self Awareness List - Open to deeper and higher aspects of yourself
  • Sensory Stimulus List - How many sensory inputs do you use?
  • Social Influences List - Do you think or are you being thought?
  • Triggers - Select from many ways to be conscious and aware.
  • Being Present Quotes and Tips - Be here now
  • Self Awareness Quotes and Tips - Stop and pay attention
  • Surrender Quotes and Tips - Let go and let in and experience life touching you!
  • Shifting from Inner to Outer Focus Questions - Questions and tools for increasing action and outer results.
  • Shifting from Outer to Inner Focus Questions - Questions and tools for being more reflective and relaxed.
  • Are You Conscious or Unconscious? Article - Learn how to Stop and Pay Attention.
  • The Void: Where The Change Process Stops Us Article - Mind fog is part of the growth.

Write Your Life Story - Learn 10 easy-to-use self-understanding tools

  • Stepping Stones – Life History Log Tool - Create a meaningful life history log.
  • Captured Moments Tool - Re-experience the depths of peak events.
  • Life Themes List - Areas of focus on your life journey

Mind Development

Creative Thinking Exercises - Finding more ways to get what you want

  • Lateral Thinking Tool - The fastest way to develop creativity.
  • Mind Mapping Tool - Watch your brain work graphically.
  • Allow Alliteration Tool - Identify infinite important informative ideas.
  • Rhyme Time Tool - Find and unwind your kind mind.
  • Alpha Poems Tool - 26 quick creativity stimulators.
  • Metaphors Tool - Explore different ways to say the same thing.
  • Modelling Tool - Often the indirect route is the best route.
  • Artwork Tool - Allow your inner artist to share its wisdom.
  • Creativity Tools List - Solving the idea problem
  • Think Different List - Do different things and do things differently
  • Mind Tools List - Find your fun and meaningful ways to think
  • Imagination Quotes and Tips - Imagine what you can do!

  • Decision Making Criteria List - Find out if a program, project or decision will be successful for you. Use these criteria when making life-changing decisions.

Journal Writing Topics - An adventure in self discovery

  • Why do Questions Work? Article - Prove it to yourself with this short exercise.
  • Journal Writing Systems - Find your own natural process
  • Journal Writing Prompts - Ignite your journal writing insights
  • Journal Writing Topics - Put life into all areas of your life
  • Journaling for Self Discovery Article - Unleash the power of your heart and mind.
  • Why Journaling Works Article - Understand how your mind works
  • Setting Up A Journal Article - Find the ways that work best for you.
  • A Journaling Process Article - A simple 4 step process give you better results.
  • Choice - Choose what you want in life! Quotes and Tips - How to choose differently.
  • Journaling Benefits List - Attain more clarity, health, ideas
  • Journaling Tools List - Which of 40 tools work best for you? 
  • Journal Types List - What types of journaling would benefit you the most?
  • Prose and Poetry Tool - Let the beauty and rhythm of words share their feelings.
  • Artwork Tool - Allow your inner artist to share its wisdom.
  • Top down, bottom up connections Tool – Ground the abstract and find purpose and meaning in the details.
  • Character Sketch Tool - Experience someone more deeply.
  • One Word Essence Journaling Tool - No time to journal? Write just one word.
  • Headlining Tool - Use creative 7 word headlines to capture the day.
  • Creed Tool - Make a declaration about what you want, who you are, where you are going.
  • Perspectives Tool - See things differently.
  • Sentence Stubs Tool - Complete the sentence....
  • List Making Tool - Watch how your mind works. Expand your creativity.
  • Gratitude Journal Tool - An affirmation of ownership, responsibility, and appreciation.
  • Smart Questions Tool - Allow questions to draw out your own inner wisdom.

Developing Intuition - Tap into your own inner wisdom

  • Dialogue Tool - Converse with whoever and whatever you want.
  • Intuitive Resonating Tool - Give a voice to your unconscious and intuition.
  • Intuition Blocks List - What filters, distorts and stops your intuition?
  • Intuition and Trust List - Open to intuition and higher guidance
  • Intuition - How to Develop it List - Access your own intuitive guidance.
  • Trust Quotes and Tips - The power of trusting intuition

Spiritual Development

Daily Spiritual Awareness and Growth Tips - Experience your divinity here and now

  • Stream of Consciousness Tool - Awaken your awareness of higher learning and meaning.
  • Spiritual and Material Distinctions List - Understand the differences
  • Soul - What is it? List - How do you experience Soul and spiritual growth?
  • Soul Names List - What names can you call your higher self?
  • Soul Making List - Select for many ways to develop soul consciousness.
  • Bliss Quotes and Tips - Go for what you love

  • Change Quotes - Move out of your comfort zone

Finding Life Purpose - Become your true self

  • Life Question Tool - What question can you ask yourself that will inspire, empower and energize you?
  • Skill Assessment List - Get clarity on what you want to do
  • Purpose Statements List - Which ones resonate with you?
  • Greatness Concepts List - Streeeeeeeeetch your thinking.
  • Niches List - Identify your best way to support others.
  • Business Coach Questions List - Your own personal business coach
  • Sales Smart Questions List - Have more money and better customers
  • Big Picture Thinking Questions - What's the big picture for your life?
  • Purpose in Life Articles - Grounding the dreams of your ideal future
  • What's the big picture for your life? Articles - See yourself as the director and actor in your own major motion picture!
  • How to Set up a Niche Journal - Print your custom title page and index page.

Learn Meditation Methods - Explore the right type that works for you.

  • Meditation Journal Tool - Meditation opens us to more connection, insights and harmony.
  • Meditation - What is it? List - Broaden your perspectives
  • Meditation Benefits List - Peace of mind, healing, illumination and more
  • Meditation Mantras List - Focus your mind higher to receive more
  • Meditation Article - Why meditate?
  • Stillness Article - Find stillness in the busyness

Activating Joy, Love and Happiness - Get your 'Sweet 16' Joy Activators

Other Programs

Manifesting Abundance - Create the life you want to live

  • Money - What is it? List - What do you semi-consciously believe about money?
  • Money Proverbs List - How does society influence your money beliefs?
  • Money Beliefs List - What did your parents say about money?
  • Money Victim Statements List - What self talk keeps you broke?
  • Money Affirmations List - 50 ways to clearly state your abundance
  • Manifesting Tips List - Align with the co-creative forces
  • Rituals List - Create your own personal rituals to create sacred space
  • Space Making List - Ways to create more space in your life
  • Willpower Building Methods List - Learn from small projects first. 
  • Manifesting Quotes and Tips - You are a creator!

  • Self-worth Quotes - How do you rate your self-worth?

  • Money Questions - Understand and manage your relationship money
  • Prosperity Questions - Think your way to prosperity with new perspectives

Relationship Development - Build healthier relationships

  • Dyad Tool - Experience the power of voice and writing.
  • Conversation Starters and Tips List - Develop confidence in connecting with others
  • Male/Female Differences List - Understand yin/yang dynamics
  • Empowerment List - What is it? Choose from the many ways to empower yourself and others.
  • Support Quotes and Tips - Ways to give support to others

  • Empowerment Questions - Empowering yourself and others
  • Commitment Questions - Find and plug the holes in your commitment
  • Commitment Quotes and Tips - Close the door to self-sabotage
  • Challenged by your relationships? Good! Article- See how your soul is the underlying guide to all relationships.
  • 10 Tips for Improving Communication Article – Have more fun and confidence connecting with others
  • 10 Tools to Improve Communication Skills Article – Experience more depth, intimacy and joy

Consciousness Journey Resources - progressively expand your perspectives helps you move into higher consciousness.

  • 2 step journeys - Integrate the two yin and yang dance steps of life - awareness (experiencing) and manifesting (anchoring) in 30 unique and catchy ways.
  • Meaningful Models of Consciousness - 20 common models of consciousness reaffirm that higher connections create higher consciousness and effective manifesting.
  • 3 levels of consciousness growth - Use 30 memorable 3-word mini-journeys to identify and clarify your primary level of consciousness at this time.
  • ABC's to XYZ's - You'll be amazed by these easy, fun, alliteration emails that go through the alphabet to identify the processes, pains and potentials on our life path.

Consciousness Articles

Workshop Facilitation Training Course – Find your niche, create your own workshop and learn how to facilitate it and promote it as a successful business.

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