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A simple model for how we experience and create life

"Life is creation -- self and circumstances, the raw material."
-- Dorothy M. Richardson

Few people have a clear understanding of the basics of how our lives unfold. If life were a game, most of us would not know the rules, where the goal posts are or even if there are goal posts.

Do you know how to experience and get the most out of life?
Do you know how to influence life to creatively manifest what you want?

We have created this simple road map to explain the fundamentals of how we experience life and of how we can create a more meaningful and fulfilling relationship with it. Here is our sense of how our lives unfold:

1. We exist in a web of influences

Each moment, we are bombarded with influences through our senses, perceptions, instincts, intelligence and intuition. These influences come from both outside and inside of us, and include sensations, thoughts, emotions, family dynamics, work, social culture, psychism, media, ideals, mass consciousness, higher guidance ... and the list goes on.

2. Sometimes we are conscious of these influences, but most of the time, our subconscious mind processes them without our awareness.

If we had to consciously process all of these influences, we would go crazy. Fortunately, we have a subconscious mind that filters this input. Just as subconscious systems oversee our breathing, heartbeats, chemical reactions and all the other miraculous functions of the human body, the subconscious mind has belief systems and habitual ways for managing all that life offers to us.

Some of the subconscious mind's patterns are helpful, like automatically tying our shoes. However, the subconscious mind stores many beliefs we adopted in our early years that may have been helpful once but aren't any longer. Yet these outdated subconscious beliefs automatically define perceptions, expectations, reactions and defences to assist our ego in handling (or ignoring and mishandling) the incoming stimuli.

Most of the time, we are totally unaware of how the subconscious creates our reality. We are triggered by something and unconsciously we react from our old programming. In fact, we can function so well on autopilot that we have no idea just how unconscious we typically are as we navigate through each day.

3. The more conscious we are, the more we can choose experiences that support us.

When we live our lives unconsciously on autopilot, we lack freedom and choice in how we experience life. Without awareness, we stay stuck in ruts. Our future mirrors our past. Nothing or very little changes, and this can lead to frustration, disappointment and even despair as we fail to realize our dreams.

The good news is that we can take ourselves off of autopilot. We can stop and pay attention, and intentionally explore our thoughts, feelings, behaviors and insights. We can become conscious of our subconscious, habitual patterns. We can consciously choose new perspectives to override old programming, so we can explore new experiences and create new possibilities for our lives.

4. With intention, we can fully engage life, alter inner programming and manifest a new and better future.

As we develop the discipline to pay attention to our experiences, we become empowered to grow ourselves and manifest what we truly want in life. We learn how to use the incredible powers of the mind constructively and creatively. We discover how to purposefully set intention and how to engage, anchor and integrate new ideas and ideals so they become part of our being and naturally attract to us. As we learn how to raise our consciousness, we connect with a bigger picture that makes more sense of the little pieces.

We also learn the art of balance so necessary for successful manifestation. Yes, we need to make some effort to create inner change, but we also need to let go - to surrender and trust the process of life and universal laws. We experience the appreciation and gratitude that arise naturally and support our new relationship with life.

As a summary:
  1. We are continually bombarded with many influences.
  2. Our subconscious mind filters many of these influences through old programming that defines our perceptions and behaviors, and we are not aware that this is happening.
  3. If we want our experience of life to change, then we must become aware of what is now unconscious so we can override our habitual patterns and choose differently.
  4. With intention, we can engage and anchor what we want in life so it is more naturally attracted to us.

Find your way to happiness and fulfillment through higher awareness and creative manifesting!

What influences are affecting you now?
What do you want to change in your life?
How committed are you to doing what's needed to become more aware?
What goals and dreams do you want to anchor and attract to you?

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