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Personal Growth Articles that can Change Your Life!

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  • Definition of Consciousness - What is consciousness? And why does it matter?
  • Change Your Life with the Cosmic 2x3 - Don't wait for the cosmic 2x4 to whack you into awareness. Wake yourself up gently with the Cosmic 2x3!
  • The Consciousness 2 Step Dance of Life - A simple look at how we experience and manifest consciousness.
  • Traveling the Circle of Life in Three Phases - Understanding the bigger picture of life helps bring meaning to our challenges
  • A simple model of how we experience and create life. - We participate in life in 2 basic ways - experiencing life through awareness and engaging and manifesting life.
  • Making Guilt Work for Me - How I learned from guilt
  • The Circle of Life Covers Two Paths - Have you reached the Magic Point on the circle of life?
  • Challenged by your relationships? Good!- See how your soul is the underlying guide to all relationships.
  • Experiencing challenges? - Learn why you're attracting them!
  • Purpose In Life: - Grounding the Fantasy
  • Choice - Choose what you want in life! - How to choosing differently.
  • What's the big picture for your life? - Challenges make more sense from bigger perspectives.
  • How Are You Sabotaging Yourself? - How do you undermine your integrity and commitments?
  • The Void: Where The Change Process Stops Us - Mind fog is part of the growth.
  • Turn Problems into Power and Potential! - Stuff comes up for a reason.
  • Are You Conscious or Unconscious? - Learn how to Stop and Pay Attention.
  • Why do Questions Work? - Prove it to yourself with this short exercise.
  • Journaling for Self Discovery - Unleash the power of your heart and mind.
  • Why Journaling Works - Understand how your mind works
  • Setting Up A Journal - Find the ways that work best for you.
  • A Journaling Process - A simple 4 step process give you better results.