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The 2-Step Dance of Life

A simple look at how we experience and manifest our reality

If we study our existence, it seems that moment to moment, we are either experiencing or manifesting life. You could also describe this as life's in and out, yin and yang, or experiencing and expression.

We dance these 2 steps continuously. We are touched by life and then we can respond and touch life back. If we want our lives to improve in some way, it serves us to look closely at how skilfully we dance each step.

How do we experience life?

How we experience life depends on how aware or conscious we are in the present moment. Believe it or not, it's possible to be practically unconscious throughout an entire lifetime. Our subconscious mind handles normal routines and common reactions without requiring any conscious thought at all.

It's easy to let our lives run on autopilot, but if we do, our experience of life gets stuck in the ruts. Each day basically looks and feels just like the last one. Practically nothing changes. Though we may have good intentions to do things differently, somehow we can't break free of those old, habitual patterns. And this is discouraging.

All is not lost, though. We can learn to override the subconscious mind's autopilot system. To do that, we need to STOP and pay attention, over and over and over again. By bringing conscious awareness to our experience, we gain valuable information about what's going on.

When we are fully present in the now, we tune in to our inner experience: sensations, emotions, feelings, thoughts, ideals, insights and even our intuition. We become capable of identifying beliefs and defensive patterns that no longer serve us. And when we are truly conscious in the moment, we can also better identify outer influences and assess their impact on us.

Most importantly, conscious awareness brings us choice. If we don't like what's happening, we can choose to override our habitual reactions and make a change. And this brings us to Dance Step #2: Manifesting.

Manifesting what we want in life

From the awareness step we have experienced and attained some choice or insight. Now we have a few options. One is to do nothing, which in most cases, reinforces past limiting behaviours. We may also choose to take some inner action. If we know what we want, we can focus on creating that. If we don't know what we want, we can hold an intention to open to more creativity and options.

Using intention, we can focus our attention on what we most want, rather than on what we don't want. This shift in perspective alone will begin to alter our experience and support us in engaging and manifesting something new.

A fundamental premise we pose to you is that we attract to us what we most need and want by who we are, more than by what we do. This means it is our character, attitudes, beliefs, sense of worthiness and level of consciousness that magnetize what comes into our lives. So the key to successful change lies in intentionally anchoring and integrating new levels of thinking, values and beliefs so they become an integral part of our being.

This is the secret to getting more out of life. Success is an inside job. It is not a function of how smart we are, how hard we work or being in the right place at the right time. Instead, we need to bring conscious attention to our thinking so we can seek more options and hold clear intentions for new, supportive states of being. As we anchor and integrate these positive intentions into our subconscious mind, the old self-sabotaging beliefs lose their power, and our lives automatically begin to improve.

As we raise our consciousness and create a shift in who we are, this shift affects all areas of our life. This brings the magic we can experience daily.

Uniting the partners together

Just as the yin and yang symbols hold their opposites within them, the two steps of awareness and manifesting are not mutually exclusive. Awareness requires intention to build a solid practice of paying attention. Manifesting draws on experiencing to allow in more ideas and clarity.

Still, the dance of life is easier to master when we can learn just one step at a time. Putting the two together into a flowing and rhythmic two-step creates an art form of true beauty.

John and Patrice Robson
Higher Awareness  (https://www.higherawareness.com)
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