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Life Purpose Test - What is your higher self asking of you?

This life purpose test will clarify your higher spiritual and soul purpose.
Take this life purpose quiz today and gain insights into your heart's desire and who you are meant to be.

Life Purpose is NOT a job description. It focuses more on qualities and the journey, not the destination.
NOTE: In this test the answers may not come easy, so trust your inner guidance.

free life purpose quiz

Take this quick life purpose quiz below.

Before you do this quiz, set an intention to open to connect with:

  • your highest calling,
  • how you see others,
  • your highest aspirations,
  • your deepest meaning,
  • your highest virtues (truth, beauty, goodness, unity),
  • your heart's desire,
  • your most sacred aspects of life and
  • what you totally enjoy doing.

For each question, choose one answer which best describes your situation and click on the box next to that answer. If none of the options fits as your life purpose, leave the question blank.

1. What do you sense might be your true vocation or service?
Leading and liberating others out of bad situations
Lovingly teaching or nurturing others
Stimulating others' minds, creativity, ability to communicate and reason
Mediating others' conflicts, harmonizing
Focusing your mind on new truths, concepts or scientific principles
Inspiring others, leading by example, seeking highest ideals
Organizing others, manifesting ideals into form

2. What is your most joyous and meaningful activity?
Experiencing freedom or oneness
Thinking and planning
Unravelling life's mysteries, solving problems
Bringing order out of chaos, bringing spirit into matter
Being in love, supporting others
Harmonizing the highs and lows or bringing peace to conflict
Connecting with a cause or what you love

3. What is your heart's desire?
To live in beauty
To see tangible results and accomplishments
Hands-on co-creation with the Life force
To attain and express the highest ideals
To experience and express highest wisdom and love
To know truth expressed through form
To carry out divine will

4. How do you experience selflessness?
Through being part of a coordinated group and experiencing humility
Devotion to others and ideals
Discovering pure knowledge to assist others
Compassion and tolerance for others
Helping others use their minds more
Nurturing and supporting
Focusing on the bigger picture that dwarfs yourself

5. What is your true guidance?
Intuitive connections and feeling oneness
Live up to your highest potential
Reasoning and resourcefulness
Right action and restoring order
Wholeness and integration of dualities
Spiritual values and principles
Advancement of truth

6. What do you hold sacred in your life?
A life plan or theories of oneness
Experience of the oneness of life
Sacred objects, rituals and appreciation of universal design
Love, intimacy, relationships
Beauty, arts, balance
Mystery of nature's intelligence
An ideal or object of devotion

7. What are your highest virtues?
Truth, persistence, accuracy, precision, discrimination
Beauty, intuition, generosity, imagination
Loyalty, devotion, vision, idealism, sincerity
Understanding, abstract thinking, planning, flexibility
Strength, courage, power, independence
Order, self reliance, courage, transformation, practicality
Love, faith, compassion, calmness

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