A Powerful Big Picture of Your Life Journey

by John Robson on March 18, 2019

Our journey through life is not only to be travelled in full but also to be experienced in full. “Live life to the fullest”…it’s an easy adage to remember but do we not forget this as we live day by day?

Awaken to how you travel life in full circle. Enrich your experience with a raised consciousness. Understand the circle of life in full. Illuminate your life path. Demystify the mysteries. Clear away clouds and haze along the way of your understanding of this circle called life.

As part of the Models of Life Series comes this beautiful ‘O’ Model of Life – an insightful illustration of the cycle of life in a plain simple visual picture. Click here to view the ‘O’ Model of Life.

This model creatively explains life in different stages and levels of learning. The ‘O’ Model does these for you in a seamless coherent big picture of life:

  • Retrace from the beginning and draw a clear picture of each stage we go through in life.
  • Track how we learnt, and how we may learn better.
  • Define our life journey with clarity: know where you’ve been and know where you’re going
  • Find your authentic self and potent truths along the way
  • Understand how you are unconsciously programmed with limiting beliefs
  • And how to unlearn your past programming into a new perspective that works toward your dreams.
  • See life differently with a renewed inspiration, elevated consciousness and clarity of life trajectory.

Understand life coherently and past events that lead you here. Understand where it falters and where you need to reinforce your thoughts. Focus on building your momentum from where you need to relearn and find possibilities where you thought were a dead end. For Life is a CIRCLE. There’s no such thing as a road end. Only a new challenge to take on a new inspiring route to continue the cycle and spiral up to a new perfect circle. Your life is AMAZING and you belong perfectly in this circle of life.

Are you ready for a full circle journey? Check out the O’ Model of Life now. And if you find that you need more focused support on dealing with your roadblocks, past programming and limiting beliefs to get you on your way to living life to the fullest, see other Models of Life here towards your complete healing.


Do you feel stuck, uncreative, encountering roadblocks, fearful, lacking in confidence or scared of making a wrong turn? Maybe it’s time to pause for a new perspective. 

The Models of Life Series presents a new model of a refreshing, simplified outlook on how we understand life. The ‘A’ Model of Life takes you on a journey to navigate through the workings of your own mind.

Your thoughts are many times more powerful than your worst enemy to date – who’s no other than YOURSELF.

  • Know yourself better
  • Go deeper into your thoughts
  • Discover the hidden places where your enemy lurks from within
  • Face your worst and discover the BEST in you
  • Reveal and heal your self-sabotaging behaviours
  • Access your unlimited potentials

What’s stopping you? Be unstoppable. How? Navigate through the different levels of your consciousness with the ‘A’ Model of Life as it provides you:

  • A simple visual framework of the different levels of your consciousness
  • A good visual and simple explanation of how the 3 levels interact
  • And easy to grasp concepts on how they create major impact in your daily life.

It’s easy to imagine and you can do it right now. Your “aha!” moment will follow shortly. Try this.

  1. Draw a large capital ‘A’ on a piece of paper. Stretch the 2 legs of the ‘A’ to the bottom of the page.
  2. Put a dot on the top point of the ‘A’ and label it CONSCIOUS mind.  This tiny dot represents all that we are consciously aware of.
  3. Label the area between the top point and the cross bar in the ‘A’ as SUBCONSCIOUS. Your subconscious includes all programmed habits, beliefs (cultural, religious, self, etc.), repressed emotions, defenses, illusions, cravings and unresolved issues of family and the past. See the model for more ways you distort and block truth.
  4. Label the large area below the cross bar in the ‘A’ as SUPERCONSCIOUS. Your superconscious represents God, intuition, soul potentials, purpose and destiny, pre-manifestation energies, mass consciousness, archetypes, natural laws, astrological influences, etc. This force is many times (possibly infinitely) larger than the subconscious mind.
  5. Now the most important point. The goodness of the super conscious must go THROUGH  the subconscious mind. So a high priority is healing our subconscious blocks so we experience directly a better life.

To understand how this works best for you and how you can leverage from this simple life perspective, Click here for more of the ‘A’ Model of Life.

Dare to uncover the real power inside your thoughts. Free yourself from what’s stopping you. Become who you aspire to be. Close the gaps, connect together the missing pieces, know yourself better and lead an authentic life of infinite possibilities.


Your Life Planning MAP

by John Robson on March 7, 2019

Supported by Higher Awareness’ Best of 20 Years of Programs

All on One Page – Planner, Roadmap and Checklist to Your Remarkably Inspiring Journey

Supported by Higher Awareness’ Best of 20 Years of Programs


New Ways and New Tools for the New Times

Calling wanderers, truth-seekers, soul-searchers, dreamers, trekkers, and people who are compelled to live meaningful lives! 

We know you are not here to simply live day by day, but to LIVE INSPIRED. 

You want a fulfilled, abundant and healthy life. 

BUT if you do not have a plan, you may just be part of someone else’s plan.

Have the FREEDOM to lead your own journey and adventure. Create your own odyssey. Masterfully design your life in One Page.

  • Reinforce your foundation, 
  • Plan your steps wisely with higher guidance, 
  • Track your growth with your checklist
  • Add your own growth and empowerment projects as you evolve. 
  • And visually create your own roadmap to success and fulfillment.

Make sense of your life. Know how you fit in. Have a clear next growth step, where you will never have to feel lost. This is your compass, rudder and healer all in one page, your “GO TO” growth chart, your ultimate Blueprint of an ever evolving journey to an authentically fulfilled life. 

Download and print your Life Planning MAP now.
Plus we will send you a monthly reminder and tips to update and refocus as you evolve in your journey.

Live FREE. Live INSPIRED. And see you at the TOP.


“intuit and DO IT!” Awareness and Manifesting Program

by John Robson on February 25, 2019

A Three Part Quest to Manifesting the Life of Your Dreams

Traverse life differently like you’ve never done before with this progressive, simplified 3 step approach to your biggest breakthrough this year. Powered by the ‘Power of 3’ to perfect your pathway to an authentic and amazing journey to the good life you deserve.

Step into your 3 Leg Journey with:

– the all-embracing wisdom of the 3 Universal Laws

– a simplified visual approach of the 3 Models of Life

– access to life-changing methods with the 3 Levels of New Tools and New Ways

And more power boosts that comes in 3’s to support your journey:

– 3 Levels of Group Work

– 9 Levels of Awareness in 3 Groupings

– 3 Time-frames of COFFEE Questions

– 3 Levels of Smart Coaching Questions

– 3 Levels of Discipline and Order

And this time, Life is going to happen in 3 major leaps as you:

1 Uncover self-sabotaging behaviors and create your vital healing strategies.

2 Build your Personal Power, intuition and confidence as you prepare for greater heights.

3 Internalize, spiritualize and materialize as you manifest your aspirations, purpose and ideal lifestyle.

Be brave for a breakthrough this year. Challenge yourself to embark on an empowering, step-by-step, quest to experience life differently.

Start here – for FREE. Try the first part of this quest for FREE or brave up to commit in FULL to the change you want this year.


Love this Strong Brew of Authentic Coffee for Real People

by John Robson on February 14, 2019

Delicious coffee IN – amazing ideas OUT. Here’s how!

These days, authenticity is precious and sometimes a luxury. It appeals to our refined taste for quality. And when it comes to delicacies and commodities we pay a high price for most authentic stuff out there. But how much are we willing to shell out for the authenticity within us?

Are you willing to spend 5 minutes or 10 minutes of your time each day, each week, each month, and each vulnerable time in your life to regain clarity and a new passion for life over a cup of coffee? It’s not too hard, but I’m telling you it’s not that easy… to turn something that cost you so little into something of ultimate high value, but we’ll show you.

At Higher Awareness, we created a special concoction. It’s not the instant coffee cup but one that you delicately brew for refinement for a fine taste of a good life. With our new COFFEE Questions Series, we give you new ways and 9 of the best insightful questions to design your own authentic life to meet your own taste, your own flavor of quality life.

The COFFEE Questions Series gives you a simple, one page, uncomplicated menu and options for your life journey and coffee fix needs.

DAILY Questions

– for effective decision-making, efficiency, focus and setting priorities

WEEKLY Questions

 – for tracking your goals and finding balance

MONTHLY Questions

– for seeing  your life on a bigger scale, healing and reviewing goals

– bigger time frame and bigger life questions

NOW Questions

– your guide to focus, harmony and creativity


– a Bonus Smart Questions Collection with an Ultimate Lifestyle Worksheet for achieving great results in a year.

Why COFFEE and QUESTIONS blend well?

  1. Coffee (or tea) reminds you to pause, the right questions remind you to listen.
    Pause and listen. It’s easy these days to get caught up with all the noises and buzz surrounding our lives and forget that life’s greatest answers, solutions and fixes are already within us. ASK and receive.

I have had very satisfying experience of how my life unfolded in a coffee shop. I want you to experience this yourself and tell us your story. So, I have put together sets of 9 insightful questions to serve as your constant companion during coffee breaks. The right questions at the right time trigger the right answers.

  • Coffee delights your senses as questions awaken your awareness.
    The taste, the aroma of coffee– they appeal to our senses and that’s exactly how we should experience life. Be made fully aware of the simple things, the important things, and how they make us who we are. Questions help us refine our own taste. What do we truly want in life? Our truths, our authenticity , our purpose–they appeal to our most satisfying experience and appreciation of our life journey.
  • Coffee is a way of life and change is a lifestyle.

If you want change in how you experience life, QUESTIONS can be one of the most important part of your lifestyle. As beverage breaks easily become part of your daily life and if the right questions are used at the right time, see how your life changes with more and deeper authenticity. Your 5 to 10 minute effort every day draws out your truths and answers from  inside.

Ready for a treat today? Design your life, create an amazing journey, connect with your life story over a delightful cup of coffee. Let’s share a toast of authenticity and awaken to a refreshing experience of celebrating your journey to who you  are and what you truly want in life.

Get your daily, weekly and monthly COFFEE Questions for free today.


How to Energize Life with a Powerful Coffee Break Boost

by John Robson on January 29, 2019

“A great man on his way to his epic journey takes his time to sit back and enjoy his coffee.” One thing that makes all the difference is how you spend this lovely time for yourself. Do you savor the warmth and the aroma of your coffee? Or take in the scenery? Or enjoy the ambient sound of your favorite coffee shop? If you do any of this, and it’s time to remind yourself to do this, do you know you can take this seemingly ordinary experience to a new level of self-discovery?

When you find time for your ‘me time’, you put yourself in a great position to create your most powerful minutes of your day. And can you believe it? While relaxing? It’s because during these times that our brain is in its most efficient capacity to allow more room for answers and new insights. Make the most of this ‘awakening’ time to make great of your ordinary. 

Infuse your coffee with a different blend of awakeners. How? All you need to do is ask.

 I want to share with you an enjoyable way to trigger your most empowering 10 or more minutes of your day. You can start with 5 minutes. But be warned that you will find that coffee never tastes this good when you have created this ritual and realize how this benefits you in your life journey. Soon, you will find more time for coffee breaks as you power through life.

How to Trigger Your Most Empowering Time of the Day with a 10 minute Coffee Break

1. Create your own coffee ritual. The first step is to find time to take a break. No matter how busy you are, spare time to pause. Just a few minutes out of 1,440 minutes of your 24 hour day for yourself. Select the best time and place, something you’ll look forward to each day. 

2. Enjoy. This is the easiest part, but actually requires ‘will’ and commitment to truly enjoy simple things in life. When you enjoy something, you open yourself to discovering the ‘good’ even in little things. In this manner, when you enjoy, you enter a level of awareness to what’s good around you and within you.

3. Ask the right questions at the right time. Now, this needs some skill, skill you can master over time. How do you know the right questions? When is the right time?

Just ask. Questions are powerful. They draw out answers from our intuitive mind. Trust your intuition. Click on this link for our List of Questions and see what resonates most. There are many categories to choose from. Try one or few or each of them that feels right for you. Let the answers inside you attract the right questions, and draw more meaning out of life with the perfect combo.

Coming soon is our COFFEE Questions Series designed to guide us in asking questions from different levels, perspective, scope and flavors with a fresh brew of FREE worksheets. We are currently innovating to help you perfect your coffee and life journey experience.

4. Elevate to different levels of discoveries. Questions are created to take you to new levels. Progressively deeper questions draw out progressively insightful answers. In some cases, you might find yourself unable to answer them, but once the seed is sown believe that it will grow at the right time.

All the answers you need are already within you. Gradually find your access to vast inner wisdom with the right questions. Watch yourself grow, appreciate how you grow, and amaze yourself how you flow through life. You could be just a few more questions away from living your ideal life. Find focus, keep on track, discover new ways, discern and listen to the truth within and let that guide you to the journey ahead. Learn to take a break and ask the right questions to energize and empower your every day, every stage and every level of your amazing life journey.


Your Answers are in our Needs Tree

by John Robson on January 21, 2019

Ever wanted to own your own crystal ball? Ever wanted an all-knowing coach? Or maybe even a toolbox that can fix anything. These things have always been on my list and because I could not find them I created them over the last 30 years.

I wanted to be authentic and do my own healing. I wanted to build more character and pursue freedom and my dreams. I wanted to lead a life of purpose, meaning, contribution and fulfillment. So I just created my own ‘New Ways of Thinking and Being’ and finding my own answers. And after lots of trying OTHER’S advice and tools I shifted my focus to finding answers using my own unique ways that worked for me.

As a result I’ve created a NEEDS TREE. It is a list of the best choices, journal writing tools, quotes, worksheets, and smart questions that I can ask myself.

And as a result of leading over 100 teams, I learned early on to have a good sense of  other people’s personality styles. So I created my Needs Tree that would also work for others and their unique ways. 

One thing I realized as I was creating this massive toolbox, the questions that would naturally come to me were often the right questions for me at that time. Because questions that come us are often our intuition knocking at our door.

Here is an example of how I recently used my Needs Tree! 

I am always working on my own Higher Awareness – especially my intuition. As I looked on my Needs Tree under the topic of Awareness, there is a list of about 20 different tools, activities, worksheets, etc. The one that jumped out at me was ‘Early Warning Signals’. And when I clicked on it and saw many types of early warning signals  – two resonated with me – stress and disorder (doing too much as I just hired a few staff). So I would put these actions on my To Do list so I  would focus on them during the week.

Check out my Needs Tree for over 50 major personal needs, which refer to about 400 resources listing multi-thousands of choices, ideas and answers. As a member of Higher Awareness all links are activated.

So what needs or questions are coming to you? In what areas do you need healing, answers, ideas, direction, clarity, connection, personal power, etc. Take a minute right now and scan the our Needs Tree List and resonate with where you need support and tools right now.


What You Need to Know Before Your Life Changes

by John Robson on January 17, 2019

Many of us miss out time and time again on an opportunity to transform our lives, to live the kind of life we can only dream of. Why? It happens every time and it happens to most of us. Yet the answers seem uncommon and we rarely talk about it. It’s just complicated, or is it?

Sometimes the smallest easiest step is the hardest. And a single simple truth bears heaviest and deepest in our core. We are afraid to step up to the plate. But what’s stopping us really?

Stuck in Mediocrity? The True Enemy of Change Today

These days are different. We have access to vast knowledge and information. So if you want to venture into a new business, visit a foreign country, or even go visit a remote scenic spot – you will find information about it. Thanks to the internet and thanks to people, who are like you, have access to this information and can now easily share what they know.

Sometimes, you don’t even have to try things for yourself. Saves you a lot of time going to that newly opened restaurant, because you’ve already read a review. Or on the opposite, gave you the best culinary experience of your life because someone recommended the best dish to try, the best place to stay, the most helpful advice they ever got, the most efficient ways, and all the how to’s. You name it. This also gives us the audacity to try something new.

But why not go for IT? Go for that BIG change. What’s really stopping you?

The real enemy of transformation remains hidden. Yet it’s so simple.

But first we must identify what it is not, before understanding what it is. It’s the face of the real archenemy of our modern times that prevents us to take the first step to take control of our lives.

The enemy is NOT the difficulty of the task.

No matter how easy and uncomplicated the first step, the things we have to do, some people are afraid to dive in and so simply dismiss the chance of a lifetime. 

Surprisingly, most of these people who miss out are not the ones who are afraid to struggle. Most have gone through challenges, frustrations and difficulties. And they knew there’s a life better than the life they are trying to get by. They knew that beyond that office cubicle and paper works, that sought-after promotion, and that usual retirement plan – there’s a childhood dream inside their closet at home that’s collecting dust. And that very thing means the world to them.

It’s always difficult in the beginning, that’s true. But most times, the difficulty is not the process or what needs to be done. As in most of the life-changing lessons you will find in the website which starts with easy steps.

The real difficulty that people of today face is trusting and believing that it CAN be done.

We’d like to assume that these challenging times have taught us to be a realistic generation. The more we age, the more we perfectly know how to tell fact vs fiction, adulthood vs childishness, and reality vs dreams. If you find these things easily as two opposing sides of the spectrum, I’d have to agree except for one.

It is NOT the lack of the Logical that stops us from living the life of our dreams but the lack of Magic.

Reality Vs. Magic

It’s popular knowledge, isn’t it. Reality and dreams are two different things. Society tells us to know the difference. Or else we’ll get that hard jolt of reality to wake us up from dreaming. So, we get no sleep, we stay up late because we hang on to this reality, where sadly some still find themselves unhappy.

Look around you. This is reality, correct? It’s what you can perceive and everybody else can see. We were told to stay objective and logical to thrive into this modern world. We got no time for menial things. We think big, we stay objective. And in this way, often we lose the balance and lose the magic. So, we look at little children and feel bitter-sweet. We say, “If I hadn’t known what I knew now, I’d be naively happiest just like them.”

Reality is easy to acknowledge and believe because others see it too. We mainly confer to society, what other people will say. We often use this generic lens to confirm reality. Reality that has its own limits, limited to common eyesight. Limited to what others can perceive.

There are things yet to be seen and there are things that can only be seen from the inside. There are truths inside us that are sometimes too afraid to surface, too limited by doubts, fear of rejection and the lack of confirmation from others. But what if we look at this world through a different lens, that one of our own.

With our innermost sight, we would find that there’s an infinity of truths hidden beyond the covers of our doubts. That there’s vastness beyond the limits of what we perceive as reality.

We are source. We would find that in REALITY, we are limitless beyond what we think we already know now.

The key to unlock our inner sight is AWARENESS.

If we see our lives this way, we can look at our reality differently, as not the complete opposite but one that bears similarities to the magic in us. Where in both, everything is possible, where more is yet to be known and yet we trust the beauty of the unknown. We develop greater sense and trust in the universe and open up to greater things.

Reality and Dreams work their own dynamics in our lives and both are vital to the equilibrium. This way they are not opposing forces but two complementing forces that work together to bare the entirety of our truths.


The first step is not always easy, because learning to live is also learning from this world the uttermost things that limit us from being aware of the things we do not know yet. This is our limiting beliefs, ideologies, the ego that tips us out of a balanced life. If we are to experience life to the fullest, we must regain this balance and believe in both forces that makes us who we truly are.

We are Real and we are Magic.

Believing is the first step.

It’s the time when you jump in to the chance of making that big shift in your life. We are from a challenged but thriving generation and challenges are part of our daily lives. Our real enemies are those lurking in the shadows of our psyche and our subconscious: doubts, fears, self-sabotaging habits and limiting beliefs.

We must acknowledge them by being aware they exist and tend to them as we grow towards higher awareness and manifesting our dreams (magic) in one with our reality.

BUT FIRST, we must believe and trust the process. The unknown will be known, secrets revealed, all truths will come out and we should learn to appreciate the beauty of it.

Just make that first step and the Truth, yours and the Universe, shall guide you.

Awaken your AWARENESS, trust the beauty of the process, begin easy steps as you grow a strong foundation. And believe it can be done.

To your beautiful life transformation this year, we cheer you on because we believe.


“The quality of one’s life is directly related to the quality of questions you ask yourself.” – Tony Robbins 

Questions are powerful. They have the ability to trigger a deep response from our unconscious mind.

But what about open-ended questions as opposed to yes/no, black/white questions?

Open-ended questions are one of the most powerful tools we have as human beings.

They have the power to lead us into a brand new territory. It creates a multitude of possibilities because who knows how these might be answered. The possibilities stretch our creativity and draw on the well of universal wisdom. But first we must take the leap and ASK and then LISTEN.

Just start asking now. You will learn so much by just asking.

So for instance, you find yourself overwhelmed with everything that’s happening in your life and then you say to yourself, “I don’t have enough time to get everything done.” How does that make you feel – expansive or contracted?

And now, ask yourself, “How can I give more time to what’s important in my life?” and then again, check how you feel about that question.

Compare these two statements and how it affects your outlook. Check how it affects your emotions, heart, energy and spirit. See which one offers more potential ideas.

It only takes one moment to do this simple exercise. But, it can help you a lot!

But why is this the case?

Basically, our subconscious mind is a powerful thing. It implements whatever directives it is given. So, if you say “I can’t do it.” Then certainly your subconscious will make sure that you won’t do it.

It’s the same case with asking questions. The truth is we all have the answers in ourselves – we only need to pay close attention to draw them out.  By asking open-ended questions, we create the opportunity to receive answers. Are you more audio, visual, kinesthetic or just ‘knowing’?

Sometimes the answers can be straightforward but some occasions it can be subtle and indirect. These answers can come from anywhere, even from random things or situations like a book, conversation or billboard.  The key here is AWARENESS.

Problems have a silver lining in them. It’s a good opportunity for learning. Put these problems to good use and create conversations with yourself. Restate positive statements and and goals as questions. This will keep your inner guidance dialog going.

So, never stop asking open-ended questions. Each question and each answer opens opportunities to discover new insights and new possibilities. It will open doors to a whole different platform and conversations that we never dreamed of.

In fact, the very simple act of questioning gives us the chance to assess our own assumptions, feelings, thoughts, beliefs, actions and even our own personal biases.

This simple but powerful gesture gives us the opportunity to measure evaluate our This is the FOUNDATION FOR RAISING OUR CONSCIOUSNESS.

Questions help us focus. But, it’s the open-ended questions that invoke our minds to discover what might be and uncap unique potentials. These types of questions will lead you to the treasure house of wisdom that is hiding in you all of us – just waiting to be discovered.

Good questions can help you. Good open-ended questions create great intentions. But it is learning to listen and trust that will help you move forward in life and achieve your priorities.


A Fun Game to Unlock Your Money Consciousness

by John Robson on January 10, 2019

I was introduced to a money app by “The Secret” that intrigued me.  I simplified it, so it is easier and more fun to use. AND it started making a difference in my own abundance thinking and results.

First, make a shopping list of what you would spend new money on. Things that cost tens of dollars, hundreds of dollars, thousands of dollars and even tens of thousands of dollars. How would you leverage hundreds of thousands of dollars?

Watch how this game breaks through some money barriers you internally set up. You find more creativity and confidence at becoming a channel of the flow for money. You start to find the inner, ideal, abundant you. Money blocks start to melt away.

How the Game Works

Create a form with columns for days of the month, NEW income, savings, spending and money left. Or you auto download the worksheet at 


Rule 1. Daily pick your random number and add the number of zero’s for that week. This is your income for the day to spend or save. 

·      Daily pick a random number 1 to 9. Use a deck of cards, a dice or randomly open a book and take the last digit of the page number. 

·      On week 1 we add 1 zero, on week 2 we add 2 zeros, on week 3 we add 3 zeros, on week 4 we add 4 zeros and on the last 2 or 3 days of the month we add 5 zeros to your random number.

Rule 2. Put what you want into savings (20 to 50%).

Rule 3. From your accumulated left over spending money you must make 2 expenditures per week.

Rule 4. Periodically you can draw from your savings for bigger expenditures or investments.

Our inner world of abundance outwardly projects. 

So let’s open up our inner abundance channels. Every week we amp up the game by adding a zero to your income.

Here are some spending ideas – travel retreats, household items. holidays, big toys, coach, gym fees, personal trainers, house maid, clothes, health, cabin, philanthropy, nest egg orlife saving,, insurance, new income streams, new computer, health, dentist, education, your wildest dream, etc.

Keep adding to your shopping list. Allow your imagination to create your inner ideal life, life style and level of giving.  As you do this you will think of more ways to circulate money. 

Listen to your intuition. 

ASK – “In the highest interest of all concerned how do I spend new money?” Watch your inner perspectives on money shift. Make it more fun and doable instead of stressful and out of your reach.

Affirm, you are SOURCE. 

Exercise your new money muscles. You can serve in many new ways. Loosen your purse strings, Allow more flow. Participate in the ebb and flow of money. 

Watch your thoughts and self talk – “I am not worthy, I can’t…, This is a silly game…”.   Feel your level of giving, service and effectiveness expand.

And a big question – If you added one or 2 more zeros to your money game – how would you circulate that money? How would you help others?

To a more abundant you.