What You Need to Know Before Your Life Changes

by John Robson on January 17, 2019

Many of us miss out time and time again on an opportunity to transform our lives, to live the kind of life we can only dream of. Why? It happens every time and it happens to most of us. Yet the answers seem uncommon and we rarely talk about it. It’s just complicated, or is it?

Sometimes the smallest easiest step is the hardest. And a single simple truth bears heaviest and deepest in our core. We are afraid to step up to the plate. But what’s stopping us really?

Stuck in Mediocrity? The True Enemy of Change Today

These days are different. We have access to vast knowledge and information. So if you want to venture into a new business, visit a foreign country, or even go visit a remote scenic spot – you will find information about it. Thanks to the internet and thanks to people, who are like you, have access to this information and can now easily share what they know.

Sometimes, you don’t even have to try things for yourself. Saves you a lot of time going to that newly opened restaurant, because you’ve already read a review. Or on the opposite, gave you the best culinary experience of your life because someone recommended the best dish to try, the best place to stay, the most helpful advice they ever got, the most efficient ways, and all the how to’s. You name it. This also gives us the audacity to try something new.

But why not go for IT? Go for that BIG change. What’s really stopping you?

The real enemy of transformation remains hidden. Yet it’s so simple.

But first we must identify what it is not, before understanding what it is. It’s the face of the real archenemy of our modern times that prevents us to take the first step to take control of our lives.

The enemy is NOT the difficulty of the task.

No matter how easy and uncomplicated the first step, the things we have to do, some people are afraid to dive in and so simply dismiss the chance of a lifetime. 

Surprisingly, most of these people who miss out are not the ones who are afraid to struggle. Most have gone through challenges, frustrations and difficulties. And they knew there’s a life better than the life they are trying to get by. They knew that beyond that office cubicle and paper works, that sought-after promotion, and that usual retirement plan – there’s a childhood dream inside their closet at home that’s collecting dust. And that very thing means the world to them.

It’s always difficult in the beginning, that’s true. But most times, the difficulty is not the process or what needs to be done. As in most of the life-changing lessons you will find in the website which starts with easy steps.

The real difficulty that people of today face is trusting and believing that it CAN be done.

We’d like to assume that these challenging times have taught us to be a realistic generation. The more we age, the more we perfectly know how to tell fact vs fiction, adulthood vs childishness, and reality vs dreams. If you find these things easily as two opposing sides of the spectrum, I’d have to agree except for one.

It is NOT the lack of the Logical that stops us from living the life of our dreams but the lack of Magic.

Reality Vs. Magic

It’s popular knowledge, isn’t it. Reality and dreams are two different things. Society tells us to know the difference. Or else we’ll get that hard jolt of reality to wake us up from dreaming. So, we get no sleep, we stay up late because we hang on to this reality, where sadly some still find themselves unhappy.

Look around you. This is reality, correct? It’s what you can perceive and everybody else can see. We were told to stay objective and logical to thrive into this modern world. We got no time for menial things. We think big, we stay objective. And in this way, often we lose the balance and lose the magic. So, we look at little children and feel bitter-sweet. We say, “If I hadn’t known what I knew now, I’d be naively happiest just like them.”

Reality is easy to acknowledge and believe because others see it too. We mainly confer to society, what other people will say. We often use this generic lens to confirm reality. Reality that has its own limits, limited to common eyesight. Limited to what others can perceive.

There are things yet to be seen and there are things that can only be seen from the inside. There are truths inside us that are sometimes too afraid to surface, too limited by doubts, fear of rejection and the lack of confirmation from others. But what if we look at this world through a different lens, that one of our own.

With our innermost sight, we would find that there’s an infinity of truths hidden beyond the covers of our doubts. That there’s vastness beyond the limits of what we perceive as reality.

We are source. We would find that in REALITY, we are limitless beyond what we think we already know now.

The key to unlock our inner sight is AWARENESS.

If we see our lives this way, we can look at our reality differently, as not the complete opposite but one that bears similarities to the magic in us. Where in both, everything is possible, where more is yet to be known and yet we trust the beauty of the unknown. We develop greater sense and trust in the universe and open up to greater things.

Reality and Dreams work their own dynamics in our lives and both are vital to the equilibrium. This way they are not opposing forces but two complementing forces that work together to bare the entirety of our truths.


The first step is not always easy, because learning to live is also learning from this world the uttermost things that limit us from being aware of the things we do not know yet. This is our limiting beliefs, ideologies, the ego that tips us out of a balanced life. If we are to experience life to the fullest, we must regain this balance and believe in both forces that makes us who we truly are.

We are Real and we are Magic.

Believing is the first step.

It’s the time when you jump in to the chance of making that big shift in your life. We are from a challenged but thriving generation and challenges are part of our daily lives. Our real enemies are those lurking in the shadows of our psyche and our subconscious: doubts, fears, self-sabotaging habits and limiting beliefs.

We must acknowledge them by being aware they exist and tend to them as we grow towards higher awareness and manifesting our dreams (magic) in one with our reality.

BUT FIRST, we must believe and trust the process. The unknown will be known, secrets revealed, all truths will come out and we should learn to appreciate the beauty of it.

Just make that first step and the Truth, yours and the Universe, shall guide you.

Awaken your AWARENESS, trust the beauty of the process, begin easy steps as you grow a strong foundation. And believe it can be done.

To your beautiful life transformation this year, we cheer you on because we believe.


“The quality of one’s life is directly related to the quality of questions you ask yourself.” – Tony Robbins 

Questions are powerful. They have the ability to trigger a deep response from our unconscious mind.

But what about open-ended questions as opposed to yes/no, black/white questions?

Open-ended questions are one of the most powerful tools we have as human beings.

They have the power to lead us into a brand new territory. It creates a multitude of possibilities because who knows how these might be answered. The possibilities stretch our creativity and draw on the well of universal wisdom. But first we must take the leap and ASK and then LISTEN.

Just start asking now. You will learn so much by just asking.

So for instance, you find yourself overwhelmed with everything that’s happening in your life and then you say to yourself, “I don’t have enough time to get everything done.” How does that make you feel – expansive or contracted?

And now, ask yourself, “How can I give more time to what’s important in my life?” and then again, check how you feel about that question.

Compare these two statements and how it affects your outlook. Check how it affects your emotions, heart, energy and spirit. See which one offers more potential ideas.

It only takes one moment to do this simple exercise. But, it can help you a lot!

But why is this the case?

Basically, our subconscious mind is a powerful thing. It implements whatever directives it is given. So, if you say “I can’t do it.” Then certainly your subconscious will make sure that you won’t do it.

It’s the same case with asking questions. The truth is we all have the answers in ourselves – we only need to pay close attention to draw them out.  By asking open-ended questions, we create the opportunity to receive answers. Are you more audio, visual, kinesthetic or just ‘knowing’?

Sometimes the answers can be straightforward but some occasions it can be subtle and indirect. These answers can come from anywhere, even from random things or situations like a book, conversation or billboard.  The key here is AWARENESS.

Problems have a silver lining in them. It’s a good opportunity for learning. Put these problems to good use and create conversations with yourself. Restate positive statements and and goals as questions. This will keep your inner guidance dialog going.

So, never stop asking open-ended questions. Each question and each answer opens opportunities to discover new insights and new possibilities. It will open doors to a whole different platform and conversations that we never dreamed of.

In fact, the very simple act of questioning gives us the chance to assess our own assumptions, feelings, thoughts, beliefs, actions and even our own personal biases.

This simple but powerful gesture gives us the opportunity to measure evaluate our This is the FOUNDATION FOR RAISING OUR CONSCIOUSNESS.

Questions help us focus. But, it’s the open-ended questions that invoke our minds to discover what might be and uncap unique potentials. These types of questions will lead you to the treasure house of wisdom that is hiding in you all of us – just waiting to be discovered.

Good questions can help you. Good open-ended questions create great intentions. But it is learning to listen and trust that will help you move forward in life and achieve your priorities.


A Fun Game to Unlock Your Money Consciousness

by John Robson on January 10, 2019

I was introduced to a money app by “The Secret” that intrigued me.  I simplified it, so it is easier and more fun to use. AND it started making a difference in my own abundance thinking and results.

First, make a shopping list of what you would spend new money on. Things that cost tens of dollars, hundreds of dollars, thousands of dollars and even tens of thousands of dollars. How would you leverage hundreds of thousands of dollars?

Watch how this game breaks through some money barriers you internally set up. You find more creativity and confidence at becoming a channel of the flow for money. You start to find the inner, ideal, abundant you. Money blocks start to melt away.

How the Game Works

Create a form with columns for days of the month, NEW income, savings, spending and money left. Or you auto download the worksheet at 


Rule 1. Daily pick your random number and add the number of zero’s for that week. This is your income for the day to spend or save. 

·      Daily pick a random number 1 to 9. Use a deck of cards, a dice or randomly open a book and take the last digit of the page number. 

·      On week 1 we add 1 zero, on week 2 we add 2 zeros, on week 3 we add 3 zeros, on week 4 we add 4 zeros and on the last 2 or 3 days of the month we add 5 zeros to your random number.

Rule 2. Put what you want into savings (20 to 50%).

Rule 3. From your accumulated left over spending money you must make 2 expenditures per week.

Rule 4. Periodically you can draw from your savings for bigger expenditures or investments.

Our inner world of abundance outwardly projects. 

So let’s open up our inner abundance channels. Every week we amp up the game by adding a zero to your income.

Here are some spending ideas – travel retreats, household items. holidays, big toys, coach, gym fees, personal trainers, house maid, clothes, health, cabin, philanthropy, nest egg orlife saving,, insurance, new income streams, new computer, health, dentist, education, your wildest dream, etc.

Keep adding to your shopping list. Allow your imagination to create your inner ideal life, life style and level of giving.  As you do this you will think of more ways to circulate money. 

Listen to your intuition. 

ASK – “In the highest interest of all concerned how do I spend new money?” Watch your inner perspectives on money shift. Make it more fun and doable instead of stressful and out of your reach.

Affirm, you are SOURCE. 

Exercise your new money muscles. You can serve in many new ways. Loosen your purse strings, Allow more flow. Participate in the ebb and flow of money. 

Watch your thoughts and self talk – “I am not worthy, I can’t…, This is a silly game…”.   Feel your level of giving, service and effectiveness expand.

And a big question – If you added one or 2 more zeros to your money game – how would you circulate that money? How would you help others?

To a more abundant you.


“The smallest change in perspective can transform a life. What tiny attitude adjustment might turn your world around?” — Oprah

Do you get stressed and overwhelmed by goals that you lose sight of the big picture? It is common today. If so, the ‘Evolving Essences’ goal setting tool might bring you relief and clarity. It’s quite simple. Rather than focusing on the tasks and materials you need to reach a goal, you identity with what you can inwardly create – the inner qualities, states and essences.

We tend to be more motivated when there’s light at the end of the tunnel and a clear path to get there. A path that is not someone else’s, but yours.  A goal that is not just one big step but a growth path that is bigger than the little irritants and distractions of life. A path that is about YOU and not others and things outside of your control.

Evolving Essences is a simple process that encourages more thinking, feeling, reflection and intuition. There is a meaningful movement, a progression, an empowering path, creative choices, insightful ideas along the way that opens up more doors.

It’s a dynamic attraction and creation process that is playing a bigger game than a goal fixed in stone we focus on. Some logical, disciplined personality styles love the fixation of  SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Action, Relevant, Time-oriented). But that doesn’t work for everyone. Instead bring into play higher guidance, creativity, imagination and a feeling sense instead of forced steps.  

“Being willing to change allows you to move from a point of view to a viewing point — a higher, more expansive place, from which you can see both sides.” — Thomas Crum 

Evolving Essences came from one of my favourite journal writing tools  “Where am I in the movement of …?” 

This ‘evolving essences’ tool is a one-word planning progression that helps you keep your focus over the longer term, even through choppy unpredictable waters.

To use this tool, choose a focus for consideration. It can be a broad one like life, a relationship, career, health, money, spirituality, values, service, etc. It can be about an idea, concept, a specific problem or conflict, etc.

Ask “Where am I in the movement of …” and write down where you have been, where you are now and ultimate ideal you wish to experience. Allow the 3 perspectives – past, present and future – to sit in your consciousness. Trust your mind to make its inner connections. Write down stepping stones to get to your destination.

“I can change. I can live out my imagination instead of my memory. I can tie myself to my limitless potential instead of my limiting past.” — Stephen Covey 

Here are some examples:

I was locked into a busy cycle. I knew I had to create some space which would bring some inner calmness so I could make better decisions around my business. So below are the big picture evolving essences that I allowed to evolve.

busyness > recommit > space > calmness > clarity > decision making > order > new ideas > new business

This process helped me grasp the essence of what I had to do, and saved me from getting overwhelmed by details. I have also used the following:

Overweight (220 pounds) > responsible eating (215 pounds) > disciplined exercise (210 pounds) > honour my temple (205 pounds) > vitality and flexibility (200 pounds) > self healing > healthy > longevity (195 pounds, my ideal weight)

Angry > impatient > controlling > trusting > accountable > responsible > humble > purposeful > service


Bring to mind a lofty goal or quality you aspire to and the stepping stones you have to take to reach your goal. As you do this there is more FLOW, creativity and a feel for your journey. 

Bring to mind the essence of each of these steps. See how the inner essences evolve over time to bring your bigger picture to life. Create evolving essences that would lead you to unconditional love, integrity, truth, goodness, beauty, power, authenticity, etc.

 “The man who grasps principles can successfully select his own methods. The man who tries methods, ignoring principles, is sure to have trouble.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson 

This process helps us align and connect more with inner distinctions and perspectives. It helps broaden our understanding of the scope of what is or has been and what is possible.

Seeing your situation from this larger perspective can shift your consciousness, commitment level and ability to create. You always shift your consciousness when you integrate new relationships and perspectives into a higher, more inclusive concept.

TIPS – Make your essences only about YOU, not about others and forms. You are more in control of your inner being and thinking.  Work in the realm of essences and let the universe sort out the HOW. Get the universe working for you.

“It’s not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are.”  – Roy Disney 

Experience and Enjoy your Evolving Essence journeys. Email me and let me know your experience.



by John Robson on December 1, 2018

Everything is changing
– and fast.
Whirlwinds push us in circles
The pendulum swings deeper and then higher.

I ASK often:

  • Who am I?
  • Why am I here?
  • How am I to serve?
  • What are the main needs of our members and readers?
  • What is our next service offering?

Answers that consistently come are:
Just BE ME
Be the change I want
Answers are right in front of me
I have been perfectly groomed
I can only offer what I have experienced

We just completed our
‘intuit and DO IT’ Awareness
   and Manifesting Program.
It is now getting a new update for 2019
And I’m in an ever changing process of
writing a publishable book.

My next, new Higher Awareness focus and offerings!


I connect with many people who
   have grown but are NOW STUCK
Life was going okay, but is now stalled in mediocrity
Clarity turns into brain fog
What worked in the past is not working today.

  • Today our lives are more complex,
    more variable, more chaotic and
    happening faster.
  • It takes more effort to
    keep up to the changing
    economy, environment, politics,
    technology, relationships, social,
    work and cultural condition.
  • As we become more mentally aware,
    the monkey mind’s cage expands.
  • Distractions persist and grow
    The need for focus, discipline,
    meditation and stillness arise.

Our old conditioning and beliefs remain limiting
Unhandled tensions and blocks
grow into insurmountable paradigms
And we lack training on how to transition and
leap these paradigms.

We need new personal and spiritual development PLANS
We need new WAYS for these new TIMES.

And the bottom line:
To raise our consciousness
to keep up with fast changing times.

So what are some NEW PLANS and
   NEW WAYS to help us
   through these NEW TIMES?

Here are just a few new ways:

• Develop and trust intuition
• Consistently ASK for higher guidance
and LISTEN and learn from your answers
• Listen more to your body and inner senses
• To be, express and align with your all-knowing Soul
• Deepen awareness into letting go, surrendering, releasing
• Explore and expand your evolving edge insights
• Understand and apply the Universal Laws

And these are just a few of the many NEW WAYS
to handle our new changing times.
And we are here to help you
create NEW PLANS using NEW WAYS.

Many of these are covered in detail
in our new flagship program.
And with new reminders and cheat sheets
in our membership site.

I invite you to grow with us and
experience new ways of
thinking, feeling and being
Commit to breaking out of your comfort zone,
conditioning and ego traps.

Wishing everyone a joyous holiday season
and an abundant 2109!

See you in Higher Awareness
John Robson


Why 3 Words

by John Robson on October 28, 2018

Trying something new.
Keeping it simple.
I need your feedback.
Are you Ready?

It is called …
3 Word Wisdom

Writing everything in
– 3 word sentences
– plus/minus a few words.

Why 3 Word Wisdom?
Says more faster.
Truth is simple.
Less is more.
The Power of trinity.

Clear, concise phrases.
Opens perception doors.
Gets you thinking.
Sparks your intuition.

Open ended truisms.
Truth flows easily.
Sense the essence.
Brevity brings beauty.

More essence words.
More interactive insights.
Easily hooks the mind.
Memorable, visual, spatial.

A base for affirmations.
More creative fun.
Triggers inner truths.
Becomes a checklist.

You try it.
Write your 3-word affirmations.
Let your wisdom out.
What’s important to you?
Keep it simple.

Please send comments.
Your thoughts appreciated.
Let me know.


How to Let Go of Ego

by John Robson on October 20, 2018

Welcome to part #2 of 2 about the Ego.

In part 1 we covered:
How your ego sabotages you. A checklist.

it’s traps and levels of manipulation
it’s benefits
creating your own Ego Healing Hot List.

In this part #2 of 2 on the Ego, we cover:
how to tame the ego
signs of letting go of ego
what you can do next
updating your own Ego Healing Hot List.

As a reminder from part 1 on ‘what is EGO?’,

EGO is characterized by:
– separation, limitation, fear, desires,
– accumulating, arrogance, pride,
– judgements, opinions, prejudices,
– lack, addiction, suspicion, anxiety,
– competition, blaming, hostilities,
– meaninglessness, love-hate relating,
– complaining, unconscious assumptions,
– self doubt, victimhood, control,
– caution, self-sabotage, criticism,
– judging, power, immediate gratification,
– avoiding, attaching to the past. urgency,
– compulsions, repetition, protection, security…

Life is about unlearning old conditioning,
and revealing and healing blocks
therefore have a few daily healing practices
create a solid unbreakable foundation
prepare yourself to GROW and FLOW through life
flow with less baggage
and aspire higher and fill needs of others.

“Enlightenment is ego’s
  ultimate disappointment.”
  – Chögyam Trungpa

Recommended before reading more
– update your own  Ego Healing Hot List.

How to Let Go of Ego.
recognize Ego’s tricks
create your “Healing Hot List” of blocks
daily perform healing practices
reduce the need for control and structures
tame automatic defenses
focus more on others
relax and be touched by life
be gentle, patient and loving
know your values and what you stand for

Ego and awareness cannot coexist
ego is destroyed by conscious suffering
experience being as well as doing
meditate and do more big picture thinking
have quality, loving, caring relationships
know how to be Soul

“Healing comes only from
   that which leads the patient
   beyond himself and beyond
   the entanglements with ego.”
   – C. G. Jung

More ways to Let Go of Ego.
Develop more humor, humility and honesty
ASK your heart for higher guidance
laugh at yourself
shift into nowness – the present moment
let in reality, space, joy and peace of mind
stop and pay attention to what is
practice mindfulness and awareness
be more accountable and responsible
know and aspire to your life purpose.
Try our free Life Purpose Quiz

“The secret of human happiness
   is not in self-seeking
   but in self-forgetting.”
   — Theodor Reik

Positive Signs of less Ego:
(What do you aspire to?)
(Write down your top 10.)
more service, generosity, appreciation,
– gratitude, health, commitment,
– honouring your body, happiness,
– fulfillment, success, ease, honesty,
– centeredness, sense of humor,
– patience, generosity, love, integrity,
– peacefulness, soul connection. clarity,
– trust, goodness, non-resistance,
– divine presence, intuition, attunements,
– power, connections, love, spontaneity,
– contentment, harmony, naturalness.

More positive signs of less Ego:
Live your life consciously
be more in the now, the present moment
experience the divine, spirituality and life
compassion for all that arises
experience more laws, truth and purpose
good spiritual practices
self healing of past shadows and wounds
letting go of little stuff, better relationships
questioning illusions and falsehoods
growing in awareness shrinks ego
discriminating the true self from the false self.

“If your ego is your internal reference point,
   you had better plan on feeling offended
   for the rest of your life.”
   – Carlos Castaneda

What you can do next:
learn how to discern and discriminate
– distinguish ego from higher guidance
make conscious the unconscious conditioning
rid limiting beliefs, defenses and old programming
go deeper into your life challenges and blocks
add to your Healing Hot List.

Are you serious about knowing, growing
and flowing through life?
– about overcoming the ego and
unconscious blocks in your life?

Then consider our ‘best of 30 Higher
Awareness programs’
take our ‘intuit and DO IT Awareness and
   Manifesting Program.
Grow through 3 levels of consciousness
– over 3 months
– with 3 email per week.

“Only to the degree
   that you can heal
   yourself towards wholeness
   can you grow yourself
   into fullness.”
   — John Robson



How your ego sabotages you. A checklist.

by John Robson on October 10, 2018

This is your EGO (captain) speaking!

“Do this… I am the greatest.
I want more… It’s their fault.
Play it safe. It’s mine….”

Read below for:
what is ego?
it’s traps and levels of manipulation
it’s few benefits
creating your own Ego Healing Hot List

In Part 2 of 2 about the Ego learn about:
how to tame the ego
signs of letting go of ego

How to use these EGO pages.
as you read this blog:
mark, highlight or rewrite
words or phrases that
use this content as a check list
of ways you sabotage yourself.
create and prioritize your
ongoing Ego Healing Hot List.

In part 2:
create your plan towards
wholeness, authenticity, happiness,
peace of mind and freedom.

is influenced by unconscious
and conscious mind
is also influenced by your
character, style and personality
but from a view point of

Feel trapped, suffering, victimized, lack?
Often hitting your panic button?
Then you are stuck in the ego trap.

“Ordinarily, everything we do 
   is in our self-interest. Everything.”
   — Anthony de Mello

It all starts here. EGO …
in your youth it is your self identity
protects you from perceived threats
lives in individual identity
through separation from others
lives through comparison of self to others
is self-centered. It’s about “I, Me, My.”
is conditioned by form, desires and pleasures
lives in the past or the future
rarely lives in the present
needs to control and manipulate
it does not trust
sets is own agendas, rules,
boundaries and comfort zone
seeks praise, power and attention
is often offended as it takes things personally
confuses facts with perceptions and reactions
imprisons itself with its belief systems,
labels and past conditioning
gets attached to content and familiar structures
is the source of most grievances and anxieties
contracts and hardens its shell for security
wants more of everything – here and now.

“Egotism is the anaesthetic
   that dulls the pain of stupidity.”
   — Frank Leahy

EGO is characterized by:
– separation, limitation, fear, desires,
– accumulating, arrogance, pride,
– judgements, opinions, prejudices,
– lack, addiction, suspicion, anxiety,
– competition, blaming, hostilities,
– meaninglessness, love-hate relating,
– complaining, unconscious assumptions,
– self doubt, victimhood, control,
– caution, self-sabotage, criticism,
– judging, power, immediate gratification,
– avoiding, attaching to the past. urgency,
– compulsions, repetition, protection, security…

A reminder – read the above list again slowly
list the characteristics that
need your attention and healing.

“We use a defence mechanism
   whenever the authority of the
   ego is threatened by truth.”
   – Andrew Schneider

And it gets worse. EGO …
has nothing to do with who you really are
is an illusion of your true self or essence
pretends to be the real you
picks up on the collective pain of humanity
aligns with the pain of your spiritual family
matures as you grow in awareness
matures when you bring consciousness

to your suffering
takes credit for all you learn
gets smarter as you do
stays one step ahead of you
develops into spiritual pride
kills inspired vision, love of life
kills passion and purpose
is rarely satisfied for long, gets bored easily
edges out Soul/Spirit/God/Intuition
knocks you off your spiritual path
doubts anything new, real, aspiring
can evolve into spiritual pride
sees itself more ‘advanced’ than it actually is
creates limited choices so it thinks it wins
keeps you on a tether allowing you
limited positive experiences.

“Make your ego porous.
   Will is of little importance,
   complaining is nothing,
   fame is nothing.
   Openness, patience, receptivity,
   solitude is everything.”
   — Rainer Maria Rilke

A few good things about ego. EGO …
wants more of life and pleasures
starts development of character, values
and even spirituality
gets us on our path of seeking
creates all the stories, labels, and
roles of who we think we are
supports you in your education,
career, starting a family
loves to organize things, your life and the world
but always for self-centred motives.

Growth is about taming the ego
so you find your true authentic self
growth is about unlearning and
healing self-sabotaging blocks
the most powerful thing you can do is
to create and prioritize your
   ongoing Ego Healing Hot List

What are your 10 most ineffective,
   self-sabotaging ego patterns and behaviours?

Now you are ready to part 2. 
Let go of your ego!



Groups Work – Experience the Power of Group

by John Robson on July 24, 2018


Groups Work – Experience the Power of Group

“If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, you must go together.” — Botswana wisdom

An African village leader supporting his tribe says, “Bring me a twig and break it over your knee.” Then he says “Bring me a bundle of twigs and it cannot be broken in any way. This is the power of group and community.”

We are all on a consciousness journey that progresses through life from ‘me to we to thee’, from ‘co-dependence to independence to interdependence’.  First we build a strong confident self initiated by ego’s persistent self-centeredness. Then a major growth shift occurs to be more ‘other and group conscious’. Through relating with others we greatly accelerate our growth. Then we shift again and become more spirit, wholeness, humanity and planetary (environmental) focused. Have you noticed any of these shifts in your life?

One of the most powerful energies to create and leverage is group energy. Group energy is more expansive and inclusive, a greater reality and a new quality of being compared to self consciousness.

Group work is more powerful than most people realize. It adds in new dimensions of energy, synergy, sharing, giving, support, accountability, responsibility, empathy, compassion, cooperation, collaboration, compromise, celebration and more.

Treasure your closest contacts that support your growth and belonging as these people, friends, family, clients and connections are vital to your livelihood and growth. Because every encounter/connection is a spiritual one.  You have attracted them into your life for a reason.  So open up to it and learn from it.

“We don’t heal in isolation, but in community.” — S. Keller Harrell

Some people naturally are very interpersonal, connective, compassionate, healing, supportive and intuitive with others as they tap into this energy. To do this you consciously or unconsciously and naturally connect soul to soul. And as 2 or more people connect, there is a group soul or third mind that is created. Many people experience this when they fall in love or are absolute best of friends or are 100% committed to supporting others or are involved in an intentional, connective community. They sense there is something bigger than just themselves.

Become an instrument of transformation for others. That is one of our fundamental purposes. As you give you keep a copy for yourself. BIGness needs others. As we connect with this love and attraction type energy, there is a sense we are coming home to our real and whole selves.

Some of my most empowering, life changing and healing experiences have occurred through the power of groups. And the best place to develop new group skills is with intentional, supportive, synergistic, accountable, like-minded individuals.

In the early 1990’s a group of 5 of us created a powerful mastermind group that created miracles beyond our dreams by subjectively supporting each other and working with group energy. I believe strongly that what makes masterminds work is when an individual projects, affirms, attunes, prays or envisions ‘for others’. When I envision my goals, the subconscious mind works 24/7  transmitting and attracting to me its predominate thoughts and feelings and who we are. But we often do not even know who we are.  We are also transmitting 24/7 our own stuff, worthiness, expectations, limiting beliefs, and old unconscious conditioning, etc., that go out with our goals, requests or visions. We manifest who we ARE, not what we wish. BUT when a supportive group can envision clearly your request for you it is WITHOUT your baggage, limits and unconscious stuff. This is the greatest power of master minding.


  • You will be surprised how this subjective support is not just additive, but multiplicative and exponentially effective. In group you experience higher laws and principles, the greater good, more initiative and pro-activeness, more intuition, more inclusiveness, and higher realms of power where life itself can manifest through us for the benefit of the whole.
  • Open to new perspectives, insights, solutions, synchronicities, support, love and inspiration. Open to others shedding light on your questions, challenges and confusion. Become an instrument of transformation and miracle for others. Watch yourself gradually and naturally shift to higher values, principles, vision, greater good and more humanity concerns.
  • In group you receive more sincere, heart-felt feedback faster. As you connect on higher principles and motives you will see more diversity in wholeness and how you fit in. You will more naturally and more effectively work on collective group shadows and the needs of humanity.
  • As a group comes together with higher motives, they remain more humble through being in right relationship to the whole. By ignoring the lesser selves, the higher selves address each other directly and from bigger, more inclusive perspectives. The conscious presence of the self participates in an ever expanding energy field, which more easily brings occurrences into harmony with a sense of peace to all who experience it.
  • Let there never again be a question unanswered, opportunity missed, wrong choices made or a lack of compassionate and empowering responses.
  • We transcend ego towards more soul and group identity. We see our ego’s shadows clearer from a group and higher perspective.
  • Group work is an obvious and easier doorway for intuition to work through you.
  • One of the strongest bonds is a common objective expressed in collective activities, serving fellow human beings.
  • What you give away you also keep a copy of. The more we give the more we naturally receive group energy, gratitude, appreciation, answers, ideas and support. We are the miracles for others. ‘God created miracles so she can remain anonymous.’
  • To the degree group consciousness rises – creativity, responsibility and accountability rises and leads to one humanity.
  • We tend to embrace and carry a higher vision and become aware of a bigger evolutionary plan of life.
  • We experience more inclusiveness, express newer ideas, enhance intuitive abilities and are more at cause. It is easier to embrace, discuss, brainstorm and carry a vision.
  • Group work diminishes the feeling of being alone. Just knowing that someone will always be there to listen to you will already decrease the feeling of being alone especially during your trying times. One of the most common reasons why people go through depression is because they have no one else to talk with regarding their issues. Support groups are there to listen and help you no matter how small or big your problem may be.
  • You acquire new ways of coping with issues. In a support group, when one asks for help on how to resolve a particular issue most of the members of the group go back to how they coped with that issue when they experienced it. By gaining insight to how people cope with problems and how it worked for them, you then acquire new coping skills which you can apply in your life as well.
  • You improved self-esteem. When you resolve your problem with the help of your support group it can boost your self-esteem. And with your new knowledge on new ways of coping – you feel much more confident facing various challenges in the future. There’s nothing better than knowing you’ve touched or even changed someone’s life with your words.

“Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.” — James Penney

So how does one build up their inner power to support others? 

  • It starts with first sharing and caring with others. Give to receive.
  • Show your commitment, vulnerability, compassion and support.
  • During your daily ‘power hour’ or ‘magical minutes’, take 2 minutes and hold a vision for your loved ones and for the group as a whole and visualize the overall performance and each person’s performance increasing with love, joy and peace. (Sounds like Christmas!).
  • The more effort you put into supporting others the more you may personally experience a shift to higher values, greater commitment, and a more powerful attraction for yourself. This is the power of appreciating and giving gratitude.
  • Manifestation is easier as we work from the higher realms of essence, qualities and goodness. So focus your aspiration, sensitivity, personality, selflessness, love, understanding and goodwill into the group.
  • There are reasons group meditations are more powerful. It is called synergy. Intuition and group need and group soul attracts MORE concepts, ideas, love energy, and new, synergistic levels of consciousness.
  • Make your groups more powerful as you hold the space and shared visions. Maintain a high integrity container for your relationships to grow in. Always hold the inner vision of love, compassion and harmony of the group.
  • One of the most common group uses of intuition and intention is healing circles. Our healing abilities are a natural part of the way the Aborigines see themselves in the grand scheme of the universe. Connected at all times. Co-creators. Co-healers.
  • It is an opportunity to attune to and work on collective shadows and values. It is an opportunity to get good feedback often.
  • Embrace and carry a higher vision of yourself. Experience and integrate being a bigger part of the whole. Dive into a new level of mystery and awe through and for your group work.
  • For best results, always start with a group meditation to elevate above the daily stuff. Then allow the individual souls to absorb into the one group soul. One of the strongest bonds is a common objective expressed in collective activities that serves fellow human beings.
  • Want to add another level of accountability to yourself? Share a performance number (‘N’ out of 10, 10 being hi.) in one sentence. No excuses, comments or discussion are necessary. Just doing this helps you to commit more deeply to yourself. It gives you a new goal to surpass next week as you get better and better at the little things that make a big difference. And it gives others some feedback on how you are doing.
  • Spend a few minutes each day and ATTUNE to the other, identify with the other, be the other and sense the need of the other.
  • Identify and work on the collective needs and shadows of the group.
  • Sense and share back a stronger magnetic, attracting force.
  • As much as you can share spiritual, sympathetic and collaborative energies that support your group.
  • Respect and appreciate the other — always. No judgment. No advice unless asked for. Hold them as able and to learn their own learning.
  • A big part of group work is to use your voice and be heard – especially by yourself.
  • Allow diversity — differing opinions are fine! We each do life differently.
  • Support others in answering their own questions. In some situations ask questions so both you and others get clarity about a topic, situation or request.

 No Man is an Island

As the old saying goes – no man is indeed an island. Although there are times when we need to isolate ourselves to recharge on our own, it’s still so much better if you have a support group where you can be open and share your highs and lows with. Support group is like your 2nd family – people who will not judge you no matter what ordeal you got yourself into. A support group are meant to be the opposite – they will do their very best in order to get you out of problems and help you to be the best version of yourself.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” — Margaret Mead

 Written by John Robson. He has 25 years experience with master minding, completed a 3 year Group Consciousness course, created a relationship program, and has been married for 45 years (2 different wives). John has led over 100 teams. His worst 2 years of non performance was without a master mind partner. John is presently creating new ways individuals, buddies and master mind circles can attain more results faster and with more joy and peace of mind.



I AM BACK. Another thing off my Bucket List. I spent 6 of the last 8 months on retreat by myself in the wilderness. And sometimes it was crowded – Me, Myself and I – Ego, Personality and Soul – and trees, animals and the lake – all offering up new levels of awareness.

I was writing 2 books – and one is on DIY (Do It Yourself) Retreat Process. Personal retreats at home, in a park, in a hotel room or ideally in a nature setting. Retreats that are 1 to 8 hours long or 1 to 7 days long. The book is about how to get the most relaxation, insights, answers and healing out of your own personalized retreat. And the best way for me to get clear about awareness shifts on a retreat was for me to immerse myself in a retreat setting for months at a time.

Even though I was still working on and maintaining my web site, Higher Awareness – I do apologize for not putting more attention to staying connected with members and our readership. So now with more deeper insights, I have a clearer mission, messages and intentions, and a plan for 2018.

Below are my 5 main retreat take-a-ways I want to share:

  1. Change and growth is hard work. – I reconfirmed again the power over us of our deep conditioning, robotic reactions and habitual behaviors. It was a reminder of how stuck we are in our old programming. Even though our ego and character feels so smart and even spiritual its control nature keeps us processing in our comfort zone. The invisible glass ceiling still limiting our responses and growth. So to break through the glass ceiling more often I would become the observer or watcher of how my thoughts and ego worked. I would meditate more and through an altered state could go beyond the glass ceiling. I would do more dialogs (a journaling tool) that helped me connect more deeply with my soul and even nature spirits. I confirmed again that the way we do one thing is the way we do everything. That we are a verb, not a noun. Mindsets and processes keep repeating themselves even in new surroundings and situations. For example, I wanted to relax and just do nothing, so I immediately wrote a list of 20 ways to DO nothing – back to one of my natural busyness responses. The ego abhors change so extra attention is needed to do new things or do new things differently.
  1. Relating is important. As a result of doing a life review and being in isolation I realized the absolute importance of meaningful relationships – of my need to speak, share, interact, discuss, love, have fun and relate. My wife, Patrice, and I developed a new level of connection and conversation when we talked once per day. At the end of my retreat I created a personal plan that involved more connections, group work, master minding, voicing my truth, sharing feelings and showing more compassion.
  1. Attunement Magic – This one of my favorite words now – ATTUNING. Often I would relax and ATTUNE (reflect, connect with, contemplate, become) to my purpose, vision, goals, nature, my body, important people in my life, intuition, etc.. As I did this daily or a few times per day, I would always get new perspectives, qualities, ideals and ideas that would offer up more insights and truth. The essence and evolving edge of my focus expanded. Intuition grew significantly. I would start asking better questions that offered up amazing answers. Every minute, hour and day is new and fresh offering deeper and higher insights.Another favorite word and task was embodiment. As I attuned to an essence and strong feelings, I would then anchor it, internalize it, own it, be that feeling. I would intensify it, expand it, and AMP it UP 10 and 100 times so I was so full it overflowed and then I would radiate it out to loved ones, members and the world.
  1. Patience and Soul Timing – I learned a lot about patience. About nature and soul timing. In my busyness I know I can be too attached to my ‘to do’ list and planning. Instead I would check in each day and often many times per day for my highest guidance. And often the message was to relax, enjoy, walk, breath, connect and love. This was perfect guidance to tame my perfection, workaholicism and seeking. I was in the wilderness during fall and winter when nature takes a break and regenerates. So my sense of any urgency mellowed out. I spent more time pondering life and nature and less time in work mode. Of letting go instead of my inner drive to letting in ‘new’ stuff. Of asking higher guidance what to do next instead of checking my list. It is amazing how, in hind site, I would often be doing the right things at the right time for the right reason. Inner guidance knows a lot more than my intelligent mind.
  1. Pursue your Purpose – I got solid confirmation that I am on my right path of creating my new ‘intuit and DO IT’ Awareness and Manifesting Program (I AMP). I worked on how the definition and level of awareness changes from senses to experiences to thoughts to feelings to imagination to healing to intuition to consciousness to bliss and to awareness manifesting itself (even before the awareness happened ). My purpose, vision and mission become quite clear and simple as I recommit to sharing truth and meaningful messages to millions.

So it is great to be back in the city to connect with friends and attend a few meet ups. Fortunately I am a few blocks from our river valley so I can still be in nature and connect with its powerful essence. And I am back with a new level of commitment to my wife and business partner, and to my Higher Awareness business and new programming. I am excited to share more important messages and truths on how we can create the beautiful lives we are meant to live.

I look forward to sharing on a more consistent basis in our blogs, messages, on Facebook and in the upgraded release of our new “Intuit and DO IT” Awareness and Manifesting Program (I AMP) – so you can AMP UP your commitment, inner power, awareness, compassion and your ability to manifest your dreams. New updates have recently been added to this new beta tested program and I invite you to join us and Know, Grow and Flow through life.

Spring has sprung. Nature is thawing and ready to express itself more fully. And so am I. To an insightful and productive 2018.

John Robson
Higher Awareness