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Grow Yourself from Personality to Soul Consciousness
with Personal and Spiritual Awareness


 Your 'Grow Yourself' Personal Growth Workbook shows you how to live in the present, heal the past and create the future.


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Our path of self growth essentially involves two stages:

1. The Path of Personality we build personal independence as we learn about what makes us unique.
2. The Path of Soul we experience interdependence through meaningful connections to all life.

We grow as we raise our consciousness. We create consciousness when we begin to understand how the parts fit into the bigger picture. When we begin to understand how one thing relates to other things with meaning.

We create consciousness when we move towards more depth and inclusiveness, when we expand our worldview. Everything is interconnected. There is constant communication between all parts and the whole. There is only one life. As our consciousness expands, we let go of the illusion of separateness and adopt a more complete and responsible view.

This program explores the personality and the soul and how they evolve and interact. Experience the power of living soulfully in the present moment. Learn higher perspectives to heal the past and create the future. Learn a process of self growth through conscious co-creation.

The purpose of this personal growth book is:

  • To give you a bigger picture of how spirituality and day-to-day life work together.
  • To give yourself practical tools and resources to enable you to live a more happy, peaceful, harmonious and meaningful life.
  • To assist you to clarify the next steps on your life journey.
  • To assist you to heal the past, become more aware of the power of the moment and to raise your consciousness to make the most of your future.
  • To support each of us to make a difference in the world using our unique gifts and talents.

This personal growth workbook contains:

  • 2 main growth paths
  • 8 As of Awareness
  • 4 Es of healing your past
  • 9 Is of creating your future
  • 3 common playing fields of life
  • 7 principles to live by
  • 13 factors affecting how we attract and manifest
  • 23 exercises to grow yourself

With this 'Grow Yourself' personal growth workbook you will also receive 4 emails per week for 5 weeks to support you in shifting your intentions, motivations and feelings to a higher road.

Are you ready to live life on YOUR terms?

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We recommend that you commit your first few months at Higher Awareness to creating a clear, well thought out, balanced life plan. The more you intimately build a solid unbreakable foundation by first knowing yourself and healing yourself, the more you develop and grow in character and fulfillment.

If you are intrigued with the idea of growing yourself, this is a sure sign that you are ready to consciously live your greatest potential. And when you are clear about who you are, you will have all the support you need right here to find your life purpose and manifest what you desire.

You also have access to everything on the site -- over 20 programs and 250 resources. You will instantly have your own personal growth library!

You will have empowered yourself to be all you can be.


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