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How do people spawn creative ideas?

Initially, they do it logically. They look at one perspective and think of another. They appreciate metaphors. They make mental cross-connections easily. They trigger their thinking one way and then apply it to the problem at hand.

Creative thinking is not a gift you have to be born with. Most creative people learn how to be creative.

Creative thinking exercises

Creativity comes with:

  • seeing things differently,
  • seeing different things,
  • generating multiple options,
  • breaking the rules,
  • thinking and linking,
  • increased levels of awareness,
  • knowing how you think,
  • playing 'what ifs,' and
  • trying something on for size.

Our creative thinking exercises and techniques will help you test your creativity, understand it and expand it.

John Robson

Welcome to Higher Awareness. I'm John Robson, and I am delighted to be able to introduce you to the magical creative powers of your mind. When you enhance your creative thinking, you gain great insights into how your mind works. Your mind is very powerful and you can be its master.

Most of my professional engineering and design career had many opportunities to be unique and state of the art. So being creative became very important to me and my design teams. I took courses and read multiple books on creativity and intuition. I was fortunate to have the world's top 20 creativity experts like Edward DeBono and Tony Buzan and many others in my home town presenting.
At the same time I got certified as a journaling facilitator and created my own creativity and intuition workshops that are now available to you online.

Discover how easy it is to spark your own brilliance with simple creative thinking exercises and techniques!

Become a creative thinker with our online 'Creative Thinking' workbook.

With our online 'Creative Thinking' workbook, just one of our short exercises can triple your creativity. And as you develop self trust and awareness, you will build the confidence to generate many innovative ideas and solutions.

Our creative thinking exercises will help you to:

  • Generate more ideas and solutions.
  • Make decisions and solve problems more easily.
  • Brainstorm and be your own think tank.
  • Experience more laughter and fun as you develop courage, trust and faith in your mental abilities.

When you request the Creative Thinking workbook, you will also receive 30 days of support emails. With these extra tips and inspiration, you will get both the information and practice to cultivate understanding, discipline and quality results in expanding your creativity.

Become an expert at connective thinking techniques. Experience more creative problem solving or your money back! Have more exciting choices available in your life.

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