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Relationship Development is your
biggest opportunity for growth.

It is too easy to treat established relationships unconsciously.
Overcome conflict, boredom and disrespect. Discover how you can
find more satisfaction, development and fulfillment with others.

building healthy relationships

Are you suffering with one or more of these relationship challenges?

  • Falling out of love with your partner?
  • Continually at war with a child?
  • Intimidated by your boss or a colleague?
  • Unbelievably irritated by a parent?

Hi. We're John and Patrice Robson and we welcome you to Higher Awareness.

We find our greatest fulfillment and rewards in connecting with others. At the same time, relationships also bring us our greatest frustration, anger, disappointment and grief. Ailing and broken relationships cast a heavy shadow over our enjoyment of life.

Is it time to do something

to build respectful and caring connections with others?

We invite you to journey inside to look at your role in interacting with others. This is so easy with our quick but powerful 'Build Healthier Relationships' series of 20 emails over 40 days.


  • The top relationship principles that must be honoured for deep connection.
  • Tools to uncover your unconscious beliefs that sabotage your best intentions.
  • Tips to support you in empowering yourself and resolving conflict with others.

Each short email:

  • Offers a quick tip - a new perspective to help you see relationships in a new way.
  • Poses one or more Smart Questions to guide you in exploring your own experience.
  • Inspires and enlightens with powerful quotes.

And sometimes, we'll suggest extra resources if you feel inclined to explore a topic more deeply.

Each email highlights an essential principle for living life successfully. At the end of the series, you'll receive a summary of these key relationship principles - a valuable reference to support further empowerment. We also give you a Smart Questions workbook to make journaling easy.

Transform your relationships by working from the inside out

We know, from the feedback from thousands of Inner Journey readers, that these little messages transform lives. This series, focused on just a relationship theme and featuring Smart Questions in each email, promises to spark even more change.
Here are a few email samples:

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