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Healthier Relationships #20
How would you define your ideal relationship?


"Hold a true friend with both your hands." -- Nigerian proverb

How would you now define your ideal relationship?
How are you going to realize it?

Ideal Relationship Questions

Having worked through all of these perspectives on relationships, you are now in a position to define a healthy and ideal relationship for yourself for whatever intention you set at the start of this program. Take time to put heart and mind into answering this question.

Once you've described your ideal relationship, bring it to life so you can focus on it. Write affirmations, create a collage or find a symbol that represents your ideal then focus on this daily.

When we focus on solutions, not problems, life begins to magically transform. We experience our own empowerment and we watch our connections with others strengthen and deepen.

"It is a risk to love. That's part of what makes it so beautiful. If you frequently ask yourself, 'What if it doesn't work out?' consider changing your question. Ask yourself, 'Ah, but what if it does?'" -- Harold Bloomfield

This is one sample of 60 Daily Smart Questions to "Developing Healthy Relationships". For more samples, see Relationship Questions to Ask Yourself. You can also choose from 6 other themes of High Level Smart Questions and Tips.

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