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Higher Awareness Benefits/Features (updated September 3, 2023)

Make sense of your life and know how you fit in.
As a Member, you get access to ALL of the following programs and resources.
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  • NEW - Fast track your Life Journey with 7 day email series in various styles, so they work better for you.

  • Simplify how life works with our 3 'Models of Life' and 10 time-tested Models of Consciousness.

  • Breakthrough the traps and blocks of each of the 3 levels of your Life Journey

  • Go deeper and higher in NEW WAYS with our new 'Transformational Tools'

  • The "best of the best" of 20 years of content in our flagship program - 'intuit and DO IT' Awareness and Manifesting Program

  • Understand consciousness and you will understand your life. How to raise and create consciousness.


  • Overcome mediocrity, self-sabotaging habits, and limiting beliefs,  as you Know Your Blocks

  • Resolve scatter, doubts, fears, overwhelm, worry, separation, and more as you Reveal and Heal Yourself

  • Be crystal clear with your own, simple, impactful, Personal Development Plans

  • Become more productive as you Develop Willpower, Commitment, Self-Discipline, and Focus

  • Keep organized and track miracles with your own Life Planning System and weekly Transformational Tools

  • Stay on track using The 9 best 'COFFEE TIME' questions - daily, weekly, and monthly.


  • Be self-reliant as you handle any life situation with the best solutions/tools using the NEEDS Directory

  • Manage change, transitions, and paradigms with our 360-degree Awareness Spiral Tool

  • Build your character and integrity as you clarify your values and what you stand for

  • Gain self-confidence and wisdom as you expand self-healing, awareness, intuition, and character

  • Develop self-trust and intuition that knows the way with over 50 ways to discern the truth.


As always, John is available to answer any personal and spiritual growth questions you may have.


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