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Level of Awareness Tests

What is your level of experiencing and manifesting life?

Everything has awareness. Humans have a wide range of awareness. We are fortunate as we can think and have willpower to choose and we can clearly, proactively raise our awareness level. And that is one of our main purposes in life - to evolve and shift our awareness to a higher level.

Here are some key words that will help you understand and raise your level of awareness. As you have more qualitative, loving, beautiful, natural, meaningful, purposeful, altruistic, spiritual, inclusive, impersonal, universal and evolutionary experiences, you are shifting your awareness.

The journey is a life long journey. It requires persistence and patience. We grow in steps or plateaus by using the right type of techniques or process at the right times.

It is a journey through awareness. This journey is defined in many cultures, religions and teachings. We have gleamed the highlights and adapted them to fit our modern day situations.

Instructions for this free level of awareness test:

1. I am most comfortable being a

2. My greatest fear is
meaningless or unworthiness
loss or abandonment
mediocrity or being wrong

3. I focus more on
another person or group
humanity as a whole

4. The areas more important to me are
meaning, creative expression, purpose, service, attracting abundance
survival, control, security, the past, money
understanding, learning, the future, prosperous thinking

5. I often experience in my life
Chaos, emotional reactions, negative thinking
Pro-activity, control, some synchronicity
Purpose, rhythm, beauty, flow

6. I regularly experience
Service and compassion
Change and growth
Victimhood, sadness or inertia

7. My awareness level is described as
instinctual, follower, habitual, robotic, reactive
intuitive, higher guidance, truth, love, universal
aware, intelligent, metaphoric, conceptual

8. My sense of myself is
asking questions and seeking independence
developing a stronger sense of my self confidence and ego
developing the heart, becoming spiritually aware and serving a higher good

9. I am searching for
helping others, group work, service, healing, teaching, expression
health, energy, love, understanding, goodness, truth, beauty, growth
material goods, image and appearances pleasures, happiness, power, self-actualization, self-centeredness

10. I describe my relationships as

11. I describe my will power as
group will
good will, God will, true power
weak willed, forceful or self oriented will

12. My thinking tends to be
creative, imaginative, spontaneous
habitual, routine, limited, linear
guided, natural flowing, intuitive

13. I spend much time
coping, surviving
developing skills, strengthening values
being, allowing

14. My story line might be
I am life
I do life
life does me

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