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Applying the Right Tools at the Right Time for the Right Reasons

"Since my early days playing with toys and building roads in the sandbox, I practiced 'ME-ME' which stands for 'Minimum Effort for Maximum Effects.' After University I was learning and applying intuition, creativity, and communication processes in my personal and corporate, hi-tech business life so I and my co-workers were effective and productive in all we did.

"From my very fist job I was always learning and sharing what I learned with others in effective ways.

"After running a time management company I started my own training business and got certified as a Journal writing facilitator. My interest in journaling started in the 1990's when I answered 50 Smart Questions (Advanced Management Research International). This exercise changed my life by sharpening my intuitive and mental processes. Since then I have finely honed 50 Smart Questions that helped me and many others in business, personal, and spiritual use.

"As a coursaholic, I've taken over 120 personal growth programs. For many years, I have studied esoteric spirituality, which is the understanding, experiencing, and the application of universal laws and principles to practical living. I also completed, repackaged and helped market a three-year soul-based counseling certification program offered by the Philosophical Counselling Institute.

"I am deeply committed to helping people to change, grow, be more productive, and create more magic and miracles in their lives. I want to empower others to trust themselves and use their own natural thinking and intuitive abilities so they can get out of their ruts and lead more meaningful, joyful and purposeful lives. My own particular focus lies in developing our higher minds, consciousness, and an extensive personal and spiritual growth tool kit that will help people find their own worth, power, purpose, and joy. This is the aim of 'Higher Awareness.'

"In the more distant past, my business life involved computer design, manufacturing, marketing, sales, teaching, and entrepreneurship. In that time I worked with or led over 100 teams to create, develop, and market new products and services. While working with my teams, I developed an extensive 'personal growth and entrepreneur tool kit' to support others in discovering and leveraging their innate gifts and talents.

"My personal interests are cooking, nature, walking, dancing, meditating, and learning.

"I believe we each have the answers to the questions of our life inside of us. We need only learn how to draw them out. Patrice, my wife, was instrumental in supporting the creation and growth of Higher Awareness.

"In 2023, I selected the 'best of the best' content from 30 years of researching and creating programs into our flagship "intuit and DO IT Awareness and Manifesting Program."

"Recently, I created multiple, short, punchy, 2 week, email series with cheat sheets, simple reminders, inspiration, humor, traps, soul questions coaching, and soul perspectives for anchoring your Life's Journey as you KNOW, GROW, and FLOW through life. Reconnect and solidify your life journey in your style.

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