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It's possible - You can put an end to chaos and procrastination!
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Imagine - free, quality time in a balanced, orderly and peaceful week. Learn to cultivate discipline and shift your thinking from chaos and coping, to intelligent time management.

Eventually your true authentic self will use intuition as your guide.


Time management skills

How much do you really value your life? Do you treasure each minute? Each hour? With purpose and passion? Or do you allow each new day to come and go, a carbon copy of the one before, basically unnoticed, unappreciated and under-used?

Make the most of your time.

From the moment we wake up every morning, the journey towards making your day count begins. We are given the opportunity to make sense of our life and do stuff that actually matters. However, most of us tend to waste this opportunity and fall into the pits of procrastination and wasting time.

Become conscious, effective and proactive in deciding how you will experience the time of your life by learning some basic and powerful time management skills.

Once you organize your life and minimize chaos, inner peace will follow effortlessly. When you are in despair, you'll never find the peace and joy you seek. What a blessing it is to discover new and effective ways of looking at yourself and life, and shift your experiences:

  • from confusion to clarity
  • from helplessness to empowerment
  • from distress to stillness
  • from being ineffective to being effective
  • from gloom to joy

Patrice & John Robson
Hello Friend,
John and Patrice Robson here. We are the co-creators of HigherAwareness and the 'For the Time of your Life' time management skills workbook.
In 1997 I, John, took some time off on my acreage. Since I was commuting a few times a week, my life was disorganized and out of control as I had 2 different time management systems and work locations. By chance I found a perfect time management system that in days solved my problems. And it was developed right in my home town of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. It was a unique journal-based time management and organizational system. There was nothing like it on the market.
I fell in love with it. This system was designed to handle what most people had a problem with - not just time management, but information and life management. I loved it so much, I did most of the sales and training of this unique product and eventually took over ownership of the company.
Over a few years I trained many hundreds of busy, out of control people with all types of needs and situations. I helped them understand and align with their styles. I showed them how to customize a time management system to solve their main problems - not just time problems but life problems.

Do you feel used by life? Many of us feel victimized and resentful of outer events. But we don't have to feel this way. If we really want, we can choose to shift our perspectives to do things differently and more effectively.

This is the message of our online time management skills workbook. In this workbook, we'll show you how to STOP and BE AWARE of how you are choosing to use the precious time of your life. Only through awareness can you let go of the blocks that steal quality of life from you. Only through awareness can you find your power to consciously live life your way.

Once you have gone through our exercises, you'll discover where you make decisions unconsciously, through habit. You'll expose the limiting beliefs that keep you trapped in behaviours that no longer serve you. And you'll find choices you didn't realize you had - You may now begin to live your life with meaning and a clear intention.

What makes the Time Management Skills program unique and the most effective blueprint for self-improvement?

The workbook in combination with the 30 days of support emails is the "key". It's been carefully designed to consistently reach inside you and dismantle the old beliefs and habits that steal your minutes and life away. Bring to awareness the talents, and gifts you already have. Our 'For the Time of your Life' time management skills workbook will spark your awareness and help you shift your thinking, from:

  • dependence on the clock to wise use of the compass.
  • doing things right to doing the right things.
  • busy-ness to business.
  • efficiency to effectiveness.
  • dominance of 'work' to balanced living.
  • a focus on doing to a focus on both being and doing.
  • doing what's urgent (fire fighting) to doing what's important.
  • reliance on the intellect to reliance on intuition.

And we share with You, the opportunity to give yourself a miraculous gift - the online 'For the Time of your Life' time management skills workbook. This workbook will help heighten your awareness that this is truly the TIME OF YOUR LIFE! It is a $39 value, but we will show you how to get it for free. As a membership site you get access to this e-book, 30 support emails, 11 other workbooks and 100's of resources.