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How to Heal Yourself - It takes more than positive thinking to heal life-long lessons.

Our 'Heal Your Life Workbook uses a 7 step inner healing process. Reveal and release unconscious programs and build self-esteem, self-confidence and happiness.

how to heal yourself

A spiritual approach to heal life's problems

The more challenges we encounter in life, the more likely we will open ourselves to higher consciousness. Every hindrance there is to help us learn and grow. Let go of the limited viewpoint of your personality and unfold the infinite glory of your soul.

Life becomes both peaceful and meaningful when we are conscious of our true selves. Be honest with yourself and accept that working through the problems is the only path that leads to spiritual growth and life fulfillment.

Our online 'Heal Your Life' (Block Busting) workbook will guide you to master the 7-step process of spiritual healing and building self esteem. Once you understand the purpose of the problems in your life, you will be empowered to uncover the gifts they bring. This shift in perspective truly holds the power to transform your life - over and over again. 

Clearing blocks transforms our lives. But first we highly recommend you take our Know Yourself program so that you have a 'hot list' of blocks, limiting beliefs, self sabotaging programs and unconscious defences - all the things that hold you back.

"Opening our hearts to the mystery and meaning of our suffering
can bring us into God's presence.
Be grateful for this opportunity."
-- Mark Rosen

The daily e-mail supported my personal commitment in a powerful way, it created a routine I was looking forward to every day, the feeling of safety. It kept me on my toes, it showed me with brutal honesty how easy I can change my focus and do what is less important to me. So here is a HUGE THANK YOU FOR THE LESSON. Thank you for the great program. It is refreshing to see your commitment to humanity. Thank you for your contribution ... you really inspired me to act on my calling!

~ GS ~

Our Heal Your Life Workbook helps build self esteem by supporting you to:

  •  Become conscious of the unconscious programs that cause you pain.
  •  Identify and release the deeper emotions and fears that hold you back.
  •  Break through inner battles of guilt and resentment.
  •  Let go of resistance, anxiety, stress, depression, unhappiness and worry.
  •  Attain new levels of self-acceptance and personal responsibility.
  •  Build self-esteem, self-confidence and serenity.
  •  Recognize and overcome the dangers of positive thinking.

We guarantee your life will change - or your money back!

When you order our workbook, you will also receive 30 days of support emails with extra tips and inspiration. These emails will help you more deeply understand how to shift your perspective so you no longer feel like a victim. They'll help you cultivate clear intention, clarity and understanding.

The Block Busting (Self Healing) course has given me such insights and the emails are very helpful and uplifting. This week was very stressful and the course and my own journaling have made me look at a lot of things. When I write now, it seems like an invisible intelligence is writing through my hand.

~ KK ~

Discover a whole new way of working with healing your life's challenges.

If your emotional pains, negativity, unconscious limiting beliefs and life challenges have lingered for years and you are now ready to change, this program for self healing may be your next step. We answer all questions as you work through your journey to being your true self.

Join us now to download your Heal Your Life by Block Busting workbook today with email and personal support. Go beyond positive thinking. Work with causes instead of effects.

Full satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.

"Problems do not go away.
They must be worked through or else they remain,
forever a barrier to the growth and development of the spirit." -- M. Scott Peck

I liked receiving emails every day ...I like adding a new perspective to my experience on a daily basis. What I liked most was that I felt like someone else was spending their time to unearth worldly wisdom and share spiritual truths with me and it seemed very relevant for helping to conquer the challenges in living a peaceful, happy, meaningful life. Now for putting it all to practice. Thank you. Keep up the wonderful work.

~ AV ~

You also have access to everything on the site -- over 20 programs and 250 resources. It's like instantly having your own personal growth library!

As a member, you'll have free access to all of these self healing resources:

Heal Your Life Workbook

Heal Your Life (Block Busting) Online Workbook - Master a 7 step spiritual approach to healing life's deepest problems and building self esteem. Become conscious of and release the unconscious programs and fears that bring pain. Attain new levels of self-acceptance, emotional responsibility and personal responsibility. And receive 4 weeks of daily inspirational support emails.

  • 9 keys to spiritual healing
  • 4 steps in the journey of fear to love
  • 7 steps of spiritual healing
  • 6 tools to make sure you are healing the right issue.
  • 5 ways to anchor your new learning and healing
  • 30 days of inspirational email support to anchor new habits

A Self Awareness Training Email Series - Awaken to new dimensions of who you are! This inspirational email series will help you go beyond your self-imposed limits to access more choice and freedom. Some of the topics covered include breathing, senses, fear, motives, projections, intuition, trust and communication. A total of 30 emails, 5/week.

  • Awaken senses
  • Listen to body guidance
  • Sense energies
  • Detach from your dramas
  • Experience trust and discernment
  • Explore feelings versus emotions

Other Related Programs/Workbooks

Write Your Own Life Story Online Workbook - Draw on 10 easy-to-use self-understanding tools. Put meaning, confidence and ownership into your life. Be supported by one month of inspirational emails.

  • Create a detailed and meaningful history log
  • 75 important questions to own your life
  • 9 approaches to writing your life story
  • 22 tips for creating your writing strategy
  • 5 writing tools to add more depth and interest

Heal Your Life Worksheets

  • Revealing Subconscious Programs - Identify blocks, self-sabotage and limiting patterns on one page.

  • Healing - Focus on healing the past and feeling better about yourself.

Heal Your Life Smart Question Emails Series

Tame Emotions - Become more conscious about the unconscious actions that cause suffering. Alleviate the stress, worry, and anxiety. Reduce resistance and conquer everything that holds you back. Connect with your real self and attain new levels of self-acceptance and self-worth. Sign up for our daily smart questions and tips and explore your healing over 90 days.

Heal Your Life Journaling Tools and Exercises

  • Duality Tension - Let your mind stretch and integrate two extremes.
  • Unsent Release Letter - A very healing way to let go of the past.
  • Feeling Finder - Add more dimensions to your feeling nature.

Heal Your Life List of Choices

  • Body Mind Healing - Your ailments relate directly to your thoughts
  • Body Type Reading Methods - How your body reveals who you are
  • Defense Mechanisms - How do you protect yourself?
  • Depression Symptoms - Early warning signals for the blues or sadness
  • Depression Causes And Triggers - What triggers your states of sadness?
  • Ego is - How does your ego control you?
  • Emotions and Feelings - Expand your ways of feeling
  • Excuses and Justifiers - How do you justify your own limitations?
  • Fear Types - Be clear about your exact underlying fears
  • Increase Energy - Have more energy, quality time, results and fun
  • Isolation Methods - Ways we separate from wholeness
  • Life Challenges - What specifically is holding you back?
  • Limiting Beliefs - What thoughts hold you back?
  • Losing Energy - What zaps your energy?
  • Space Making - Ways to create more space in your life
  • Stress Reducers - Attain peace of mind, clarity, control and more
  • Stress Sources - What brings you the most stress?
  • Stress Test - How stressed are you?
  • Victim Statements - How do you sabotage yourself?

Heal Your Life Quotes and Tips

  • Stress - Stressed out? Create space!

  • Fears - Fearful? That's okay - You can handle it!
  • Forgiveness - The first step to forgiveness
  • Guilt - Freedom from guilt. Lighten your load.
  • Healing - A learning and integration process of life healing

Heal Your Life Articles

Exploring Guilt - Questions to help overcome guilt

Heal Your Life Smart Questions

  • Turn Problems into Power and Potential! - Stuff comes up for a reason.
  • Making Guilt Work for Me - How Ilearned from guilt
  • Experiencing challenges? - Learn why you're attracting them!
  • How Are You Sabotaging Yourself? - How do you undermine your integrity and commitments?
  • Healing the Past with the 4 E's - Heal the past by working with your imagination in the present.
Fearful, stressed, depressed, angry, low self-esteem?
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