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What The People Are Saying

know yourself quote This is one of the most powerful websites I have ever seen. Please continue to help the people of this planet wake up. I believe you are being inspired by spirit. Thank you for being obedient.

~ CB ~

know yourself quote I am a Chartered Psychologist and psychic. Your site is the most organized, helpful and constructive aid to self-development I have found to date. Thank you for being there!

~ AS ~

know yourself quote Excellence and Clarity are the words that begin to describe what I see in your writing and in the services you offer -- and SO much is offered; it's strong. ... your work stands out in contrast to anything I've seen on the web. WELL DONE.

~ DM ~

know yourself quote I love your mailings and of the hundreds of things I receive, these are things I always read, never just delete. I am someone who needs these reminders and often, these days, am brought back to some level of sanity and faith. Thank you, again.

~ A ~

know yourself quote Your approach is right on target for me. After years of this psychology, that philosophy, I've landed at [your] approach that combines spirituality and cognitive psychology. ... hopefully [this] is a growing state of awareness that is catching on worldwide. I believe it is. THX.

~ PN ~

know yourself quote Please keep sending. It feels good to have someone clearing the dark and confused path that we are walking in today's world.

~ R ~

know yourself quote A quick message to let you all know how worthwhile and valuable this series is to me. Direct, informative, and diverse.... the information is applicable on many different levels with wonderful opportunities for understanding ourselves and others and recognizing the spiritual and emotional connection we all share.

~ BC ~

know yourself quote Where did you learn to do this?? Every morning I come to work to find my mind still buzzing from the confusion of the situations of my life & each day (or second at least) you send me an email that explains it & how I should deal with it. Your emails have been invaluable... & I thank you.

~ GB ~

know yourself quote My ‘journey to empowerment", thanks to your emails, have provided the consistency I need to remain focused on my goals. For that I'm sooo very grateful. I love the connection that you and I have, reading almost all of the emails that you send and feel that you're very much part of my personal empowerment.

~ SP ~

know yourself quote Yes, I totally agree with you about the importance of journaling. I have been doing so daily for the past 30 years of my life and honestly I would still not know myself as well as I do now if it were not for Higher Awareness teaching me the correct way of journaling (the past ten years) that has made me experience tremendous personal growth and awareness and eventually experience going deeper into soul consciousness. Thank you . Love and blessings!

~ JT ~

know yourself quote I just wanted to thank you again ~ I absolutely LOVE your work. I look forward every time I receive one of your emails to the ‘gift’ inside . . . they speak to my soul! Thank you for this nourishment. Blessings

~ GW ~

know yourself quote I just wanted to let you know that there have been times when I have really felt down; more often than not, due to my own negative thoughts.. and countless times, your emails have helped to empower me.. It is really a wonderful feeling.. Thank you for your emails.

~ SS ~