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50 Journal Writing Tools and Techniques to Trigger New Ideas

Stay on track, be creative and reach higher. Tools are sorted for left to right brain. Find the ones that work for you. Use the right tool for breaking through the right paradigm.

journaling tools

Watch for regular additions to this list. Access this complete list of Journaling Tools, PLUS hundreds of other Personal Growth Resources.

Re-Treat Yourself Processes

Re-Treat Yourself to a periodic review and use appropriate Journaling Tools, Ideas and Topics

Any time micro Re-Treat Yourself Process - Reap the benefits of awareness pauses.
Daily mini Re-Treat Yourself Process - Make the most starting and reviewing every day.
Weekly Re-Treat Yourself Process - Focus on goals, balance and peace of mind.
Monthly Re-Treat Yourself Process - Focus on rejuvenation and staying on purpose.
Quarterly/Yearly Re-Treat Yourself Process - Precious solitude to relax and reconnect with your big picture.

Journaling Tools for Personality/ego work using left brain, logical, rational tools.

Tools for managing and tracking your journaling process:

Hot List- Keep handy your list of most important things to journal about.
Dream Calendar - Put your ideal day, week and year on one page.
Daily Tracker - Measure what is important to you. Show you are progressing.
Stepping Stones - Life History Log -  Create a meaningful life history log.
The Review/Summary - Sift the wheat from the chaff.
The Pause - Step back and allow integration to work for you.

Tools that focus intention and create awareness:

Sentence Stubs - Complete the sentence....
Regular Check-ups - Regular Check-ups help us stay aware of all aspects of our lives that matter to us.
List Making - Watch how your mind works. Expand your creativity.
Radar Trap - Catch yourself in the act. Enhance your awareness.
Smart Questions - Allow questions to draw out your own inner wisdom.
Unsent Release Letter - A very healing way to let go of the past.
Feeling Finder - Ad more dimension to your feeling nature.
Captured Moments - Re-experience the depths of peak events.
Time Capsule - Capture the past, present and future.
Character Sketch - Create a deeper experience of someone.
One Word Essence Journaling - No time to journal? Write just one word. Headlining - Use creative 7 word headlines to capture the day.
Creed - Make a Declaration - Be clear about what you want, who you are, where you are going?
Perspectives - See things differently and make new inner connections.
Three Perspectives Journaling - Journal writing from 3 perspectives.

Tools for making inner connections:

Mind Mapping - Watch your brain work graphically.
Lateral Thinking - The fastest way to develop creativity.
Allow Alliteration - Instigate infinite important informative ideas.
Rhyme Time - Find and unwind your kind mind.
Alpha Poems - 26 quick creativity stimulators.
Stream of Awareness - What am I experiencing, feeling, and thinking?
Dyad - Another powerful way to express your depths.
Metaphors - There are many creative ways to say the same thing.
Modeling - Often the indirect route is the best route.
5 Why's Guys - How to go deeper to find the truth.
Duality Tension - Let your mind stretch and integrate two extremes.
Artwork - Allow your inner artist to share its wisdom.

Journaling Tools for Soul work using more of the creative, intuitive, heart centered, right brain.

Top down, bottom up connections – Ground the abstract and find purpose and meaning in the details.
Where am I in the movement of ...?  Gain new perspectives on changes in your life.
Life Pyramid - Connect the higher mind and concepts with the lower mind.
Intuitive Resonating - Give a voice to your unconscious.
Evolving Essences - A new way to set goals using essences and intentions.
Gratitude Journal - An affirmation of ownership, responsibility, and appreciation.
Dialogue - Converse with whoever and whatever you want.
Life Question - What question can you ask yourself that will inspire, empower and energize you?
Prose and Poetry - Let the beauty and rhythm of words share their feelings.
Dream Journal - Keep a bedside dream journal so you can capture your dreams on paper as quickly as possible.

Journaling Tools for higher Spiritual work using more of the creative, intuitive, consciousness, higher mind.

Meditation Journal - Meditation opens us to more connection, insights and harmony.
Stream of Consciousness - Awaken your awareness.
More higher mind, spirit connection tools are now being evaluated. (Exploring Your Evolving Edge. Correspondences, Oneness Journaling, Integrating Parts of Wholeness, Consciousness Card/Dashboard,  Intuition tools, Manifesting Worksheet, Oracles-Omens-Synchronicities-Projections Revealed, Transitioning Life Cycle Paradigms)