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Online Workshop Facilitation Training Course
Plan and present your own quality personal development workshops

workshop facilitation training
  • Fast-track your workshop design and facilitation training with proven effective tools, techniques and skills
  • Follow an easy step-by-step guide to creating and maintaining your own successful certified workshop facilitation training business
  • Enjoy the most incredible feeling of satisfaction and purpose...when seeing the people you've helped and empowered, overcome their challenges and confidently live their lives with direction, purpose, and happiness. The feeling is absolutely amazing
  • Newly added
    • "Find your Niche and Passion in Life" Workbook
    • "A Virtual, Automated, Residual Business Model" Handbook
    • "A Unique Email Group Facilitation/Coaching" Model
    • "An Email Master Minding" Model

Welcome from John Robson

In 1999, I felt the call to give back to others. More than anything, I wanted to teach journal writing as an amazing tool for personal growth - a tool for healing, intuition development, awareness, clarity, making sense of your world and more...

But it was a terrifying prospect ...

I got certified as a journaling workshop facilitator but I had no idea how to design, facilitate or market a workshop. I had no idea how to create a decent income. So I kept asking myself "How can I turn my passion into a viable personal growth business?"

Despite my uncertainty and fear, I cautiously moved forward. I started small, learning as I went. Step by step. One 2 to 3 hour workshop in my home. Then another. And another. And to my surprise, over my first year, I had more than 1000 people through my living room, about 12 at a time.

It was a breakthrough for me! In each workshop I saw people come alive with big insights. They found a way to draw out their own inner wisdom. My confidence soared - and I was inspired to create new programs to better support my students' needs. My most powerful, spiritual, life experiences were during some of my workshops.

It's been an amazing journey - rewarding and fulfilling on many levels. There is such a powerful feeling seeing participants transform in front of your eyes. And I got paid for it!

But I remember what a big step it was for me to step out into the world as a self-employed workshop facilitator. I know how scary it can be.

As of today, I have supported many hundreds of individuals worldwide to find their niche and create their workshops and facilitation services. Many coaches use workshops for lead generation so they could demonstrate their credibility and knowledge. Many facilitators use journaling tools to coach their participants. Some use workshops to stay in touch with previous clients. Others found the biggest benefit was in their own growth as they supported family and friends.

My most important message to new facilitators is WORKshops are about "WORK" - your attendees doing the work. It is not about excessive speaking and advice. Keep your clients thinking, drawing out and trusting their own answers and healing. Allow your clients the priceless opportunity to develop self-reliance and harness the growth tools they can use for a lifetime.

And so now, more than anything, I want to show you how to connect with, support and inspire others through facilitating your own workshops.

I want to help you move easily through the learning curve so you can find your unique niche, design, deliver and market your own workshops and programs - quickly, easily and successfully!

No Tedious Groundwork Needed...

I make it easier than ever to start facilitating your own Workshops. If you want to fast track your learning and income, I have provided three turnkey workshop programs. Each program includes speaker notes, workbooks, flipchart layouts, fliers and feedback forms. These items are all provided to help you help others to be their best.

higher awareness quote The Workshop Facilitation course has opened up a whole new world for me. I have continued my personal growth journey while sharing what I love - growing by putting words on the page. Since I began presenting workshops, my self-confidence has increased, I feel empowered to risk new behaviours and am enjoying the opportunity to share journaling tools as an encouragement to others. What more could I ask?

~ Kathie Sutherland ~

Here's what I've included to ensure your Workshop Facilitator Training success...

  • A self-discovery process so you can identify or clarify your passion and your unique market niche.
  • Workshop design and facilitation handbook with strategies and tips so you can set up and run your own workshop programs. higher awareness revised
  • Business operations and marketing handbook with steps so you can create and manage your own workshop facilitation business. higher awareness revised
  • 3 turn-key workshop packages - Fast-start your business with not one but three workshops on journal writing, life purpose and creativity.
  • One-on-one email coaching support - Get all your questions answered.
  • Find your delivery style so you are seen as a natural presenter.
  • Hundreds of exceptional resources to draw from and use in your own workshops.
  • Training is completely online - Learn from home at your own pace with ease.
  • A Forum for facilitators to share, ask questions and collaborate. higher awareness new
  • An option for certification and extra support. higher awareness new
  • A list of over 100 income streams you can choose from. higher awareness new

Step-by-step Guide to Successful Courses

  • A complete journaling reference  higher awareness revised - Become an expert in all the basic and advanced journaling tools that will enable you to put the 'work' into 'workshop'
  • A step-by-step guide to workshop design, delivery and evaluation so you can create and deliver powerful, energetic sessions on your topic.
  • Checklists for choosing facilities and planning meetings to assure easy organization of snag-free events.
  • Workshop tips to deeply involve and satisfy participants so they get the best experience possible.
  • Public speaking and facilitation tips so you can effectively and professionally communicate your message.
  • Tools to find your peaks of performance and safety so you stay energized, alert and effective, throughout your workshops.
  • Ways to handle disruptions and emotional situations so you can turn any situation into a positive outcome for the group.

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"Though it's a great balancing act to complete the Journaling Facilitator Training while being fully employed, I know I have the tools I need to make it happen. Higher Awareness teaches the steps to growth. I feel like a real greenhorn in business management, and I'm learning, taking small steps. You're a good coach. Thank you for helping me to move forward!" -- JT

"I am so impressed with your material, I feel like I have come home. It certainly is a business in a box!" -- MT

No Business Experience, No Problem

  • A step-by-step guide to create your own business plan higher awareness revised so you have a clear action plan.
  • A step-by-step guide to create and implement your own marketing strategy so you build visibility and attract the right clients for success.
  • Sample brochures, flyers, ads and business cards - computer files all ready for you to personalize, print and distribute so you can fast-track your own publicity.
  • A step-by-step guide to creating income in at least three ways so you get maximum return for your efforts.
Being an efficiency expert at heart, I wanted a business with minimal investment costs, low overhead, high flexibility and a high profit margin. If you're looking to add more meaning to your world by helping others add meaning to theirs, the Workshop Facilitator Training course is for you.


Must Have Resources for Your Successful Workshop...


  • You get Lifetime access ($269 value) and permission (priceless!) to draw content (within reason) from all 30 workbooks and programs. Also available are the 250 tools and resources on the Higher Awareness website. Now you can custom design your own training programs.

  • You Save time and energy - There's no need to search for tips, quotes, ideas, exercises, tools, answer lists, questions, prompts and worksheets. We have them all included in your life membership at HigherAwareness.com

Workshop Facilitation Training Course inlcudes these materials

This service alone is worth far more than the cost of the whole program! Where else can you get full permission to draw freely from a large and diverse personal growth library to create your own materials?

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Recover your online workshop facilitation training costs in as little as 2 workshops...

In my research I found that most facilitator training programs charge thousands of dollars. And that doesn't include the time and cost of traveling to their training sessions.

And most certifications also restrict what you can present. Not so with Higher Awareness training! I will support you in finding your own niche and recommend  tools and exercises for your fist program. And remember, you receive Lifetime access and permission to draw content from all 30 workbooks and programs. Also available are the 250 tools and resources.

Our online Workshop Facilitator Training Course is yours for only $995.

OR choose 3 monthly payments of $350.

higher awareness new NOW AVAILABLE higher awareness new - Certification (read more) with extra support so you complete knowing your niche, designing your ideal workshop, creating a solid business and marketing plan, working through what might stop you, feedback on your next or first workshop, and identifying clear next steps.

The above online Workshop Facilitator Training Course WITH CERTIFICATION is yours for only $1495.

OR choose 3 monthly payments of $550.

Get your certificate of completion with interactive email-coaching. Greatly increase your clarity, quality of offering, ideas, marketing methods and success.


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Empower yourself and others. Step into the next phase of your life as a self-employed workshop facilitator now.

Guarnateed Workshop Facilitation Training Course

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To your success,

John Robson

P.S. Can you imagine being your own boss? Can you imagine 'work' that lets you give back to others? We will help you make that happen!

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