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Become a Certified Workshop Facilitator

Create a living by helping others grow and change

If you are interested in becoming a certified workshop facilitator, first review our Online Workshop Facilitation Training Course Contents. Then return to this page to read about our certification process.

Be coached to:

  • clarify your unique niche,
  • design your ideal workshop,
  • create and implement your business and marketing plan,
  • resolve the blocks that are stopping you
  • get feedback on your first presentation and
  • clarify and work on your critical path.

Once you satisfactorily complete these steps you will be given a Certificate of Completion.

Are you ready to follow your calling to help others?

This is a major step in our lives. It can bring up fears and doubts. That is why we offer an extensive 6 month email support system and our interactive coaching process.

We will support you where you need it the most - a clear plan offering strategic steps to success, overcoming fears and doubts, and getting the most meaning and fulfillment as you express your uniqueness in helping others.

With our breadth of experience of creating and delivering over 30 programs, supporting thousands of individuals, creating over 250 personal development resources, having multiple income streams, and successfully operating small and medium sized businesses, John is committed to you helping you reach your workshop facilitation goals.

This extra support will:

  • increase your confidence
  • help create a quality program
  • increase your chances of success
  • help you attract and keep more clients
  • draw out your fullest meaning and creativity
  • give you another level of credibility with your clients.

You will receive:

  • the full Online Workshop Facilitation Training Course PLUS
  • at least 4 hours of interactive email coaching
  • ideas and strategies to complement your gifts
  • feedback on your ideas, fears and planning
  • access to a private forum so you can share with and read about other creative facilitators and pursue collaborative ventures
  • an ad space on our website of your name, offering your product description and location.

We will walk you through the whole process of delivering a quality workshop. Make this year the one where you take control of your life and make a difference as you find fulfillment delivering your message to others.

Our online Workshop Facilitator Training Course WITH CERTIFICATION is yours for only $1495.

OR choose 3 monthly payments of $550.

Get your certificate of completion with interactive email-coaching. Greatly increase your clarity, quality of offering, ideas, marketing methods and success.

See our Online Workshop Facilitation Training Course for details and then return to this page to order the training plus certification option.