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We don't know where the concept of the cosmic 2x4 originated, but we suspect almost everyone has experienced being hit with some kind of traumatic event that literally forced us to wake up to a new level of awareness. Some of us even have an ongoing relationship with that divinely-guided block of wood.

As much as we may benefit from these rude wake-up calls, wouldn't you prefer a more subtle and manageable approach to growth? We want to offer that to you. Allow us to introduce the !

We have been exploring personal and spiritual growth for over 30 years. Reflecting on our own history and that of the many hundreds we've coached online, we've perceived this basic framework for life:

  • The '2': No matter what we are doing or not doing, our participation in life can always be reduced to one of two atates: experience or manifestation.
  • The '3': Our journey typically progresses through three stages of life. Just one way to describe these three stages is reactive, proactive and intuitive. Each stage has its own opportunities and challenges. And for each stage, we need to use the right tools, approaches and perspectives appropriate for that phase.

Let's look at these more closely.

Life's 2-step dance

Life on planet Earth revolves around duality. There is a yin and yang, feminine and masculine, an inflow and outflow. On our site, we call it "Know and Grow." Every moment, we are:

  1. Experiencing: We are touched by life and experience it through our awareness and our perceptions (e.g., is the glass of water half full or half empty?). or
  2. Manifesting: We also touch life back. We engage it, influence it, and create our own reality.

The quality of our life depends on how conscious we are of our experience and the choices and decisions we make which manifest our reality. If we are not conscious and fully present in the moment, our subconscious mind governs what unfolds. Our subconscious mind holds tremendous power over us through our programmed belief systems and attitudes. At the same time, it also offers us unlimited potential because it is the gateway to our higher spiritual mind.

The journey of life invites us to solve the mystery of how we evolve, co-create, attract to us and allow life to be more meaningful, happy and healthy. So the ongoing dynamic dance of life is the interplay of our experiencing and our expression. As we expand our experience through awareness, we evolve and create more, so we can experience and create more once again.

Life's 3 levels of consciousness

To begin, we wish to acknowledge the complexity of life and confess that assigning only three levels of consciousness is, without question, a simplification. However, we have found defining the journey through three stages to be very helpful. There are many ways of defining these three levels, which we'd like to share with you over time. Here's just one of them:

  1. Reactive: From a very young age, we build up belief systems, defences and habits to support us in navigating life. This blueprint gets programmed into the subconscious mind, which increasingly gains control of our behaviour. Outer circumstances trigger automatic and unconscious reactions from us. Because we're functioning so much on autopilot, this stage can be characterized by coping, limited and typically negative thinking, emotional reactions, self centeredness, victimhood and a need to control. We tend to allow others to tell us what to do. The focus may be primarily on materialism and pleasure.
  2. Proactive: As we mature, develop the mind and become more self-aware, we understand more about how we function in the world. We begin to release old patterns, gain control of reactive emotions, and become more accountable. As we take greater responsibility for ourselves, we become more independent and proactive in setting our own direction. Our outlook becomes more positive and we begin to trust our imagination. Feeling empowered, our lives are more dynamic and interesting. We have more interest in the well-being of others.
  3. Intuitive: With further inner work, we gain self responsibility and confidence and increasingly release judgment. The independence of the proactive stage gives way to interdependence as we appreciate the value of connecting with others. At this level, we surrender our will to higher guidance. We gain clarity of purpose and our life becomes more meaningful. We make more sense of our world and our place in it.

Naturally, the three stages are not mutually exclusive. If we're living primarily in any stage, we can still experience episodes from the other two.

We have found that the challenges, opportunities, growth tools, intentions and understanding of universal laws vary from one level to another. For example, someone feeling victimized and struggling to cope is not ready to hear, let alone live by the universal laws of how life works. So it is important to have access to the most effective tools and perspectives at the right time in our lives.

So what is the and how can it help?

 First, the it helps us grasp the importance of living consciously in the present moment, so we register our experience and act appropriately from it. Second, it offers a sample road map of how life can unfold, with signposts and guidance to support each leg of the journey. It helps immensely to have a sense of the big picture. This helps us to know where we are now, perhaps where we've moved from and what may be waiting down the road. It offers support as we make paradigm shifts in how we experience and manifest our lives from one level to the next.

We experience the world and all its influences on us at different levels of consciousness. As we grow in consciousness, we experience new levels of awareness. As our belief systems change, our experiences change as well, affirming that life can work for us when we understand the basic principles. As we develop more self trust, we expand who we are and our vision and the quality of our lives expand with us.

Knowing how to both release and anchor beliefs and engage laws, goals and creativity in different ways appropriate to our abilities, we can gently and proactively raise our level of consciousness - without the 'help' of that daunting cosmic 2x4!

We at Higher Awareness welcome you to take many of our personal development and consciousness journey programs. Those marked with the   icon will guide you in experiencing and manifesting at the three different levels.

What leg of your journey are you on? How aware are you of your moment by moment decision making? What are you intentionally manifesting so you can experience more fulfillment in life?

Apply the and see what unfolds for you!

John and Patrice Robson
Higher Awareness  (https://www.higherawareness.com)
Know yourself and Grow yourself with Higher Awareness.

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