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Activating joy, love and happiness

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"The future, higher evolution will belong to those
who live in joy, who share joy, and who spread joy."
-- Torkom Saraydarian

Joy - the energy of love is available to each of us

personal development

Joy, as the energy of love, is one of the highest vibrations on this planet. According to the universal Law of Attraction, as we think and feel we vibrate. And as we vibrate, we attract. When we vibrate with joy and love, we attract what is for our greater good.

"I have many struggles with the black dog of depression and these daily missives reminded me that my life can be anything I want it to be. The uplifting tone of the emails helped me to reach inside myself for the help and support I need to get through those difficult times. They have also helped me with my novice poetry, as they reminded me that I am the boss of me and the only thing holding me back is my lack of self love and the giving of love to others. I truly believe I've become a better person because of Activating Joy. Thank You So Much." -- MW

joy, love and happinessBring to life the joy, love and happiness that are already inside of you with this 'Activating Joy' email program. In emails every 2 days for 6 weeks, we'll offer you:

  • The definition of joy and how it differs from ordinary happiness
  • The many benefits of joy and love
  • Three reminders to use hourly
  • The 'Sweet 16' Joy Activators with exercises to help you connect with your own joy and happiness.
  • Lots of inspirational quotes for ongoing support.


Sages tell us that joy is realized when the personality and soul are in harmony. Experience ways to go beyond conditional happiness to the blissful state of joy and love. As you resonate with joy, love and happiness you automatically draw to you a more meaningful, healthy, loving life.

The experience of joy can:

  • strengthen your immune system.
  • regenerate your whole physical system.
  • burn away the impurities in your emotional system.
  • disperse worries, anxieties, grief, greed, irritation and other negative emotions.
  • sharpen your intellect and strengthen your memory.
  • clarify and balance your mind.
  • expand your consciousness and understanding.
  • open you to receive higher impressions, inspirations, and transforming energies.

"This series is one of the most rewarding classes I have had the pleasure to enter my spirit, mind and body. I thank you for making this available to the earnest seekers!! My very best to you and your wonderful website I found by sheer random selection -- or so I think!!!" -- RW

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"Joy is the true guiding light, the navigational beacon to help us get from point A (where we are now) to point B (where we want to be)." -- Robert Puryear

"You shape your life by the way you feel; so choose joy."
-- Jack Boland

"For me this joy unit has drawn all the other work from Higher Awareness together. It is something to latch onto if I forget the rest of it all." -- J

This series has been provided to Higher Awareness by Pegi Joy Jenkins, Ph.D. Pegi is the founder and president of Joyful You -- Joyful Child Inc., a not-for-profit organization that promotes Inner Joy. As a visionary and adult educator, she has authored books, games and classes for parents, teachers, children and now, for you. Her motto is 'Joy Is An Inside Job'.