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Experiencing challenges? Learn why you’re attracting them!

by Andrew Schneider

Are you often puzzled by what happens in your life? Do you wonder why you have experiences you do not really want?

The Law of Attraction, a universal law, determines the kind and character of our experiences. And we participate in this law by our very nature.

We attract what we are. What we are is our personality nature. We also attract who we are, and who we are is our soul nature. We need to understand how both of these natures function.

If we are ‘reactors’ we will attract people and situations that trigger our reactions. If we see ourselves as victims we will attract people and situations that seem to victimize us. If we refuse to take responsibility for our actions we will find someone or something to blame. If we do not accept ourselves we will have relationships in which we experience rejection. If we do not manage our economy we will find plenty of occasions to spend more than is prudent.

These characteristics of our personality describe what we are – reactors, victims, irresponsible, non self-accepting, unwise in our personal economy, and so forth.

Every one of these occasions or situations that we attract is totally determined by what we want to justify or validate in our thinking, feelings and behaviours. In a deeper sense they are opportunities to overcome the limitations of our personality. We need these opportunities to prove to ourselves that re-enforcing limitations does not bring satisfaction or happiness. And we need them to challenge ourselves to understand ourselves and life more, and to free ourselves through making choices for change.

Who we are at essence also attracts the circumstances we need. This essence, in a more profound sense, is soul. As soul, we are beautiful, powerful, wise and loving.

As soul we attract people and opportunities to relate in loving ways without fear of rejection. We recognize needs and respond to them courageously without fear of failure or feelings of inadequacy.

As soul we attract to our awareness the natural inner goodness of all people, despite appearances to the contrary. As soul we are forgiving and compassionate to ourselves as well as others.

When we have experiences in our life that we don’t like or don’t want, we need to ask ourselves what in our personality is attracting that reality.

Our challenges and difficulties are there to prompt us to express more of who we are so that we attract and experience real quality.

When our challenges are pushing us to gain greater understanding we must do that so that the soul quality of faith can manifest in our lives. Faith puts us in intimate contact with what is real and true. Faith is heart-knowing.

When our challenges are asking us to let go and open up we must release some attachment or restricting thought, belief or behaviour pattern so that hope can manifest in our life. Hope is a trusting attitude and feeling that all is meaningful and everything experienced is useful for creating a better future.

And when our challenges are demanding that we make different choices and act in new and different ways, we have an opportunity to manifest ‘caritas’ (charity) which is love in action.

Most often, we attract challenges to force us to be more genuinely who we are, authentically expressing beautiful, loving, intelligent and supportive actions and attitudes so that the world may be positively affected.

Our life is purposeful. That purpose involves the meaningful expression of who we are as a contribution to the good of all.

The degree of consciousness we have about who we are determines what we attract and is also the measure of the quality we contribute to the world through our relationships.


1. Identify some of your personality characteristics, and see how you attract that reality in your experiences.

2. Identify some real challenges you experience and ask yourself these questions with regard to the purpose of each challenge:

- What do I need to understand?
- What do I need to let go of?
- What do I need to open up to?
- What choices do I need to make to change?

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