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Self Awareness - A List of Choices

  • a bridge to super-consciousness
  • a path to enlightenment
  • a way to access levels of consciousness
  • a way to internalize externals
  • accepting what is as it is
  • accessing truth
  • allowing life to be as it is
  • appropriate understanding
  • being transparent
  • coming home to yourself
  • compassion
  • connection with our essential nature
  • detachment
  • effortlessness
  • evolution in progress
  • expanding spirituality
  • expansion
  • flowing with life's currents
  • freedom
  • going beyond the ego self
  • growth
  • happiness
  • insight
  • intuitional intelligence
  • joy
  • letting go of resistance
  • liberation
  • love
  • melting away of the negatives
  • observing what is going on
  • opening to more
  • peace
  • revelation
  • seeing with the fresh eyes of a child
  • selflessness
  • self-observation
  • shedding light on everything and everyone
  • softness, subtleness, gentleness
  • spirituality
  • surrendering to the cause
  • taming emotions
  • reaching higher levels of consciousness
  • unconditional love
  • unlearning
  • waking up
  • watching

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