Expand BASIC Awareness
into HIGHER Awareness!

And Why you MUST
Know the Difference!  


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Personal Growth Benefits - A List of Choices

Accept dualities
Access greater understanding and wisdom
Access more intuition, miracles, luck and synchronicities
Access solutions and decisions more easily
Access the unconscious, subconscious and super consciousness
Achieve a deeper level of learning, order, action and release
Achieve more abundance, prosperity, growth, fulfillment and connectedness
Achieve more breakthroughs and results in your life
Achieve more love, belonging, better communication skills and relationships
Achieve more personal clarity and results
Align, anchor and actualize your goals
Anchor and live your life purpose
Attune more to other souls
Awaken the inner voice
Be more at cause and proactive
Be more centered in being, with less doing
BE more so you naturally DO more and HAVE more
Become a better communicator and listener
Become more discerning and discriminating
Become more expansive, inclusive, impersonal and universal
Become whole
Become your own counselor and coach
Become an instrument of transformation for others
Break through barriers, fears and limitations that hold you back
Bridge inner thinking with outer events
Change for the better
Chart your own pathway and success formula for growth
Clarify issues in your life
Clarify meaning, purpose, vision and essence
Clarify needs, wants, desires, thoughts, feelings and behaviors
Connect causes to effects
Create and express more and newer ideas
Create more support, community, sharing and caring
Decrease karma
Detach and let go of the past
Develop more courage, trust and faith
Develop more personal and interpersonal awareness
Develop more self-trust and self-reliance
Develop patterns and perspectives that work for you
Develop self-trust
Develop the higher mind
Dignify all of your life events
Disentangle thoughts, ideas and the patterns of the subconscious mind
Draw out and track patterns and cycles
Draw out of yourself what is important to you
Draw out your own personal pathway to success
Earn more income
Eliminate the blocks to intuition and creativity
Empower yourself
Experience more freedom of expression
Experience group synergy
Experience more laughter and fun
Experience more meaning and peace of mind in life
Experience your natural beauty and wisdom
Experience your personal power, passion and flow
Explore your spirituality
Feel better about yourself
Feel ownership of your life
Find your own path
Gain more inner awareness, motivation and inspiration
Gain more self confidence, self expression and self knowledge
Get out of your personal and financial ruts
Get to the root of problems and essence of your journey
Harmonize and integrate life experiences
Harmonize, balance and integrate peaks and valleys in life
Heal the past and improve relationships
Help others to help themselves
Hold thoughts still so they can be changed and integrated
Identify and integrate past issues
Identify your early warning signals
Identify your innate mode of being
Identify your life themes, values, gifts and talents
Improve congruency and integrity
Improve decision-making ability, creativity and intuition
Improve life quality, health, wealth and happiness
Improve memory, awareness and sensitivity
Increase awareness of cycles
Increase focus, clarity and balance
Increase memory and personal productivity
Increase self worth
Increase your humanity concerns
Interpret your symbols and dreams
Know where you want to go
Know who you are and what you stand for
Know your processes
Learn how to create what you want
Learn how to explore your own boundaries
Learn tools for meaningful growth
Learn tools for planning, tracking and achieving more results
Live life more consciously and to the fullest
Live more of your essence
Maintain clarity and focus
Make fewer mistakes
Make shifts and change more quickly, with less pain
Make the unconscious conscious
Maximize time and business efficiency
Measure, track and improve what is important
Move towards wholeness and growth, to who you really are
Open to more willingness to merge with unity
Open your heart
Read your own mind
Reduce scatter and stress in your life
Re-experience the past with today's adult mind
Relate to feelings
Release pent-up thoughts and emotions
Release stress and pain
Resolve the paradoxes of life
Reveal and explore your shadows
Save time and energy
See yourself as an important, whole and connected being
Shift your awareness to new levels
Shift your prosperity consciousness
Shift your perspective to observer, recorder, counselor
Solve problems faster and more easily
Soothe troubled memories
Stay organized and focused
Strengthen your sense of yourself
Track your goals, growth and successes
Uncover and discard the masks you wear
Understand how everything fits together
Understand night dreams, day dreams and fantasies
Understand the person doing the understanding
Understand your natural needs, style, processing methods
Understand your processes - how you think, learn, create and use intuition
Unleash your inner personal power
Unlock your inner guide that knows all