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The 2 Step Consciousness Journey

Life's 2 Step Formula

Life's 2 step journey - how you experience and manifest life

We participate in life in 2 fundamental ways:

  1. through pausing and using awareness to ascend to higher consciousness levels and take in and experience more of the love, joy, peace, wisdom, ... that life has to offer, and

  2. through will and intention, we descend from your higher level of awareness into ideals, ideas, actions and form, as we create and anchor in our subconscious minds what we want to manifest.

These 2 steps form a dance of life of letting go and then letting in and of connecting with truth and then responding so we can consciously choose what we want and bring it into being.

Over the next 6 days receive an email daily that offers simple, memorable and powerful 2 step journeys that progressively describe higher and different perspectives for how we may do life.


Here's a sampling of 2 of the 2 step Consciousness Journey email series:

  • Life's 2 Step Journey #17 of 22 - Elevate and Create - When triggered, first elevate your perceptions to higher ideals, guidance, values, essence, etc. This opens doors for more ideas, insights and synchronicity. It is one of the few ways to really change and re-create your life.
  • Life's 2 Step Journey #8 of 22 - Be Aware and Care - Stuff happens. Our minds perceive and interpret 'reality' according to our filters and limiting beliefs. First be aware and present, and allow the old thinking to move towards the new and positive. Then care for yourself so you can be more effective at caring and sharing with others.

There are 20 more unique, inspiring 2 step journeys. Receive all of our Daily Disciplines and Consciousness Journey programs, plus 30 Know and Grow Yourself programs and hundreds of additional resources by joining Higher Awareness.

Two Step Journey Life's 2 step formula -
How to take in what is,
and how to live a full life.


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