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Be aware, then care - A 2 Step Process

We have created 24 short phrases using alliteration, rhyming and word twists to support us in raising our consciousness. This way they become more memorable, roll off the tongue easily and can more readily be shared with others.

The 2 Step Consciousness Journeys are only effective when we take time to absorb their meaning. The more you use this process, the more you gently create an inner web of new beliefs that will generate outer results where you never expected them.

awareness and consciousness

Become aware of limiting thoughts and beliefs that sabotage your success in life. When you uncover these beliefs, don't resist or deny them or judge yourself harshly for having them. Simply allow them to be there. Then care for yourself by consciously opening your heart to embrace new empowering perspectives and opportunities. Care even more by sharing your new perspectives with others.

Here is another 2 step process: Sense and make sense

This is a sample of 24 - "2 step consciousness journeys". By repeating spiritual principles through different perspectives, these short reminders encourage us to be more present to life and empowered through higher consciousness.

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