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Sense and make sense - A 2 Step Process

How deeply do you STOP and PAY ATTENTION to the details of how you experience life? How often do you think to focus on how you can actively improve your quality of life?

The more you apply this 2 step process, the more you will gently raise your consciousness, bringing more spaciousness, ease and peace into each moment.

sense consciousness Sense and make sense - Directly experience life physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. When we are consciously present to our experience, we bring a higher, spiritual perspective to the world of form and effects. We begin to see the very direct connection between our thoughts and beliefs and the experiences they generate. As a consequence, we can understand the essence of events that previously appeared random and unfair. The parts of the whole make more sense as we approach wholeness and completeness. We start to make sense of our world.

 Here is another 2 step process: Be aware and care

This is a sample of 24 - "2 step consciousness journeys". By repeating spiritual principles through different perspectives, these short reminders encourage us to be more present to life and empowered through higher consciousness.

For more details and to receive your 24 unique 2 step journeys, click here.


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