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Awareness Exercises - A List of Choices


  • Do blindfolded taste and smell tests.
  • Be aware of your breath and the act of breathing.
  • Listen closely to the ringing in your ears.
  • Visit a sense deprivation chamber.
  • With your eyes closed, feel different textures.
  • See light with your eyes 100% covered.
  • Focus on an air molecule 1 and then 2 meters in front of you.
  • Monitor your body temperature over one month.
  • Get more in touch with your body's needs for food, water, rest and exercise.
  • Become aware of how your body responds to different foods.
  • Sense where tension sits in your body and consciously release it.
  • Stop at any moment and really feel your environment.
  • Experience the weather without labeling it.
  • Allow your body (and soul) to express itself through dance.
  • Experience different kinds of music.
  • Sense the differences between one hand and the other.

Physical - Energetic

  • Breathe deeply and slowly and experience how you feel.
  • Sense the etheric (hidden) level of dis-ease or injury.
  • Ask a sore body part to identify the true source of the pain, then listen for the answer.
  • Use kinesiology or a pendulum to get information.
  • Hug a tree and sense its energy.
  • Close your eyes and sense your hands above you.
  • Sense the energy of different metals and types of wood.
  • Sense the properties of colours with your eyes closed.
  • Sense the different energies in nature versus an urban setting.
  • Sense your feelings at a bar, graveyard, church and park.
  • Sense water and food quality by its energy.
  • Sense plant health.
  • Sense your need for exercise, cleansing, balancing and grounding.
  • Sense the level of activity in each of your 7 chakras.
  • Use a biofeedback unit and generate more alpha waves.


  • Sense whether another person is telling the truth.
  • Deeply experience feelings of compassion, empathy and sympathy.
  • Sense fear and write about it.
  • Sense where fear sits in your body.
  • Ask yourself: are these feelings my own or someone else's?
  • Make yourself smile and experience your feelings.
  • Make yourself laugh and experience your feelings.


  • Ask yourself: What can I say to another person to meet their immediate need?
  • Which elevator will arrive first?
  • Which areas of my life do I work on next?
  • Who needs a call or letter from me?
  • Who wants to get in touch with me now?
  • Guess tomorrow's headlines.
  • Sense male and female qualities and energies.
  • Sense left or right brain energy.
  • Sense what block to work on next for personal growth.
  • Guess what time it is, then check the clock.
  • Use your mental alarm clock to wake yourself up.


  • Sense the essence of music, books.
  • Sense the meaning or message behind a chance meeting or event.
  • Sense devas and angels.
  • Sense guides, masters and entities.
  • Sense self, Soul and God or Spirit.
  • Sense community, province or state, country, planet, solar system and infinity.
  • Sense yourself as pure light.

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