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Inner Journey Inspirational Messages - FREE short, daily, inspirational messages. Open to new possibilities.

Free Personality Quiz - Are you more physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually oriented?

  • Social Style quiz – Understand how you handle life and more importantly appreciate how others are different from you and handle their lives differently.

  • Life Purpose test – Why are you here? What is your destiny? Take this quiz and get a sense of your life purpose - your soul's purpose.

  • Level of Awareness test – Why are you here? What is your destiny? Take this quiz and get a sense of your life purpose - your soul's purpose.

  • Free Online Quizzes and Tests - Understand yourself more deeply. Take our personality, social style and soul purpose quizzes. Coming soon - awareness, spiritual gifts, love and fun quizzes.

Latest additions:

Consciousness Shifters - short email series of refreshers of key IAMP progressive concepts.

3 Models of Life - 3 one-page info-graphics. Simplify your understanding of your life's journey.

  • Life Planning MAP - A Life Journey starting point. Where are you on your consciousness journey? Rate and track your level of growth and integration. Update it monthly. We will even remind you.
  • 'O' MODEL of Life - Look at life in another way in more detail - The Circle of Life. From the conditioning through our youth to ego's self-centeredness through a MAGIC point where you start to develop more power, wisdom, love and purpose on your journey home.
  • 'A' MODEL of Life - One of my most powerful and revealing concepts of how life works day to day. How all the good, guidance, abundance, love, etc. must come THROUGH the subconscious filters and distortions.

COFFEE Questions - Progressive questions to maximize results daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly and NOW Questions.

  • Daily COFFEE Questions - Awaken your senses and shift perspective. Put your day under a microscope to on focus your priorities, productivity and completions. Empower your mind to be more aware and make conscious decisions.
  • Weekly COFFEE Questions - Thought-provoking and insightful questions to help you regroup in a natural personal cycle. Explore efficiency, vulnerability, creativity, relationships and goal tracking.
  • Monthly COFFEE Questions - Put on your binoculars to see the bigger picture of healing, balance, learning, direction and aspirations.
  • Quarterly COFFEE Questions - Pull out your telescope. Big questions on a bigger time frame to help you draw answers to life's most important questions. Look afar at your life lesson, life purpose, dreams, holidays, meaning and service.
  • Yearly COFFEE Questions - Celebrate life. Take your well-deserved time to do a major life review and planning session. Have your own quality DIY retreat and celebration.
  • NOW COFFEE Questions - Coffee questions to help you pay attention daily and have some powerful personal daily practices. How we do our day we do our life, so pay attention daily and have some powerful personal daily practices.

Life Planning Binder - How to Create Your Own Life Control Centre and System and Attain more clarity, focus, creativity, connection, meaning, intuition and results.

Foundation building - Develop self discipline and healing - First develop your discipline, practices, systems and healing strategies.

Universal Laws - Downshift supreme, Universal knowledge to make sense of your life

What's NEW and What's NEXT - Your doorways to all recent programming updates and what is coming next.

'intuit and DO IT' Awareness and Manifesting Program (IAMP). The first 6 lessons are free to everyone.

'Testimonials 2018. See what others say about our programming. (Newly sorted)

Human Needs Tree - Quickly find the right tools, inspiration, questions and worksheets for your most common challenges, aspirations and needs.

New BLOGS on all new topics and new programs.

Free self development videos - short power point videos for purpose, self awareness, know yourself, healing, and more

Growth Tools Newsletter Archives -  tips, tools and ideas for your personal and spiritual growth. These articles are sorted so you can build on your present journey through the 3 main levels of consciousness.

Needs Directory for accessing Higher Awareness resources

Growth Philosophy with John's story of how and why he created hundreds of resources and programs.

Know Yourself - Find out "Who Am I?"

Grow Yourself - Spiritual healing of the past. Create your future. Be in the now

Self Control

Effective Time Management Skills - Making the most of your life

Goal Setting Worksheets - Achieving your true potential

Achieving Goals and Tracking Your Growth - Attain clarity, focus, meaning and results

Emotional Development

Self Healing and Block Busting - Build self esteem and break through challenges

Self Awareness Journey - Awaken to new dimensions of who you are!

Write Your Life Story - Learn 10 easy-to-use self-understanding tools

Mind Development

Creative Thinking Exercises - Finding more ways to get what you want

Journal Writing Topics - An adventure in self discovery

Developing Intuition - Tap into your own inner wisdom

Spiritual Development

Daily Spiritual Awareness and Growth Tips - Experience your divinity here and now

Finding Life Purpose - Become your true self

Learn Meditation Methods - Explore the right type that works for you.

Activating Joy, Love and Happiness - Get your 'Sweet 16' Joy Activators

Other Programs

Manifesting Abundance - Create the life you want to live

Relationship Development - Build healthier relationships

Consciousness Journey Resources - progressively expand your perspectives helps you move into higher consciousness.

  • 2 step journeys - Integrate the two yin and yang dance steps of life - awareness (experiencing) and manifesting (anchoring) in 30 unique and catchy ways.
  • Meaningful Models of Consciousness - 20 common models of consciousness reaffirm that higher connections create higher consciousness and effective manifesting.
  • 3 levels of consciousness growth - Use 30 memorable 3-word mini-journeys to identify and clarify your primary level of consciousness at this time.
  • ABC's to XYZ's - You'll be amazed by these easy, fun, alliteration emails that go through the alphabet to identify the processes, pains and potentials on our life path.

Consciousness Articles

Workshop Facilitation Training Course – Find your niche, create your own workshop and learn how to facilitate it and promote it as a successful business.

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