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Unsent Release Letter - Journaling Tool

Forgiveness heals the pain of separation.

"What you fail to forgive, you live." - Unknown source

Most people feel either guilty or resentful every day. I feel guilty when I did not meet that perfect picture of myself. I feel resentful when others did not meet my perfect expectations of them.

Use this tool often to let go of guilt and resentment.

Write letters to people with whom you are angry, intimidated or shy. You can also write a release letter to yourself. Let go of emotional, mental, subconscious, energetic and karmic ties. But do not mail the letter! This is your process - it's no one else's business. When your letter is complete, make a ritual of destroying or burning the letter - this supports a stronger release. Then forget about it completely and know that the situation is healed. Do not give any more energy to the incident or to the person around that situation.

Here is one format for a release letter you can handwrite:


Dear Soul of...

I request the release of (fear, anger, pain, frustration, etc.) regarding..

I give my subconscious mind and my soul permission to carry out the release of the above misunderstandings and emotions whether they reside in my conscious mind or my subconscious mind.

Thank you for the experiences. I have gained understanding from them and now I let them go for positive transformation.

I forgive (name) and I release him/her to his/her highest good.

I forgive myself and I free myself to realize my highest good, freedom, fulfilment of inner dreams, clarity, love, peace, joy, expression and prosperity.

Thank you.

Sincerely with love,

Name and signature


Getting started:

  • Write an unsent release letter to a peer or friend for whom you still hold strong feelings.

Go deeper:

  • Write an unsent release letter to a parent or relative for whom you still hold strong feelings. (They can be dead or alive.)
  • Reverse the technique and write a letter to yourself from someone else. If you want, mail it to yourself.

Reach higher:

  • Write an unsent release letter to God or the highest aspect of yourself.
  • Write a release letter from God or your higher self back to you and mail it to yourself.

"Forgiveness does not change the past, but it does enlarge the future." - Paul Boese

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