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Body/Mind Healing - A List of Choices

Body Parts

  • arms and hands - work, manipulation, giving, receiving, expression, holding on, grasping, embracing
  • back - support, protection, structure, energy, life force, frustration, no back bone, power
  • blood system - life energy, love, circulation, nourishment, purity. High blood pressure: anxiety, impatience, greed. Low blood pressure: cynicism, pessimism, defeatism.
  • breathing system - give and take, inspiration, takes breath away, rhythm, duality, trust, fear, life force, acceptance, giving, confusion, frustration, anger, breathing space, suffocation, smothering
  • buttocks - rest, comfort, support, instinct, a pain in the butt
  • digestion - eating me up, aggression, avoidance, feelings, assimilation, transformation, courage, nourishment, digesting ideas, accepting the new, feeding a hunger
  • ears - not want to hear, obedience, acceptance, surrender, discernment, receptivity, listening
  • elimination system - purification, greed, letting go, holding on, surrender, pressure
  • eyes - not want to see, awareness, beauty, far sightedness (extrovert), short sightedness (anxiety, impatience, greed, introvert), insight, truth, trust, vision, clarity, confusion, frustration, anger
  • feet - grounding, steadfastness, balance, understanding, rootedness, action
  • fingers - fine work, little things, holding on, manipulation
  • glandular system - relationships, regulation, survival, control, purification
  • heart - confusion, frustration, anger, trust, love, feelings, half heartedness, resentment, bitterness, hatred
  • hips and pelvis - power, determination, will, support, basic drives
  • joints - flexibility, adaptability, stiff (resentment, bitterness, hatred)
  • kidneys - partnerships, connection, getting stuck, pessimism, defeatism
  • knees - submissiveness, obedience, humility, devotion, support, surrender
  • legs - forward movement, stability, direction, balance, flexibility
  • liver - poisoning, accessing, evaluation, excess, confidence
  • mouth - nourishment, expression, nurturing, taking in
  • muscles - activity, will, cooperation, power, strength, motion, reactiveness
  • nails - aggression, digging, nervousness, change, spiritual expression
  • neck - flexibility, connecting higher to lower, responsiveness, someone/thing is a pain in the neck
  • nervous system - sensitivity, responsiveness, trust
  • nose - instinct, worthiness, pride, confusion, frustration, anger, discernment
  • reproductive system - love, affection, self-worth, duality, self-preservation, sexuality, power, pleasure, creativity, reproduction
  • shoulders - responsibility, support, reliability, work, attitudes, weight of the world
  • skeletal system - structure, authority, strength, support, uprightness, foundation
  • skin - what's under my skin, boundaries, limitations, intimacy, conflict, connection, sensitivity, feeling, tenderness
  • teeth - aggression, vitality, discrimination, assimilation, anger, breaking down, the root of an issue
  • throat - expression, communication, mind/body connection, creativity, discrimination, confusion, frustration, anger
  • ulcers - anxiety, impatience, greed


  • allergies - fear, antagonism, inferiority, introversion
  • asthma - giving, aggression, conflict, resistance, avoidance, smothering - can't breathe
  • cancer - fear, revulsion, grief, conflict, resentment, confusion, esteem, worthiness
  • headaches - antagonism, inferiority, introversion, anxiety, impatience, greed, worry, pride, overwork, sexuality
  • heart conditions - confusion, frustration, anger, trust, feelings, half heartedness, guilt, bitterness, hatred, power
  • diabetes - balancing sweetness (love), sadness, anger, pessimism

General indicators

  • front - conscious of, forward
  • rear or behind - unconscious of, hidden, private
  • left side - negative, big picture, intuition, female, receiving, receptivity
  • right side - positive, details, logic, male, giving, expression
  • top side - thinking, planning
  • middle, body - feelings, emotions
  • bottom - action, doing
  • bones - spiritual energy that supports life and enables it to manifest. Problems here indicate conflicts at our deepest core levels.
  • tissues (organs, muscles, nerves, skin, fat) - our mental energy
  • body fluids - our emotional energy

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