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Consciousness Development Programs -
Raise Your Level of Consciousness

Enjoy inspirational, transformative and playful emails that gently develop new levels of higher consciousness. A little shift in consciousness can change many areas of your life.

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What is your level of experiencing and manifesting life? - Are you ready to grow and experience higher states of consciousness?

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Are you ready to grow and experience higher states of consciousness? Let our creative, high impact consciousness-shifter daily emails help you do that.

Who says the journey of life cannot be fun?

Sign up for a Consciousness Journey email series or two, and have short, inspiring and memorable emails sent to you daily. Reading inspiration every day that offers progressively expanding perspectives helps us move into higher consciousness.

Look at the Consciousness Journeys you have to choose from!

  •  2 step journeys - We describe the two yin and yang dance steps of life - awareness (experiencing) and manifesting (anchoring) in 30 unique and catchy ways. This is a powerful and memorable way to help you boost your understanding of duality on our planet.
  • Meaningful Models of Consciousness - Through the ages, the consciousness path has been well defined, as you will see through these common models of consciousness. All is connected and related. Allow your higher mind to make inner connections. Higher connections create higher consciousness and effective manifesting.
  • 3 levels of consciousness growth - Use 30 memorable 3-word mini-journeys to identify and clarify your primary level of consciousness at this time. Keep an eye focused on the bigger picture for inspiration, yet stay clear and grounded in the focus and tools needed to grow at each level.
  • ABC's to XYZ's - You'll be amazed by these easy, fun, alliteration emails that go through the alphabet to identify the processes, pains and potentials on our life path. See which ones resonate most strongly with you.
When you complete each Consciousness Journey series, you will receive a full list of resources for that journey so you have an ongoing reference of higher consciousness tools.

Take quick and easy steps to higher consciousness today. Become a member of Higher Awareness now so you have full access to all of the Consciousness Journey email series as well as all the other programs  mentioned on this site (with the exception of Facilitation Training).

As a member of Higher Awareness, you can freely choose from all Consciousness Journey programs, plus the 20 Know and Grow Yourself programs and hundreds of additional personal and spiritual growth resources - all for only $19/month. Or save 35% with an annual membership of only $149. Join us today! human consciousness

Who knew the journey to higher consciousness could be so intriguing?


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