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'3 Levels of Manifesting Consciousness'

You are manifesting perfectly right now.
To improve your results,
here are simple 3 level personal development plans from 12 approaches.

As we grow through life we move through 3 key stages or levels of manifesting. Here's just one way to describe the down-shifting of essence into form:

Down-shifting into form and consciously creating through 3 levels:

  1. connect with and embody the highest guidance and essence of what you want to create
  2. allow the abstract and concepts to downshift into ideals, ideas, and strategies.
  3. you are now ready to be open to synchronicity, take action, and create form.

Open to a new understanding of manifesting your life path with this '3 Levels of Creating Consciousness' email series. In daily emails for 12 days, you will receive short thought-provoking insights into 3 levels of co-creating consciousness described from different perspectives.

For each personal development plan, ask yourself:

Where have you been?
Where are you at now?
Where are you going?

How to get maximum benefit from this consciousness-creating email series.

IMPORTANT - To get the most from the 3 levels of downshifting consciousness journeys, we highly recommend that you first take the 3 Levels of Raising Consciousness Series. 

To manifest more effectively, reflect on your experience or aspirations within the context of the bigger picture. Work for higher levels of wholeness, truth, love, and wisdom, instead of working in the realms of effects, the unconscious, and the self-centered ego.

Find the phrases and tips that resonate with you and ANCHOR them in your mind so they expand your experience of life.  Down-shifting higher guidance, energy, feelings, and ideals helps to clearly create your best future.

We provide a simple 3 column form so every day you can write your inspired words, insights or actions. Listen to yourself for guidance and direction and capture this wisdom in writing to internalize a bigger, clearer picture for your life.

When you've completed the series, you will also receive these 3 stages of consciously creating tips in one file for your ongoing review and support.

Consistent, short, expanding reminders can produce little shifts, that gradually accumulate to create a bigger, life changing effect. Be inspired daily with new and expansive perspectives.

3 Samples of 3 Levels of Conscious Creating

Abundance --> Prosperity --> Money
How do you define wealth?
Where do you focus most of your attention? If we are focusing primarily on money, it's probably because we perceive we haven't got enough of it. We're stuck in poverty and lack consciousness, and remember - thought creates form. Look to life for reassurance! In nature, we see abundance: of leaves, of grains of sand, of oxygen molecules! When we can sincerely open our hearts in gratitude for all that we have, we can experience true prosperity. So declare the glass 'half full' instead of 'half empty.' With this attitude, you will always have what you need.

Inspiration --> Imagination --> Manifestation
How does inspiration differ from imagination for you?
When the magic of inspiration strikes, use your imagination to try on how you will feel when your great vision or idea has come to life. The more we imagine living in this new reality, the more our inner experience registers in the energy field and supports the manifestation process. Remember to focus on your feelings and the qualities that arise knowing your inspiration has become reality.

Purpose --> Meaning --> Activity
At what level do you get your guidance?
We lead a truly fulfilled life when we recognize our life purpose - our authentic expression, service and contribution. Living from this heart-based knowing, we experience more meaning, passion, joy, happiness and freedom in life. Knowing what most matters to us, it becomes easy to make decisions about what activities and behaviours best serve ourselves and others.

... and there are 12 more of these unique 3 levels of downshifting consciousness journeys.