Expand BASIC Awareness
into HIGHER Awareness!

And Why you MUST
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Abundance --> Prosperity --> Money -
3 Levels of Consciousness

How do you define wealth?
How deeply do you STOP and PAY ATTENTION to these 'manifesting and consciously creating journeys'? The more you put into anchoring them, the more they gently create an inner web of new empowering beliefs that will generate uplifting experiences.

Where do you focus most of your attention? If we are focusing primarily on money, it's probably because we perceive we haven't got enough of it. We're stuck in poverty and lack consciousness, and remember - thought creates form. Look to life for reassurance! In nature, we see abundance: of leaves, of grains of sand, of oxygen molecules! When we can sincerely open our hearts in gratitude for all that we have, we can experience true prosperity. So declare the glass 'half full' instead of 'half empty.' With this attitude, you will always have what you need.

Here is another 3 Levels of Consciousness: Inspiration --> Imagination --> Manifestation

This is a sample of 24 - "three levels of consciousness journeys". 12 are about up-shifting and advancing awareness. The other 12 are about down-shifting consciousness into manifestation. Manifest from new levels, otherwise you will keep creating what you've always created.

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