Expand BASIC Awareness
into HIGHER Awareness!

And Why you MUST
Know the Difference!  


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Purpose --> Meaning --> Activity -
3 Levels of Consciousness

At what level do you get your guidance?
Life is a series of small awakenings. Then when you least expect it you may get a significant awakening or experience. May you find many of these shifts in these 'Consciously Creating' consciousness journeys.

We lead a truly fulfilled life when we recognize our life purpose - our authentic expression, service and contribution. Living from this heart-based knowing, we experience more meaning, passion, joy, happiness and freedom in life. Knowing what most matters to us, it becomes easy to make decisions about what activities and behaviours best serve ourselves and others.

Here is another 3 Levels of Consciousness: Abundance --> Prosperity --> Money

This is a sample of 24 - "three levels of consciousness journeys". 12 are about up-shifting and advancing awareness. The other 12 are about down-shifting consciousness into manifestation. Manifest from new levels, otherwise you will keep creating what you've always created.

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