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Sample Smart Goals - A List of Choices

To enjoy 1 to 2 hours of leisure daily.
To weigh 185 pounds by April 30 and stay at that weight.
To eat at least 12 nutritious meals each week.
To exercise for 20 minutes 4 times per week to increase strength and stamina.
To take an introductory yoga class this fall.
To get my ideal job paying $__ per month and within less than 15 minutes commute time.
To get professional counseling within 3 months to help me support my son in working with his depression.
To find a caring, humorous, intelligent, good looking partner by summer.
To do something romantic for my partner once/week.
To be earning at least $___ per month by June 30 from 3 different income streams.
To increase our nest egg by $___ this year.
To buy myself quality pants, shirts, sweaters and shoes by May 30.
To pay off my car by March 30 of next year.
To own a new home by the fall of next year, with a southern exposure, lots of windows and surrounded by trees in a rural setting.
To take at least 3 new courses on (subjects) by (timing).
To create 12 paintings by December 31 (one per month).
To have a 3 week family holiday (with the children there only half the time) in a hot place this spring.
To update my will by January 31.
To donate blood every three months.
To connect with my parents at least once/week.
To get my web site operating by March 31.
To travel to (location) for at least 3 days for a mini retreat.
To upgrade my computer system with a scanner, larger monitor and ... by April 30.
To read 2 new books each month, with half of them being self help books.
To replace the bathroom wallpaper this summer.
To meditate for 15 minutes at least 5 times per week.
To write at least 20 pages of new material per month for my memoirs.
To volunteer at my son's school at least 5 times over the next year.
To forgive myself and others weekly.
To own a smart, house-trained dog by the end of February.
To pay off outstanding balances on all 7 credit cards by October 1.
To complete one workbook per month from the Higher Awareness web site.
To join Toastmasters or a service club by February 15.
To cultivate my friendships by connecting with each of my 3 best friends weekly.
To journal 10 min/day, 5 days/week to identify my blocks to growth and work on reducing the impact of those blocks on my life.
To build up my energy through daily exercise so I can function on just 7 hours of sleep/night.
To identify my life purpose by completing the Life Purpose workbook by January 31. To create an action plan to bring my life purpose into my daily activities by March 28.
To take a clown course in September.

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