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Trust / Intuition - A List of Choices

Lower Levels of Information Higher Levels of Information
a part of the whole the whole
appeals to curiosity, ego appeals to goodwill, beauty, unity
benefits the receiver benefits the good of the whole
concrete abstract
conditional self sufficient, is appropriate and natural to you
conflict with oneís personal ethics no conflict with personal ethics
confusing, competing voices still, single knowing voice
controlling allowing
creates dependencies creates interdependence
creates fear, negativity creates love, inspiration, empowerment
demands obedience or surrender suggests, advises - you make your own decisions
desires, wants soul needs
destination process
do be
effect cause
emotional desires, glamour higher spiritual guidance
emotional, mental intuitive
exclusive inclusive
fear love
fixed interpretations many levels of interpretation
force power
form symbols, truths
generalities, long winded relevant, short, intelligent, unique
guidance from subconscious guidance from the Soul
illusion truth
individual community
judging accepting
lack abundance
limited unlimited
loss of self self discovery
material spiritual
me humanity
mediocrity make a difference
mine Godís
no personal effort required personal effort necessary
particular universal
past, future now
personal impersonal
personality Soul
quantity quality
reactive proactive
resistance flow
restrictive expansive
scattered focused
self conscious other conscious
self will divine will
self others or Soul
selfish altruistic
separation oneness, wholeness, unity
sporadic disciplined
stagnant growth
static dynamic
stress peace of mind
stuff in draw out
superficial deep
take give
things essence and values
ultimate authority for itself surrender to higher power
victim accountable
work service

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