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Sales Smart Questions - A List of Choices

Know Your Products
Am I clear on my product's top 7 emotional benefits and their justifying, logical features?
Do I remember clearly at least 3 attention-getting, big claim statements?
Where do I not know, believe in or love my product?

What would I like to learn about next?
How can I treat every customer and prospect like a million dollar customer?
Am I mentally rehearsing and role playing before key sales meetings?
What is blocking my self-esteem, self-confidence and enthusiasm?
Where am I not demonstrating integrity?

Selling Skills
How can I more effectively sell to meet the customers' needs and not mine?
How can I focus more clearly on helping others get what they want?
Does the prospect agree with you what their hot button is?
How can I enhance my presentation so I have more overall control?
Am I closing everyone I meet on the next meeting or call?
Am I practising the sales process in negotiating, influencing, agreement creation and conflict resolution situations?
Which prospects and clients require more rapport, trust and connection?
Am I prepared for the best and prepared for the worst?

Am I spending 90% of prospecting time on the phone or in front of groups?
Where are my goals not clear?
In what areas do I need to be more organized?
Which 10 clients must I follow up with this week?
Am I making appointments as early as possible in the morning?
What can I do to improve my listening skills?
To whom (2 to 5 people) should I send a thank you card this week?
Am I measuring my sales performance at least weekly so I can track my progress?
What 3 values or personal character attributes do I want my prospects and clients to see?

What is the purpose of my next call?
Am I clear about my values and intentions around myself, the product and the company?
In what areas could I increase my product knowledge?
Do I have some background on the prospect?
Am I meeting with the decision-makers?
Am I meeting in a place and at a time where I will have their undivided attention?
Are my presentation and demonstration materials ready?
Have I practised my presentation and improved one thing in the last week?
Have I visualised clearly for one minute a successful meeting, picturing me with the product delivered?

Ask FORM questions - Family, Occupation, Recreation or Money:

  • What made you start this business?
  • How is business going?
  • May I have a tour of your home or business?
  • What is important to you at work?
  • What do you enjoy the most about your work?

Qualifying Questions to ask:
Go deeper for more information - "Would you tell me more about that? Help me understand that. What do you mean by that?" "Is there another reason you like this?"
Ask a question in another way.
"Why is that important to you? What is more important than that?"
"What are you doing now? What have you done in the past? Are you aware of and understand the latest in trends and technology?"
Seek needs, values and wants - "What do want to enjoy once the solution is implemented?" "Where is your company going?" "What solutions are you considering?" "What does the future hold short and long term?"
Seek their pain - wounds, loss, changes, avoidance and problems: "What are your challenges? What are your key problems to solve? What would you do differently this time?"
Understand decision-making - "What is the process for approval? Who is involved? What is the next step? What deadlines are involved? What is stopping you from making a decision now?" Determine their level of clarity and commitment
$ - "What is your budget over what period of time?"

Presenting and Closing Questions
"What do you think? So what do you say? Do you have any questions? What did you like the best about the product or presentation?" (and then be quiet!)
"Why don't you give it a try?"
"When can we start? Should we write it up?"
"May I bring it in next week? What colour do you like the best? Do you want black or brown?"
"Is this what you had in mind? Fair enough? Is this reasonable? Does that make sense to you? Are we on track so far?"
"And these are your specifications... aren't they?"
"And you have a budget of about $25,000, correct?"
"And your approval process is..." or "And you are the one that can make the final decision?"
"Is there any thing I missed?"

Handling Objections
"Can you tell me more about that? Do you mind if I ask you why? Do you see a way around that?"
"Are there any other objections?"
"If we can answer these objections, are you in a position to buy now?"
"Can I come back to that?"
"Did I understand you right when you said that... was most important to you?"

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