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Triggers - A List of Choices

A bell of any type rings (e.g., alarm, doorbell, phone)
A recurring body tension or pain
Any specific body awareness, e.g. sneezes, coughs, laughs, sighs, yawns
Before or after meetings
Before or after a phone call
Before starting the car or boarding a bus
Before eating
Changing diapers
Climbing stairs
Combing your hair
Doing something on a computer
Drinking a glass of water
At TV commercials
When sitting down to a meal
Upon entering a store or office
Eye contact with others
Hearing news broadcasts on the radio
Hearing emergency sirens
Hearing music

Looking out a window
Opening a book
Picking up a pencil or pen
Putting on your car signal lights
Reviewing your 'to do' list
Scratching yourself
Seeing people with hats, dogs, a specific colour on their clothes, etc.
Seeing something of beauty
Sitting down
Standing up
Starting and stopping of a motor, furnace or air conditioner
Stopping at a red light
Handling or thinking of money
Transition time between events
Visiting the washroom
Waiting in line
Walking through a doorway
Washing hands

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