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MODEL of Life #1
 Life Planning MAP

Track your journey through life

Our most important journey is our consciousness journey through life.
Understand it and your life unfolds with miracles, meaning and even money.

If you do not have a plan,
You are part of someone else's plan.

So if you want a fulfilled, abundant, healthy life,
why would you not have a plan to get there?
And build an unbreakable foundation to grow from.

Below is a ONE PAGE MAP that you can use as
your guide and for tracking your ever evolving journey.
Plus we send you a monthly reminder and tips to
check in, update and refocus on the next leg of your journey.
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  • Make sense of your life
  • Know how you fit in
  • Clarify your next growth step
  • This is your compass, rudder and healer all on one page
  • Your "GO TO" growth chart.

INSTRUCTIONS - Print the MAP image. Use the boxes
for each line item as a checklist or fill it in as your
percentage of completion of the line item.

Click here to download a printable image and instructions on tracking your life evolution.

"A clear vision, backed by definite plans, gives you a tremendous feeling of confidence and personal power." -- Brian Tracy,

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