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Mind Tools - A List of Choices

Use senses more
Use colors more
Enjoy or make music
Use healing aromas
Use homeopathy
Spend more time in nature
Get more sunlight
Drink lots of water
Breathe deeply often
Study and experience other cultures
Study and experience other religions
Study other languages
Develop your senses
Create art
Role play, act
Work with gemstones
Align with your sleep cycles
Seek peace of mind often
Do yoga or Tai Chi
Do brain gym exercises
Participate in sports
Spend time in silence
Be clean and orderly
Eat nutritiously
Take brain nutrients like ginkgo biloba
Refrain from anger, hatred, blame
Refrain from jealousy, criticism
Detach from emotional reactions
Listen attentively
Sense the needs of others
Respond to the needs of others
Be in service
Speak well and clearly
Respect others
Engage in teamwork and group work
Know the rules
Keep your word
Be punctual
Say daily prayers
Work with ideas and ideals
Work with the abstract and conceptual
Learn new information, new skills
Set goals and follow through
Read in different subject areas
Debate, discuss issues with others
Spend time with people of different ages
Encourage your curiosity
Synthesize dualities
Synthesize paradoxes
Focus your intention
Honor your intentions
Think before you speak
Do different things
Do things differently
Meet new people
Be mindful
Be creative
Think laterally
Be accountable and responsible
Aspire higher
Sense love, light and power
Treat each minute as a new experience
Be authentic
Work with universal principles, truths
Work with archetypes, energies
See the bigger picture
Use symbols, rituals
Study myths
Explore divination tools
Develop right brain
Be aware of cause and effect
Be aware of what is real and not real
Record and explore your dreams
Immerse yourself in your divinity
Forgive and accept daily
Learn the meaning and purpose of things
Identify your motives regularly
Ask "why?" often
Study psychology, philosophy
Know thyself
Write daily - journaling
Develop more awareness
Converse with your higher self
Purify the body, emotions and thoughts
Distinguish innate needs from desires
Do games and puzzles
Always have a backup plan
Think 'what if'
Identify positive for each negative.
Identify soul energy behind all experiences

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