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Purpose Statements Examples - A List of Choices

One of the biggest accomplishments a person can ever have is to find his/her life purpose and live a life fulfilling that purpose. It's a special kind of happiness if you can wake up every day knowing that you are on your own path and that you are living the life solely intended and designed for you. Which few lines below best fit your life purpose?

1. Will, Power, Leadership, Liberation
To inspire people out of inertia
To help people break out of crystallized thinking
To liberate people from bondage or oppression
To preserve spiritual values and principles
To lead people to new realms of health, living or accomplishment
To create new ways of thinking
To lead people to spiritual enlightenment and illumination
To be free to make a difference in the world
To be one with the One Life
To carry out the divine Will
To persist at leading or creating something which affects many people

2. Love, Wisdom, Healing, Teaching
To totally love my fellow human beings
To understand how the universe and people function
To heal
To teach
To nurture key relationships
To fully develop and apply my intuition
To understand the relationships of everything to everything else
To love wisely and think lovingly
To bring together into the unity of life
To unify many groups into one whole
To mend old broken relationships
To be fully loved
To practically and intuitively understand and identify with something
To compassionately and intuitively work with people
To break out of inertia and to expand and grow

3. Doing, Intelligence
To empower others to create and use their minds
To develop new ways of thinking and communicating
To empower others to be the best they can be
To draw out of others their highest potential
To be creative in all things that I do
To co-create and implement large projects
To plan and implement high level and spiritual projects
To help implement part of the Divine Plan
To understand or develop new philosophical approaches to life
To do the most good to all and harm to none

4. Harmony, Mediation
To bring harmony and beauty into others' lives
To deeply resolve the battles of opposites, the dualities, paradoxes
To help others reconcile conflicts and have harmony in their lives
To support people through the drama of life
To achieve harmony, balance and peace out of conflict and chaos
To help others see the other side
To mediate conflict into harmony and win/win
To create beauty through art
To live in and to be beauty itself

5. Understanding, Knowledge, Truth
To discover and apply new scientific truths, knowledge
To fully understand specific areas of knowledge
To seek the absolute truth in an area of knowledge
To solve problems and unravel life's mysteries
To pursue pure knowledge
To express the truth through form

6. Idealism, Devotion, Loyalty, Vision
To inspire others to offer their lives to the highest ideal
To passionately live up to a high ideal or to a guru
To totally love and give my all to some high ideal
To attain the highest level of connection or devotion to someone or to an idea

7. Organization, Order, Magic, Transformation
To preserve the structure of something I feel strongly about
To change the structure of something I feel strongly about
To help others organise their lives so they can reach their dreams
To bring ideas and concepts into form
To build, organize and plan a large project
To create the right action in the right way at the right time
To restore order out of chaos
To bring spirit into matter and to manifest new ways and ideas
To work with sacred objects and universal design
To develop new ways of restoring order and of doing things
To be a magician and make miracles happen
To manifest the beauty and order of life
To understand the cycles and rhythm of things and people
To work with groups and group consciousness
To understand the spirit behind matter and the matter of spirit
To be a master of group dynamics and interaction

Other Purpose Statements
To learn qualities - e.g., goodness, beauty, truth, unity
To assist in the evolution of humankind
To resolve injustices
To pay off old karmic debts
To know my true self in depth
To express and be my highest divine self

Humanity's purpose is:
1. To develop the mind
2. To serve and become the next highest kingdom level (soul)
3. To control our animal, reactionary nature
4. To cooperate with, care for and be responsible for the lower kingdoms (mineral, plant, animal)
5. To serve the planetary and solar life

Enneagram purposes:

 For Others To Self
1 Tolerance Discernment
2 Altruism Detachment
3 Genuineness Acceptance
4 Creativity Renewal
5 Discovery Understanding
6 Courage Affirmation
7 Gratitude Assimilation
8 Magnanimity Restraint (not control)
9 Fulfilment Possession

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