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Yearly COFFEE Questions Worksheet

9 questions about life purpose, life lessons, holidays, career, purpose and strategies.

coffee questions

Notch it up. You are worth it. Take a full day or weekend and re-treat yourself. Do a big review of the last year. Review your quarterly and monthly COFFEE Questions and answers. Meditate, journal, discuss with a friend the past and next year.

Affirm a great new year!

  • This is a 9 question DIY (Do It Yourself) YEARLY retreat session.
  • Time to really listen to answers to your questions.
  • When you get one answer, ask for another.
  • Create great life choices.
  • It is just as easy to go for big goals as it is to go for little goals.

Your choice to:

  • Download a pdf file for your life planning binder (recommended)
  • Click to download this worksheet
  • Or write into a computer file or rewrite the following questions into your journal.

  • "Make your life a mission -- not an intermission." -- Arnold H. Glasgow

    Yearly COFFEE Questions

    Date How will your life be different in 3 years? How will your life be different in 3 years? What is your primary life lesson?




    Date What was your biggest learning last year? What's your ideal holiday? What's stopping you? What question would your soul ask you?




    Date What is your best way to serve others? What is your life purpose? My critical path for more meaning and change?





    Do reviews of your day, week, month, year and more with our COFFEE Questions.

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