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Creativity Tools - A List of Choices

Adapt, alter, analogies, activate, advance it, ask it questions, automate
Brainstorm, be the idea, break rules, benefits list, bigger,
branch out, break it down
Challenge assumptions, combine, colour it, change the problem,
copy others
Draw it, doodle, dream, deepen, delay, drop it
Enhance, exaggerate, expand features and benefits, enlarge
Fun with it, flea markets, fantasize, feel it, flatten
Group ideas, games, gather thoughts or data, germinate, gimmick,
Half it, hear it, heal, hire, hunt, help, humor
Ink it, inflate it, integrate it, internalize it, I Ching, incubate it
Justify it, journal on it, join
Kinky, kids' perspective, kaleidoscope, kernel
Lighten it, lengthen it, live it, let it go, listen to it
Magnify, minimize, modify, metaphors, mind map, merge, miniaturize
Nix it, negatives are..., name it, needs clarification, nurture
Opposites, others do it, obvious, obscure, omit, open
Picture it, perspectives change, prototype it, postpone it,
persist, patterns, play
Qualify it, quicken it, question, quest, quit
Reduce, reverse, rearrange, rotate, random word, resist, repackage
Simplify, suppose, substitute, shorten, segment up to a
bigger picture, sell idea
Truncate parts, terminate, truth is .., take a break, talk about it
Un..., uncover, unlock, unrealistic, unite
Viewpoint change, vocalize, visualize, vacate, values, vary, virtual
Why 5 times, what if, wait, wish, withhold, witness
eXaggerate, x-ray it, eXtend it
Yell it, yield, yardstick, youthful
Zero base, zoom up, zoom down, zany

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