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Prose and Poetry - Journaling Tool

Prose and poetry, along with art, dance and music, connect us with imagination, inspiration, ideals, soul.

"Poetry is life distilled." - Gwendolyn Brooks

Don't worry about rules. Just relax, be open and use your imagination to paint your feelings, pictures and ideas in words of either poetry or prose. Only you need see what you write. Banish your harsh critic to give you freedom to explore these forms. Dare to move out of your comfort zone. Reach for the higher wisdom that lies at the frontier of your present awareness. Open the doorway to your soul. Allow inspiration to flow. Write whatever comes into your mind.


Getting started:

  • Pick a topic that inspires you. Do a free-form poem. It does not have to rhyme or have balance. Just let it express your feelings. Or write a short fictional story that addresses your topic.

Go deeper:

  • Write a love poem to yourself or to someone you love.

Reach higher:

  • Meditate or relax for a few minutes and clear your mind. Imagine you are walking up a mountain trail and admiring the beauty and the view. You meet a wise person who shares his/her wisdom with you. Allow the wise words to write themselves into a poem or story.

"By words the mind is winged." - Aristophanes

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